About the author: The authority on prep

My name is Allison Deutschman, Im 18 years young and a recent graduate of Herkimer County Community College.

“I like long walks on the beach and…” No. Sorry, this is not an eHarmony profile.  I promise to be more interesting than that.

I started my college journey through Fashion Merchandising in 2011 while I was in high school as a full time student.

I have had epiphanies since, that have helped me to decide to switch majors to Communication studies at Canisius College (Fall 2012).

And then switch back.

The main revelation was I love my blog.

I love to write. I live to write.

But, I adore fashion.

My mission in life is to sleep, eat, as well as breath glitter, style, and elegance.

It has never been an easy mission to fulfill, since I constantly find myself in unfashionable places.

But since I am Manhattan bound in August 2013, there are no longer any excuses, like living in  the middle of absolute no where.

I daily contemplate what to do with my life, involving fashion.  If you subscribe to my blog in the side bar you will get the honor of witnessing that.

Blah Blah Blah.

I am the only author of this blog.

This blog started out of disgust for people’s perception of preppy, and continues to function as a source of classic fashion information and everything but.

I’m not good at being limited with what I can write about, so preppy is the theme of my style, but not necessarily my rants.

My more structured work dealing with fashion can be found in Image 34 magazine out of the UK and  Fashion Parkway here in the USA. http://fashionparkway.com/fashion-contributor/preppylogic15/

I’ve been featured in many small town and Catholic newspapers due to my view on modest fashion and refusal to deal with limitations on pursuing my dreams.

I had the honor of being on Teena Cathey’s radio show, to share my story.

I like the fact that work ethic and the ability to laugh at yourself in writing is a quirk that people enjoy.

My fan base has expanded considerably since I started this blog in February 2012, it’s incredible.

I try to take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way, if I feel is of value to me and my readers.

If there is any reason you feel that Clearing Preppy’s Name is the ideal catalyst for information to the new generation of preps, please contact me.

If you feel so inclined, my e-mails are preppylogic15@yahoo.com.

Other forms of contact:

I tweet way more than I should, so for your almost hourly entertainment (since due to the stress and academic demands of perfection  at school I cannot blog as often) feel free to follow me @preppylogic15 on Twitter.

I also enjoy hearing from my readers so please comment, tweet, like, etc.

But more importantly SUBSCRIBE.  

It’s not easy being the authority on prep, but somebody’s got to do it.

Please accompany me on my journey: glittering and growing up.


7 thoughts on “About the author: The authority on prep

  1. I love Blair Waldorf, too. And you know something? Preppy does not mean stuck-up. And there is nothing wrong in being a young, sophisticated over-achiever. More power to you!

  2. Kmart can be glamorous! who knows of all the awesome things you can rework from there and turn them into something fabulous. You can always make something out of nothing.

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