I spent less than 30 dollars, yet I will feel like a million bucks.


I had a nice leisurely weekend.  I hope yours was just as enjoyable!!  It was the 10 mile garage sale days locally, and I had many opportunities for deal scoring!  I would be lying if I said that things went exactly as planned, but hey that’s life right?  My dad accompanied me on my “fishing expedition” and…

 My dad is the type that would rather stand in a thunderstorm on a cellphone with a metal umbrella than go shopping.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned the story of when I was 12 and we went to the mall only to go to the vitamin store and leave.  Did you even know malls had vitamin stores? I didn’t.

Anyways, father decided to give Garage Sale Days a free pass, he was on a mission for a few tools and a bike.  He was half successful, finding some cheap shovels, rakes, and a saw.. but that’s not why you’re here: so let me enlighten you on what I found.

AWESOME preppy deal number 1


The Ralph Lauren Oxford Button Down

If you consider yourself a prep, it is absolutely mandatory that you own a button down.  I was lucky enough to find this essential piece of prep in lavender for TWO DOLLARS.  The iconic brand and flattering style were enough to win me over in a heart beat.

How I plan to wear it:


The classic collar would look absolutely adorbs underneath a cardigan.  I know it is difficult to think of layering in this heat, so also a simple pair of pearls would do.  I can’t wait to tuck this blouse into high-waisted shorts!

AWESOME preppy deal number 2


The Green and White Checked Vintage Housecoat

Another TWO dollar steal, it’s hard to believe!!  This piece was undoubtedly a hit in the 50’s, it’s brand-less and size-less, but it is all mine!!  I am going to bring it to a seamstress and invest in getting the waist taken in, but I absolutely adore this coat.

How I plan to wear it:


Whether it is hiding my most casual attire, or a sundress: this spring coat looks fantastic.  I am hoping that the heat stays away for just a few days so that I have the chance to wear it!!

Awesome preppy deal number 3


The Limited Black Maxi Dress

The final TWO dollar deal of the day can be dressed up or down.  It has so much potential, and I couldn’t possibly resist!  I would argue that when paired with the proper jacket this dress can be used during any time of year.

How I plan to wear it:


I would be most comfortable sporting this hot little number with a blazer or cardigan.  It is rather form fitting so I will also use my best friend Spanx (;

Other fantastic purchases (at the garage sales) made by yours truly were:

A Kitten Stroller (judge me)

A hot pink GAP strapless dress

High-heeled Loft Pajama Pants

Floral Loft Pajama Pants

A beige Loft cardigan

I spent less than 30 dollars, yet I will feel like a million bucks pushing Clementine around the block in his kitten stroller, wearing any of these outfits.

(Okay, not the pajama pants)


I have come to the conclusion our bodies aren’t the issue, society is.

I really liked the book “Size 12 is not fat” by Meg Cabot when I read it last summer.  I’m not sure if I just relate to the main character Heather Wells too much, or if it’s the fact that the story is about a chubby girl that gets the guy in the end.  It’s been a while since I read it, but a recent Google search reminded me of it.


In between Twitter and Netflix I started to think about Spring Break.  I’m currently on break from one school, but because I balance two, the breaks don’t line up.  To my displeasure a winter filled with leggings does not typically hide the same figure that was present during the summer months.  I decided to Google “flattering clothes for size 12” (since that’s my estimated current size) and got a link to an Oprah article with frumpy mom dresses and a Wiki post on “3 Ways To Dress Well When You’re Overweight”.  I was insulted and irritated, because I know I’ve been blessed, but I am not overweight.  I am content with my figure, of course it could be thinner, but I see how my friends and I have obsessed over our size for far too long and I’m over it.  The pineapple coconut Haagen Daz icecream is worth it and taking a more modest approach to swimsuit season is okay!


I have decided since I returned home in January that there are more important things to consume myself with than my weight.  I am still healthy and I exercise more now than I have since Field Hockey in my Junior year of high school.  I can only hope people that are deemed “skinny” are as happy as I am.  There is frustration, but I have come to the conclusion from my weight fluctuation that regardless of the fact I am a 6 or a 12, there will always be someone smaller, prettier, etc.  I just have to do the best with what I’ve got.  If I feel like passing on the potato chips, great!  My body may love me back for that, but do I love me back?

