I am proud to pronounce my daddy preppy.

Hey fashionistas,
It’s been one of those nights. One of those nights where my eyes are red from chlorine and sleep deprivation, my sun burn feels extra painful, the bug bites from the invaders of my “glamour lodge” have become more evident, theres still water in my ear from the pool yesterday, and I could complain for an even longer run-on sentance if I allowed myself to be that gramatically horrific. It’s one of those nights where in New York we are suffering with the humidity and gross warmness of probably 80-85 degrees like those of you reading from the south or west do on a normal basis. The way I laugh at you when you get a dusting of snow and freak out is probably how you would feel about me practically crying over this sufficating warmth. I should be blasting a fan and sleeping peacefully ignoring my dramatic senses, but I can’t.
The combination of all my body ailments, a thunderstorm, and some critters I keep thinking I’m hearing through my walls is making me as alert as ever. It’s not like I’ve had a short day though, it was long and annoying.. I just can’t shut my brain off… and what do I do when my mind is going a mile a minute?
Tell you about it.
So today was the great expidition with my daddy, where we went to the outlets to make him look cute.
It happened.
We were on a time crunch and I am proud to say my first style victim was a success, and now I’m going to brag about his purchases as if I bought them myself.
The first store I forced him against his will into was Tommy Hilfiger. Or Tommy Heflerg if you ask my little sister. His eyes went toward orange button downs and pink floral accents, as if I stuck him in a torture chamber. He looked terrified. I believe the phrase “These might be a bit effeminate for me, Al.” was mentioned.
And yeah. Those things were.
But the light orange and white rugby stripe polo? And the navy and baby blue polo? They were far from effeminate. They were masculine and handsome. And something I would dress my imaginary future husband in.
Daddy looked presh.
It didn’t hurt that these polos were 40% off making them $26 a piece. It was hard for him to understand what a deal those tops were, but by the end I got him to open his wallet a little bit more, no worries.
We ventured into every preppy store to follow that I could rattle off. You would be so proud. Nautica, IZOD, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and Clarks were just a few that I threw him into on our 2 hour time crunch.
By the end of the trip (so that I don’t bore you with notes and bullet points of every proud daughter moment) I was beaming. Daddy had 2 polos from Tommy, a pair of dress shorts from IZOD, dress pants from Nautica, dress shoes from Clarks, and a sports coat in light blue and navy blue houndstooth (I died.) from Brooks Brothers.
Trained him well. Uh yeah I did!
It wasn’t all easy though. I drooled in every store we entered over the womens section, just wanting to try on ever seersucker this and pastel that.. so eventually I did.
And of course I didn’t leave empty handed.
Whoooooops! There goes Friday’s paycheck yet again. My bad.
3 pairs of shorts from J Crew and 1 polo from Nautica later.
I looked chic, preppy, and almost as good as my dad.
Just talking/typing about this is giving me an adrenaline rush right now. Deciding what to wear tomorrow is going to be nerve wrecking!
Due to the factory outlet’s prices being lower than J Crew’s traditional retail environment, I already knew I would save money. But when you through a 40% discount on every pair of shorts due to Memorial Day (God Bless America) on top? And the lady is just so lovely I got to use my college 15% discount from HCCC (Something good had to come out of that place..) too?
How can a girl resist?
The classical high society atmosphere and soft wrinkle resistant clothing just oozes “buy me, buy me”. When that moment occurs, and you can buy at $25 a pair too? I’d be dumb to not acknowledge this as a sign.
So screw the Sperry Top Siders for now the 3rd week in a row, my friday pay check is coming.
And I just sold 2 items on Poshmark.. so I’ll have $20 to get me through the week :/.
Speaking of which! Check out my new shop my wardrobe badge on the right side on my page, you know you’ve always wanted to see the clothes that make the girl.
Even if they’re last year’s.



To-do and To-don’t

Back to reality, and I have loads to do.

I’m not quite sure where to start, but because I have this need to rant about my life, I’m sharing that to-do list with you.

1) Current Event due next Tuesday. I have time, but it’s so boring I know I probably won’t do it until Sunday night. Speaking of which, I wonder if I’m working Sunday night… Ugh.

2) Clean my room. It’s the three words every teenager never wants to hear. The next 3 words on my to-do list, it’s possible I hate even more.

3) Do my laundry. I’m a shopaholic that adore clothes, but I should hire a maid just to put away my clothes and iron them! I am sooo OCD when it comes to organizing my clothes and the 3 bins of laundry become even more time consuming than they need to be.

4) Do my Retail Buying homework. My agenda is missing in action, but wherever that is I am sure I have Retail Buying homework to do.

5) Figure out the Textile Assignment with Angela on Thursday. I don’t have the motivation to do a big assignment right now, but I have put it off long enough and in exactly 1 week and 1 day it’s due. Oops.

6) Text Caitlin about the mall tomorrow. After all, I am so deserving of going to the mall with all of this stressful stuff on my life.

7) Figure out lunch with Julianna. I want to eat out and catch up on girl stuff, healthily (sp?). I know that’s a joke…

8) Make a list of exactly what I need to buy at the mall. I only have like $300 and this new Poshmark app is really killing me. I love it way too much.. I ordered 6 new glitter nailpolishes Saturday. If you’d like to get addicted download the Poshmark app and put in the HBEEG code for a free 5 dollar credit (essentially free shipping) and shop!!

