A blog by a stylish lobster.

I can’t bring myself to missing a blog for a day now that I have become so invested in it.  I hope you all can’t go a day without reading it as well :). In between my Retail Buying questions I’m typing away for all of you, and though I am wincing in pain on occasion, it’s worth it.

I’m dumb. I decided to go tanning… And I’m not fair skinned so it is not ordinarily an issue, but I pushed my limits and I decided that since I didn’t seem to change skin tones friday at 10 minutes on high intensity, 13 minutes might work.

It did.

Oh, and because I’m a teenager I don’t learn from my mistakes the first time.. I have to test them again. I decided since I faded to a light pink this morning that when I tanned this afternoon I would try 13 minutes again, build up my body to “withstand the tan” so to speak.

Bad idea.

My stomach where I put the lips sticker is definitely a different color, just not necessarily the one I was going for.

But enough of my complaining, I should have known. I would rather be red faced from the roller hockey game we had going on after school, my face was BRIGHT RED from all the hard core skating. That was well deserved red. And though I was in gym shorts and a t shirt, you can’t help but feel stylish when your hair is down and flowing because you are skating so darn fast. WEW.

I wore dark denim skinnies today, with a navy v neck and hot pink and white striped button down. I said I would dress nice, and even though I was tempted to wear a VS hoodie, because of you guys I didn’t. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but hey nobody’s perfect :P. Especially not yours truly..

I had to go to a small claims court meeting tonight for my government class. I guess the paper we have to do on a public meeting is due the week I will be in Georgia, so I had to go alone. Can you say awkward?

For all of you people, like myself, that have never been to a court and think it looks like…

You’re wrong.

Try something a little more similar to the size of my bedroom? With a small table.. a podium for the Judge and a laptop on top. It was about as formal as when my parents sit me down to tell me to be thankful for everything I have or clean my room.

The problem with these informal meetings is when the guest of honors -yours truly- (yeah I made up that title..) shows up 2 minutes late, it’s extremely obvious. And when the little angel has never been to court before? She turns from lobster to ghost in .3 seconds due to the fact that there are 2 redneck ladies yelling about suing the other one’s ass over a bar fight?

Yeah. That’s the phenomenal town I live in.

And you can bet those rednecks were pale as can be and never had there eyebrows waxed before, so I gained back my composure pretty quickly.  If nothing else, that meeting was a confidence booster. I caught one of their toothless smiles staring at my sequin covered uggs. Do you understand why I want out so badly now?



So tired food and fashion can’t fix it.

I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this, like yesterday, but worse. I’m so mentally drained from all of this retail shinanigans, so it’s a good thing I bought hot pink, purple, blue, and green plaid pajama sets to wallow in my exhaustion fashionably tonight. My sister’s birthday (Jenna) is today and we went out to dinner. I wore my blue blazer again (lazy, sorry.. but the first time I wore it was only for 3 hours!) with a gray and white polka dotted tank, skinny jeans, and my uggs. We’re lucky I matched after the day I’ve had. Customers decided it was the perfect day to take out all of their problems on me, and employees decided it was a good day to cause even more problems. Maybe this sounds dramatic, but remember I’m dead tired so it’s excusable.

I was up until around one in the morning (last night? does that even make sense?) trying to shop.. couldn’t bring myself to actually make purchases though. I hate feeling like I need to be frugal, after spending 70 dollars on a sweatshirt at VS 2 weeks ago that’s hard to believe, but there still is a bargain bone in me somewhere. There is also a funny bone in me, so this amused me:

The clothes I got Jenna for her birthday are SO CUTE. I would absolutely wear them if I was 80 pounds lighter… Yeah, I would still be 17, but I would rock the ruffly pink skirt and nautical dress. A-dorable. Hopefully she appreciates them, she enjoys stretchy pants and fleece sweatshirts much more than I wish she did :P.

I would glamorize this blog more, but I’m not getting very much feedback (*cue the depressing music*)and after present time in approximately 3 minutes, I am going to crash. It’s bad, because I don’t even know if I can make it for oreo ice cream cake, and I know that if I don’t eat some tonight there sure won’t be any tomorrow! There could be worse things, after all, I already ate my chocolate fix for the day.

What was I giving up for Lent again?

Gotta come up with something else..