It seems like just as soon as I clink the champagne glasses I notice they’re half empty.

Todays is a better day.  I am exhausted, bloated, and staring at $1000 dollars worth of textbooks on the couch.  Sounds like the ideal friday night, right?

Actually, it’s slightly refreshing to be completely worn out.

I finally finished my job hunt- I think.  I was asked to work for THREE different places.  It’s really flattering, but I forgot how much work, work is. If that makes sense.

I decided on taking jobs at Coach and BCBG, and thanking but declining Ann Taylor’s offer.  I was really excited about Ann initially, but did not expect the incredible response.

These job opportunities are making it easier staying home.  It gives me another purpose!  But, I have a feeling 2 20-25 hour a week jobs and 23 credit hours is going to make me declare an insanity plea.

In my Coach interview I did say my weakness was biting off more than I can chew.

Except you have to understand where I am coming from.  Coach only hired me for 2.5 weeks, seasonally.  And then they have to make the decision to keep me or let me go, and this goes through Coach headquarters.  The store is only allowed to ask a certain number of seasonal people to become part time employees, if any and I won’t know until February 3rd if I am one of them.  I couldn’t resist the job though, such a big job and a generous wage that I was unfamiliar with in small town USA!  I am taking the risk, but I changed my starting date at BCBG to February 4th in case Coach is not interested or I decide it isn’t for me.

I think it was a smart decision, that way I am not “looking a gift horse in the mouth” as my dad says.  I am happy with the outcome, although there are cons to working at such a strict serious company.  The dress code of indigo jeans, british tan or cognac shoes, white pressed and starched button down, navy cardigan or v-neck sweater (no sparkly buttons), light make up, only essie ballet slipper or really red nail polish, and understated jewelry is definitely preppy.. but I feel identity-less, even if it isn’t an atrocious blue pilled K-mart polo.  BCBG is flexible with leggings and dress pants, but there are cons to that too.

Don’t get me wrong, both stores are wonderful and as my contracts with both stores entail I am not revealing any company secrets or something..  I just forgot how nice not being told what to do was.  How working retail no matter the status is tedious and fake feeling..  It’s constantly about impressing people, and being treated like an ID number in some clock-in clock-out system.

I’m reading a book in Intro to Entrepreneurship about.. you guessed it: Entrepreneurship.  And I completely understand the appeal to being your own boss.  I don’t mind waiting on people, I just like being treated with respect.

And after a man rejected my 30% Coach coupon, because he did not need my pity cash (after purchasing nearly 1000 dollars worth of inventory, I think that’s incredibly dumb) and many people walked past me greeting them saying they were so happy not to have me job.. Respected wasn’t exactly what I was feeling.

So maybe that means I pay my 2.5 weeks dues, and move on to BCBG. But maybe it’ll be the same deal, just a little less pay. So is that worse?  I know I need to work, I need the money.

Or I want the money.

I need a thicker skin. I need a more positive attitude.

3 out of 4 locations I applied to at the outlet mall wanted me!

It seems like just as soon as I clink the champagne glasses I notice they’re half empty.

Two more days until the college part of me is on Summer Vacation.

I’ll never ever ever ever do it again.

Okay, maybe.. like if someone dies in my family, or I’m in a coma.. but I’ll really try to never ever ever leave everyone out of the loop from my life again! I can’t go without my blog, I talk about it so much! But I just didn’t blog for like 2 weeks? So what’s happened to me? Hmmmm.


I made that 4.0 possible. I’m not saying I got it, but I’m saying after some major blog deprivation and super studying I am coming back from the 3.9 possibility haha

I’ve become best friends with my roomate and suitemates. I CANNOT wait until college. I got an e-mail about orientation and started getting nerves about the outfit I will wear already.

Besides planning that far in my future I’ve been planning a little closer too. In the next month is FASHION CAMP and after a few bumps in the road, I’ve figured out how I can be compensated for what I deserve (I mean this in the least greedy way possible) and I’ve decided on some project for my little minions to complete! Haha I mean that in the most endearing way :).

Last Saturday I went to a Fashion Show. Herkimer style. It was REALLY good. All this surrounding of fashion.. you would think I would never change my mind about what I want to do with my life/major/college experience.

I thought so too.

But I guess we both thought wrong dolls 😦 Very wrong.

I’m not meant for this! I decided on Canisius, except I thought the whole time I was meant to be on the Retail Buying end of Fashion. And everything is so much clearer now, I’m not!

Who would want to make the girl that failed the Trig Regents a retail buyer? What girl that failed the Trig Regents would WANT to crunch numbers?

GROSS. Not this girl.

So last minute, per usual, I changed my mind. The thing is, it’s for good this time. I am not allowed to change it back again!

I am going to Canisius. But I am highlighting my skills, like writing and talking.

So guess what I’m going for?

I should give you time, maybe a cliff hanger.. but I’m not going to. Because I have ranted in almost 2 weeks and I feel you deserve to know that I am going to be majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.


None of my hard work will go to waste. And I will still make you all proud. After all, preps are known for their stubborness and hard working attitude aren’t they?

Wouldn’t want to dissapoint!