Thank you Toddlers and Tiaras, for ruining pageantry.

Today is the bowling mixer for the Peach Queen Pageant.  Over the next few weeks there are various events such as dinners, movies, and parades before the actual pageant on September 7th (also known as my birthday!).  This is my first pageant since I was 12 and I’m ridiculously excited.

alt="thank you toddlers and tiaras, for ruining pageantry", alt="miss teen 2006", alt="clearing preppys name"

In typical pageant fashion, the contestants will wear a formal gown and have a platform to speak about (world peace, etc.).  One of the local businesses Angel to Apple also is sponsoring a Fashion Show for the girls!  My sister bought her first pair of heels from that store, it’s adorable.

alt="thank you toddlers and tiaras for ruining pageantry", alt="lewiston peach queen"


The contest is for girls 17-21, your typical college age, therefore scholarship prizes are being awarded to the winners.  I’m expecting a little bit of friendly competition, but nothing outrageous.

I feel like you should know right away that this pageant isn’t like and episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.  I wrote my senior thesis in high school on the negative stigma associated with pageantry thanks to that show.  It annoys me almost as much as the awful reputation preppy style has been given!

alt="thank you toddlers and tiaras, for ruining pageantry", alt="toddlers and tiaras gif"


By the time you’re 17, hopefully you are taking part in pageants because you want to.  I certainly know that my mom is the anti-pageant mom so it isn’t parental pressure making me participate.  I also won’t be wearing a flipper, or getting plastic surgery like many of the 7 year olds on there…  I am going to put on my typical make up, probably curl my hair (I’m thinking Kate Middleton style), and confidently strut across the stage.

alt="thank you toddlers and tiaras for ruining pageantry", alt="kate middleton curls"

Also, I’m not traveling across the country to participate.  The Peach Festival is 10 minutes from my house..  It’s a small town thing.  Oh, and not a “Honey Boo Boo” redneck town.

What are your feelings on pageantry and have they been impacted by Toddler’s and Tiaras?