Breath of fresh air.

Zumba may or may not be the death of me.. but at least its a creative way to die.

Guys, I ventured out. I went away from my life motto of accessorize instead of exercise and it was a success. I went to Zumba last night. I know there are many other things that would make sense to fill you in on, from a fashion perspective except I really don’t know where to start. I think my physical health sounds good.

I survived 14 songs of ridiculous dance routines and then passed out on my bed as a result. So much for having a life at night… I set an alarm to do home work, I picked out what I was going to wear..



I have been wearing dresses.. But that’s semi-typical. Today we had Mass of The Holy Spirit, so the dress was more appropriate. I like this whole churchy thing on a daily basis. My closet friends are all faith based, it’s somewhat of a breath of fresh air.

Back to dresses.

First day of school (like I’m 5) I wore a dress. Maroon with bows :). I felt so vintage. It was a forever 21 favorite, that was from our mall trip the day before. I had a bubble  umbrella to top it off. Pearls and class.

Lots of breaths of fresh air… when you are used to people in constant sweat pants and pajama pants.

I did have the issue, that I figured I’d have to begin with.. I have to bring clothes home this weekend. I overpacked, my entire wardrobe. It’s the long weekend though so I’m taing advantage of the opportunity and refilling half the mini van with needless amounts clothing. Maybe I’ll actually feel as if I am moved into my house too once my clothes are there.

I switched roomates. Due to the fact that I do not believe in internet bashing and never know who will read this, I am just going to state that I am very happy with my new rooming scenario. She’s so nice and quiet.

Great change of pace.

I talk on behalf of the both of us.

And I know she is intimidated by my pink, glitter, and chaos on the opposite side of the room, but it will all take time to adjust to.

The homework hasn’t been as hard to adjust to as the social has been. I am not saying I miss my old home town (as previously stated in my last post), I just miss knowing what to expect. The people are all relatively nice though.

Maybe too nice?

I need to stop thinking everyone has ulterior motives. It is ridiculously pessimistic.

Just accept change. Think with loads of optimism. Blast the music.

Take a breath of fresh air.


Wrapped in Merino: “Weaving a world record attempt”

Bored? Online? Story of my life, but I’ve found something new to do that will pass the time a little quicker… And it’s setting a record. As an addict of fashion and a writer of all technology involved in fashion, I have a habit of bragging about new techy things I find cool and other things I hate.

Add Wrapped in Merino to the “cool” list and help set a world record today! They’re aiming to create the longest social scarf in the world! Watch this video for more details:

I’m proud to say I made my photo for the virtual scarf the other day, it’s so preppy and cute! My scarf was gray argyle! Totally fitting. Check out this link to add to the social scarf:

In my textiles class, we learned about Merino wool among many other types of natural materials that can be used in clothing. I find it interesting that these different corporations working with these materials are catching on the “social bandwagon” to encourage their success. I also appreciate the fact that here in America it’s summer and I don’t really want to think about wearing wool as I’m sweating my make up off.  I’d rather “design” myself with it. This is an interesting new way to spread the word about this warm material perfect for the winter months and since not all the people of the world are enduring this summer heat stroke right now, it may even inspire those of you effected by the cold to purchase wool garments.

What are some of your favorites?


Just because it works out, doesn’t mean it works out how I planned.

I miss my best friendddddddddddd. ❤

Ugh. It’s so tough sometimes. I just want to shop and be with my true friends, it’s like a curse. I can’t have all the money in the world to shop, and all of my fabulous friends live hours away. I think I figured out my college plans though, but as you know if you follow my blog, those change daily.

I am going to HCCC next year. Well.. scratch that statement. I will be enrolled as a student at HCCC but I will be taking all of my courses online, and I will be getting my associates. I will not live in this rinky dink town though, I’ll move with my parents to Buffalo, where I can start over, work real retail (like Chanel or something), get a new car (part of the deal with my parents), and laptop. Oh, and I don’t have to pay room and board or for food obviously, so I can still shop quite a bit.


I have this feeling like I want to cry though.

I want a social lifeeeee.

I want that roommate that makes me pull my hair out because of the banana peel she left on the dresser.. Or the roomate I can share clothes with. But you don’t always get what you want. And $50,000 a year doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a good roommate. $0 guarantees the worst thing I can get is my sister, and they WILL NOT make me share anyways, if I have any say.

I know this is the most practical decision, even if it’s one I don’t want to make. I know that I can study in London year 3 and then go to SCAD year 4 if I am still in love with it. Or go to FIT. Even Marist or Lasell. All I know is I will have way more options and should qualify for more financial aid since we are doubling the size and cost of our house by moving.

But the pessimist in me says, like hell our house is gonna sell..

It’s been on the market since September and 2 people have looked at it. You are putting your college decisions on hold for THAT? Even if monthly your parents are lowering the price $5,000, nobody in their right mind is going to want to move into this town. I wouldn’t anyways.

I plan on talking to my grandparents this weekend for Easter and seeing if I can guarantee my living in Buffalo -with them- with or without the rest of my family, prior to when the house sells, this summer. I just feel like, I’m screwed, but I have to make the best of it. And someone out there has got it worse than me.

Trust me. Someone out there, most people out there don’t have this beautiful a wardrobe. 🙂

It’ll work out. There’s no other option, but it working out.

The tough thing is, just because it works out, doesn’t mean it works out how I planned.