Swimwear struggles

In my last post I mentioned my excitement over warm weather. The biggest negative I can see about warmer temperatures quickly creeping up is that it means swimsuit season and impending swimwear struggles are coming.

I am not a small figured girl. I have curves and lumps. God blessed me with a little extra just about everywhere. Even at a size 6 -which seems like a lifetime ago- I was not happy about swimwear shopping though. It may in fact be the only shopping I do not particularly enjoy.

With my distaste for spandex and tight uncomfortable water resistant fabrics in mind, the following are 3 of my favorite swimwear looks that I’m hoping will cause me to struggle a little less about what to wear to the beach when I escape to Florida at the end of April.

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Meet Lace:

I actually have no idea what this model’s name is, but she looks hella elegant,
like Lace, in this Target one-piece swimsuit. I’m in love with the color and feel like my eyes go to her face rather than thighs -my biggest problem area- because of the higher detailing. It’s also really reasonably priced at $34.99 and available in plus sizes. I find that I’m lucky if I can find a suit I don’t hate for less than $100 sometimes. The intricate laser cut detailing on the ruffle is also a trendy bonus. This swimsuit comes in black too, which happens to be my go-to color for swimwear because of ~the whole slimming factor~

high waisted bikini, plus size swimwear, yellow swimsuit, itsy bitsy

Meet Rita:

This girl keeps up with the latest trends, note how this is definitely triangl swimwear inspired, but she gives it her own bit of sass. I love the retro feel to the mustard print, as if Rita’s grandmother would own wallpaper in her home that is identical. I also appreciate the thick halter straps in the top, for additional support. It’s not “itsy bitsy”, but rather plus size and sexy. The individual pieces are sold separately so you could easily change out the Asos Curve top or bottom for yet again solid black. Costing $31.00 for the bottoms and $38.00 for the top with free shipping, still rings in below my $100 price point.

modcloth swimsuit, donut swimwear, high waisted swimsuit,
          Meet Nina
Wearing a swimsuit, some of us want to look sweet instead of sexy. I didn’t think I would find a set that would say it quite so literally, but honestly I am DONUTS about this suit. Modcloth sells some of my favorite retro-inspired pieces, this is no exception. It is available in separates, top retailing for $49.99 and bottoms for $39.99 as well as a $79.99 one piece, not completely shattering my budget. Also doesn’t hurt I have a $35 credit from some returns in the Fall 😉

What ever swimwear you decide to sport, do so confidently. I remember the first time I found a high waisted bikini from Aerie that I loved.. it was still spandex and although it held in my love handles pretty spectacularly, my body still existed. How I carried myself totally changed though and that makes the difference.

What will you wear to the beach this season?

Spring closet cleaning with Poshmark

There’s something about the warm weather in Buffalo that just brings me hope.

I spotted some crocuses today while walking around my neighborhood and it made me smile. I feel like one of the best parts about living in a cold weather climate is that you learn to never take a sunny day for granted.

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Upstate New Yorkers are notorious for wearing their flip flops “too soon” by fashion standards. They whip out shorts when the temperatures hit just above freezing. I don’t endorse it, but I understand it. I long for the days when I can wear a dress without tights and some strappy open toed heels without fear that I will find myself face to face with a snow bank.

I’m excited to say that Easter was 50 degrees and precipitation free though. This is a significant improvement from last year; in 2015 I recall walking out of the church and being bombarded with white flakes in the air.

Some people are saying it’s too soon to call this spring in Buffalo… despite the official start date of 10 days ago by calendar standards. I think it’s the perfect time to embrace the double digit temps -yep, that’s the standard here-, just keep those heavier knits close by because it changes all the time.

My neighbor was cutting his lawn this morning. I wore capris. We all show our optimism about the weather a little differently, mine tends to involve rotating wardrobes.


When I pull the shift dresses and pastel colors out of storage, I always find a few items that I could take or leave. Do I move these pieces into valuable closet real estate or leave them banished in the basement until next Spring? God knows I’m going to buy new pieces too…

My style may have changed while hibernating in leggings and slouchy sweaters or my size may have changed, does it really matter the reason? My taste *matures* all of the time so it’s no wonder that I have moved on from a few things I was obsessed with last season or during May 2011. My shopping deals and steals deserve a good home though and recently I’ve re-homed quite a few of my finds via Poshmark.