I’d rather be happy and deemed fat by society, than skinny and miserable.

The average dress size in America is a 14 and my plump freshman fifteen blessed ass has ventured comfortably from an 8/10 to a firm 10/12.  The only reason I care, is that I have way too many pairs of size 8 J Crew shorts that need to be replaced.  What I think is ridiculous is that unlike the book title by Meg Cabot, size 12 is fat in America.  The average size 14 is made up of all age ranges, including 18 year old girls.  The size 12 demographic is being pushed to the mom jeans section so I can only imagine for a size 14 it’s worse.  The junior’s department is too clingy and unflattering for anyone larger than twiggy and twiggy is from the UK, not America.

I decided back when I was 14 that I was built with a woman’s curves, it’s the fashion industry that needs to catch up.  Adele is a size 16 and although black does look phenomenal against her porcelain skin does she have other options?  I bet anything that it’s harder to keep your head held high if you have a little more to love and you’re famous.  People are constantly dissecting her waist line instead of her powerful voice.  At least us average chubbies have sweatpants to hide in.


I have come to the conclusion our bodies aren’t the issue, society is.

I’m writing this post as a little pep talk to myself.  After a dinner of home made mac and cheese and carrot sticks I have to open the six bins of summer clothes and conquer them.  Whether the results send them to Plato’s Closet or my closet, I have to accept it.  Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits, and I’m okay with that.  It could be worse (see photo edit #2).


Photo on 3-18-13 at 6.17 PM #3        Photo on 3-18-13 at 6.20 PM #2


Momma’s birthday and a brand new Kate

Good evening fashionistas,

Blaring the music after watching the bitter debate between the two VP candidates tonight.. eh.

I’m way too republican to be in a room of democrats.

Thanks friends.. anyways:

Last we discussed I was going home for the weekend, filling you in briefly on life between classes. This past weekend I bought a new addition to my ever growing wardrobe.

Of course it was kate.

And I adore her. She is red plaid and absolutely perfect for fall. I was creeping on other bloggers though, seeing what handbags they were rocking this season and noticed the ever classic Chanel flap bag is back.

Not that it was ever gone.

And I wondered.. if I paid the cost of most college student’s cars for a handbag, would I use it forever?

And I know the answer is no.

So how do you explain it? I mean I have told myself since day 1 that I would buy Christian Loubitons with my first real professional pay check, but will I really?!

I don’t think I could fork over the money for the blessed Chanel. Or  can’t comprehend doing it yet.

At nearly 200, Kate Spade was a steal. And I still feel very impulsive about it.

Not regretful in the least though.

I wish I had a polaroid camera and had the motivation to take my pictures of the outfits I have each morning. The last two days have been effortless yet lovely. I purchased a faux cashmere sweater from Ann Taylor this past weekend, in a deep gray. Paired with deep denim skinnies, a black cardi and gray mary jane heels: mmm I took on the campus.

It looked great with the new Kate naturally.

Today was no different. Kate accented the look phenominally. I wore a cream oversized sweater from H&M, black leggings.. but really they were way thicker and better quality than leggings I ever owned before, and deep brown riding boots. My pearl earrings and brown plaid headband completed the look.

In case you’re concerned because of my neutral color pallet, I have to explain why.

My darling mother came to the campus when she dropped me off this past weekend and attacked my wardrobe. The doors couldn’t close before she came because I had so much.. and now you can hear a pin drop </3

Thankfully I utilize the space in my drawers very well for sweaters and jeans. So it’s not like I don’t have clothes.

I just hate not having color. Spring and summer are truly my months because pink in many shades is just sooooo in!

My mom stole all of my pink.

It’s a good thing it’s her birthday today, or I might have thrown a bigger hissy fit about her taking my prized possessions. I sent her flowers. Thats how much I love that darling woman. Easily my best friend.

Oh and I have a new kate to distract me. No wonder I can’t focus.