Life is like a steak salad

Hey dolls!

Phew. This weekend hasn’t even felt like a weekend! Remember how I said I wasn’t scheduled to work except for Saturday to work? And how I was going to get so much done? Oh, I got a lot done all right..


Our well water has some bacteria in it so we have to kill it.. and my shower, sinks, and everything reek of bleach. Nothing better to wake you up in the morning. And I have to brush my teeth with a bottle of spring water.

Feel like prison much? Nah, that was later on.

Yearbook ceremony.. in which I decided while everyone is getting teary eyed and emotional about being seniors I would just like to leave. Like years ago. But I am stuck fake smiling in this institution.. only 9 more days.

That further inspired me to go into work. They called me in after school 4:30-10:30 and I was fuming with highschool disgust at my classmates and decided I needed to take some of this frustration out folding clothes at Kmart.


If I hadn’t come in, I would just be watching “Lie to me” this new show on netflix that I am absolutely obsessed with, for the whole night. (foreshadowing)


I was exhausted from working that 6 hour shift.. and then got up for another one. Except 9 hours this time.


Actually, it was like something inside of me just WANTED to work a 9 hour shift.. because I wasn’t scheduled until 11 and showed up at 10. Do you know what a difference that hour makes?

A big one.

An hour to sleep, shop, blog.. whatever it may be. It was an hour that would’ve separated me further from the 9 hour shift the night before.

But I toughed it out. I worked 10-7.. I felt faint and hungry. I stopped at Wal Mart (the best retail in the valley.. GAG) and bought kiwi, blue cheese crumblys, raspberries, and blackberries. I was craving a steak salad with the steak I had at home.. I sped to it. For at 7:30? I was being an overachiever. I was babysitting.

And it wasn’t even my own siblings.

Yea, I was late. I arrived at 7:40. I can’t lie. I was bitter and sat for approximately 30 seconds wallowing in the fact that I bought toppings for my salad and the lettuce was rotten.


I made it, I survived. I got home just before midnight;

like Cinderella leaving the ball, except much more scummy.

I felt like an hour later I was disturbed though. I woke up at 8:15 to a little boy and a bunch of squinkies in my bed.. if I aren’t familiar with squinkies, they are very annoying little rubber creatures. About 20 of them find themselves in my bed each morning with my brother Owen, and they’ll never be seen again.

I somehow fell back to sleep though, missing 9AM mass. My mom was bitter and took my phone.

It was really dumb, if we’re being completely honest here.

Thankfully, when I woke up at 10:15 and got my phone back, the rare ocurance of my father vouching on my behalf happened and off to 11AM mass I went.

It wasn’t like I was going to skip. Just a girl worked the bone NEEDS her beauty sleep.

The good news is, for some reason I was paid double what I expected, when I was babysitting.

Oh, and you know what else is good news?

I am guesting on a radio show for Teena Cathey June 6th, this Wednesday at 11 EST! Tune in on the link below:

I’m going to dicuss frugal shopping and prom :).


I’ve been up to my eyeballs in homework interspersed with “Lie to me” episodes.

So this weekend has been interesting. My weekend has been busy and bustling and then completely dead.

My weekend has been like that steak salad.

Except I never ate the salad because the lettuce was gross. I had crumbly blue cheese, almonds and cranberries together. It was really good actually.. some black berries and raspberries separately and a cheese stick.

Last but not least, I’d like to leave you with some words of wisdom though.

When you have the desire to paint your nails at 1:30 am, make sure they dry before you fall asleep.



Rambling, saving, and accesorizing; shopaholic style.

Hey dolls,
I’m out of school for the day due to a National Honor Society ceremony this morning, so I figured I would blog. I slept a lot better last night even though it was still disgustingly hot, life is looking up. Here’s why:
1) I wore 5 inch nude heels at the ceremony and didn’t fall. See below:
2) Some rich people from Kingston, NY looked at our house Saturday and loved it.. so our humble abode may become someones vacation home :D. It’s in there top 2, so cross your fingers.
3) I’m going out to lunch with my parents.
4) My sunburn is going away.
5) I’ve successfully eaten healthy for one day.
Round of applause? Thank you, thank you very much.
The rest of my day is consisting of finding dorm accessories online, walking, tanning and accessorizing my friend Nicole, and relaxing. Can’t complain.
I have been thinking about Canisius a lot lately -NATURALLY-. I was debating opening a new page on my blog called Diary of A Canisius Preppy, for college and all things pertaining to it, what do you think? Not gonna lie, when I googled Canisius prep, I was pretty thrilled to have my blog as the first 3 results.. but I was looking for preppy bedding :P. I’m debating going the custom made route for my dorm comforter, there are so many preppy patterns to choose from. I found a pink and green one on that I thought was darling, but I’m kinda cheap when it comes to ordering online. If I don’t have a coupon code, I’m probably not going to order. Sue me.
Speaking of shopping, since my topics of conversation seem to always come back to that.. I’ve discovered some new apps that I am starting to become rather addicted to. Almost as addicted as poshmark. Have an iPhone or iPad? Check them out:
1) I’m still figuring it out, but it looks like you can get free money to shop with. So I’m obvv not complaining.
2)Shopkick- This is probably more handy for all of you people that DON’T live in the middle of nowhere, because I get like 2 kick results for places I can get points, but if you download the app and read the instructions… it seems really cool. I like free gift cards, coach bags, and cruises don’t you?
3)Coupons- As every good shopper should have, an excess of coupon apps. I personally feel that these coupon apps practically pay for my internet each month. That’s how much money they’ve saved me.
4)GeoQpons- Same story, different app, similar stores. Download them both.
And the best part? They’re all free. The worst part? They’re all new reasons why I’m lucky if I fall asleep before midnight.
Hope everyone has a fashion forward and fabulous day!