I’ve been using the Poshmark app since 2012. My first purchases were a Marc Jacobs watch and some Tory Burch flats for amazing prices, with both of the stores that sold those types of items being at least an hour away from my house at the time. It was exciting and refreshing. I hope the people that purchase my clothes and accessories feel the same way!

The app is super easy to use, you just upload 4 photos of your item that you’re selling like you would on instagram. The first image can be filtered. Then you include a short and sweet accurate depiction of what you’re selling (include the condition, size, how it fits, color) and categorize it by the required categories. That’s it!

There are posh parties on the app where you can share your closet items as well as some of your favorite sellers’ pieces. I’ve become addicted to Poshmark, like any other form of social media. I have followers and share things. It kinda becomes a way of life.

Since re-visiting Poshmark over the last few weeks of closet rotating I’ll be completely honest, I have made $300+ . This is an incredibly exciting considering I am a 21 year old juggling part time work and freelance gigs. I’ve also found that when I buy things via Poshmark, in general I am spending a lot less than I do when I take a trip to the mall.

Whether it is to add to your wardrobe or perform a spring closet clean out, make an account and check it out. Nobody is sponsoring this post, this is just my personal success with selling gently used items from the comfort of my home.

Feel free to follow me @preppylogic15 and if you use code HWEUI when you purchase something via the app (cuz lets be honest, it’s inevitable), you and I will both earn $10. Cool!

Trends and temptations

Yesterday I went shopping to prepare for my trip to Panama City in April.  I splurged on some “Red, Red, Red” lipstick at Clinique as well some powder.  Both items weren’t originally on my list, but just like handbags, make up is so much easier to buy than clothes sometimes.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of ankle pants from EXPRESS.  I noticed ankle pants in New York and Company, Banana Republic, JCPenney, The Limited, and LOFT.  They’re apparently going to be HUGE this spring/summer.  They flatter girls with a little more to love in the thigh region, but hit differently in length than capris.  I was confused at first by the trend, but now I love them. The shorts were a flattering 4 inch inseam and although difficult to find in a store with so little fabric, they were worth the search.

92_917_7471_69092_917_7471_523 92_917_7707_461

Last year I was OBSESSED with JCrew’s 3-5inch inseam shorts.  I felt like they hit and fit perfectly.  I own at least 10 pairs, maybe 15.  The sad part, as was mentioned last post, is that those shorts don’t fit any longer.  I’m sipping a watered down Tim Hortons smoothie, instead of eating a crescent and I know I just had a “I love my body” post.. but I love those shorts.

And I refuse to go into stores like EXPRESS and LOFT and be the largest size.  I still stand by my comment that society is the issue, but society also makes it really hard for big girls.

And J Crew makes it tough because those shorts don’t have stretch.

So, for Spring Break I will wear the EXPRESS shorts and ankle pants.  I have some Lauren Conrad denim shorts that will also get me through the week, but besides that, I have to try harder to be healthy for the sake of J Crew by summer.

If I am down in Manhattan, ankle pants will be the perfect office appropriate bottom.  I also have all of those dresses I picked up at Charlotte Russe.  Even if it’s 10 pounds, my entire wardrobe would appreciate a little nip tuck.

While I was at the mall, I also was looking for more exercise attire.  I have always loved my Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, but was very disappointed!  The waste band prints look cheesy and tacky, not worth 40 dollars.  I was then further disappointed by my free panty coupon being out of date.  VS and I aren’t on speaking terms right now.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because my wallet can’t deal with her.  I have done really well saving money, but I signed up for my first credit card a few months back and she has this way of making me think I have more money than I do.  And with rent sky rocketing in the city, I have to save… but Coach just got in a shipment of neon rainbow colored packable totes that would serve as a fantastic carry on bag.



I bought the cutest luggage tag at Francesca’s Collections yesterday.  It said “You wouldn’t look good in my clothes.” and has my name and number on the back.  I always do carry on with Delta or Southwest, but I couldn’t resist.

I’m a little worried that with all these tempting purchases in the middle of nowhere, how I am supposed to resist NYC.  I suppose having a 10 x 10 cell -I mean room 🙂 to live in will play a role.  I have no idea how I would even bring all of my clothes with me, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

On a random note, 6 weeks until I have my Associate’s!!!