9) Buy cream cheese. Maybe that’s a task for my mother? But we have bagel thins in my house and no cream cheese. Who does that to a person? I already have enough problems with the fact that they don’t sell pineapple cream cheese in my rinky dink town anymore, but this is killing me.

10) Bring all of my shoes from downstairs to my room. That may not sound like a huge task, but apparently you aren’t familiar with my 50+ pairs of shoes. The also tend to shed glitter everywhere they go (3/4s of my shoes sparkle) and don’t like to stay with their pairs. I think my babies sometimes have minds of their own. That’s okay, but not when I want to organize them on my shoe rack.. because just like my clothes, the shoes MUST be organized lovingly and fabulously.

With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Right? I learned that in science. I’m suchhh a nerd :). So here is my To-don’t list. My To-do’s equal and opposite.

1) Blog for the rest of the day. I love you all (note: not ya’ll, cuz I’m a northerner) dearly, but I have too many to-dos that I am already avoiding from 1 blog post. Imagine if I wrote 2.

2) Eat unhealthy. I’m a carboholic with an easter basket and bagel thins (without cream cheese). I could do a lot of damage. My mother is making mac and cheese for lunch. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SURVIVEEEE?!

3) Go upstairs and take a nap instead of cleaning my room and doing laundry. I have a kind of steady record with doing that..

4) Keep my phone with me while I perform surgery on my room (it’s seriously that involved a procedure). I cannot have my phone with me because apps like Facebook (psst. LIKE Clearing Preppy’s Name on there today!), Twitter (psst. FOLLOW ME @preppylogic15), and Poshmark (see To-do list to enter code and shop my wardrobe @preppylogic1599) prohibit me from focusing.

5) Forget I have a dentist appointment at 2:15. I know I should have put remember on the To-do list, but that would throw everything off with numbers. Since the dentist is really a negative occasion, it’s going on the To-don’t. I hate the dentist. I have to get a crown. I might die. It was nice knowing you.

6) Paint my nails. I have this overwhelming urge to paint my nails today, and I keep biting them.. so normally that solves that, except I have to wait for those sparkly nail polishes to come in the mail from Poshmark. -___-

7) Be negative. Our house needs to sell for me to be able to follow through with my college plans in Buffalo and I simply don’t think it’s going to happen. I really need to be more optimistic about that.

8) Think about SCAD. I want my financial aid info, and I want it now.. because even though I ‘m supposed to be firm in my decision to go to hccc online next year, the fact that someone of Facebook messaged me about being roomies KILLS me.

9) Laugh at my brother because he’s 14 and watching Justice League in my living room while eating lunch. I’m trying not to judge, but I’m having flash backs of the same scene from when he was 6?

10) Count my exercise as walking from my room, to the Kitchen, and back. I need to find away to exercise that doesn’t include walking the mall. Maybe I should do a dance class or something.

Okay. I hope I’ve inspired you all (northerner) to make a To-do and To-don’t list today. It’s been most delightful sharing my life’s plans with you, it’s nice to have a non-responsive support system.

Oh that’s right. I’m supposed to be positive, not sarcastic.





No april showers, just april flowers. {good news}


Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today! I am thrilled to say I have received more than just a basket of candy on our Lord’s great day! And unlike many of the K-Mart shoppers that have turned Easter into Christmas, I’m not talking about a bike, a trampoline, or any material possession. I could go all mushy on you and I say I have received fabulous time with my family, but I have news that’s ALMOST even better…


And to those that don’t know the wonderful CEO and Editor-in-chief of Fashion Parkway, go to http://www.fashionparkway.com and gush immediately.

She’s so well educated in the world of fashion and so amazing I don’t know where to start. I have followed her through twitter for a while (follow me at @preppylogic15) and noted that the online mag was accepting applications for new writers. I didn’t think the odds were in my favor, I didn’t think I had a shot at all, but I figured I should try.. after all it’s always worth a short!


You are now reading a blog by the new writer of “The Business of Fashion” chapter of the site!

I really can’t express how thrilled I am.

It doesn’t even compare to how thrilled I was that the easter bunny was considerate and left me 100 calorie snacks in my basket this morning. Not even close.

I am going to e-mail Miss. Shay Marie after this blog entry, super quick because I have to get back to the family festivities downstairs. I just had to share this information with you, and tell you about some of the items I bought at the mall yesterday.

I was fortunate enough to find a peter pan lace collar necklace with rhinestones on it! $8 at forver 21 and it will definitely add sparkle and vintage class to any plain shirt I own.

I was feeling kinda lazy and had coupons so I also bought 2 pairs of Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga capris :). They also sparkle.

I bought a few more accessories and of course another pair of PURPLE J-crew shorts, but I was on a 3 hour time crunch and I am going to Carousel mall Tuesday for some more shopping with my sister, mom, and friend Caitlin. So I had to budget my money.. and all of this college talk is probably going to make that happen more than I’m used to, I really need to learn to adjust.

But, I’m being practical since I finally decided what I’m doing with my college career. It’ll be tough, maybe not the easiest.. but it will work. And I will be 18 with an associates degree, which is also pretty chill.

Okay! Have a fabulous un-diet worthy day preppies!