Dressing casual when you only own dresses and pearls.

Well. That was the most frustrating event of the day, after finding out my mac mail isn’t compatible with my Canisius email. Yes. You read correctly, I am writing this from my new mac :). Overall, I love it. Obviously. But there has been frustration like the email, that frustration? WordPress wouldn’t let me post blogs. I restarted and its fine, but oh my God. I would probably have returned the computer over being forbid to blog. AH. Anyways, the reason I wanted to blog today was because I’m having a tough time packing. ME. With a phenomenal wardrobe. Why? Because HALF OF IT is packed for the move and college. And because where I’m going August 5-9th isn’t exactly calling for a ball gown or anything tremendously fashion forward. It’s Kingdom Bound. The Christian Rock Music Festival held in Darien Lake, NY. It’s huge. Yet, churchy events at a theme park aren’t exactly calling for decked out attire. And I’m opposed to gym shorts when in public surrounding that many possible cute guys. What is a girl to do? I don’t own in between clothes.. I just know I have a pro-life shirt that would probably go over well at such an event. Speaking of clothes though, I do own a bunch of new stuff. And yes, I bought the Mac so you’re probably like how the hell does that work out? ALLISON YOU HAVE NO JOB. But it does. Because I had a gift card and I am impulsive. Psh, I still have $500 for college.. Like that’s gonna last me 😦 But anyways I bought a ton of jewelry; pearl choker, pearl bracelets, rose quartz bracelets, silver bangles, & gold bangles, 2 scarves, a little black dress for the fall (quarter sleeve length and synchs at the waist), a turquoise and black polka dotted top, and jeans. For sixty dollars. I adore Forever 21 for that reason. The even better thing? The clothing all fits. Believe it or not (LOL) I am not your sample size modelesque girl, so this is kind of an accomplishment in itself. I am in between sizes so it’s tough to order online. What is also hard to order online? Shoes. Riding boots to be specific. I have one foot that is an 8.5 and another thats a 9. Like what the heck is a girl to do? Order boots. Impulsively. Duh. And that’s just what I did. I went online to Steve Madden and I found the most adorable boots for the fall :). And they fit too! I’m sooo excited, that I am going to show you them. YES! I can easily show you guys my purchases now that my laptop has a webcam (welcome to the 21st century I know).

Well, I almost had a heart attack. I’m not used to such an interactive touch pad.. I went back a page and practically lost my post.

I hope this isn’t to technologically advanced a computer for yours truly.





Photo 1: Inside

Photo 2: Outside


Shopaholics anonymous.

You have a problem

My father says as we are on our way to Boston last night in the van. We’d been bickering almost the whole car ride about my college choices, life long fashion calling, and desire to shop. My mother felt the need to bring up the fact that I made $3,000 and nothing to show for it (LIES) again.. and words were flying.

They’re never going to understand my need to shop. If you saw what my parents wear, you’d understand that too. They aren’t unfashionable, but I practically dressed them myself for the college visit earlier today and well, otherwise they are just so average.

I’ve never been average. Probably never will be… so why should he expect my shopping habits to reflect that of an average person? He claims I’m an addict, and will probably never save money.

I know that when I NEED to save I will, but guess what guys?

I’m 17. It’s my last year to be a kid. And spend frivolously, but within my means. I don’t have a credit card, and my clothing and shoes are much too organized for me to be a hoarder.

You know what my father needs to do?

So, it should come as no surprise to me that he won’t let me drive to a real mall to shop. A mall with multiple levels and a glorious forever 21. Even though I have the money, have agreed to pay gas, and am taking one friend.. which abides to the law. This really isn’t fair. I know life isn’t, but when this happens do they expect me to not react at all?

Do I have to take the van anyways to prove a point?

I was even going to 8 am mass tomorrow. God’s not going to let me die, after I’ve gone out of my way to wake up at that ungodly hour to worship and all that.

I’m so sick of this baby like treatment, until we have the college discussion that demands me put my “I understand this is a huge monetary investment in my future” hat on.

Did you read my last blog?

Do you know what I would rather do with $27,000?


Do you know what I will be doing?

Going to college, to SHOP for a corporation.

Notice a trend, daddy dearest? I’m not giving up on this. I’m just fixing the rules a little. So when tomorrow morning, I go to 8 am mass, pick up my friend and then head to Albany? Don’t be surprised if I’m not blogging for a while I just have a point to prove.


PS: I had a 4.0 first semester, have my own room, don’t have to pay for gas if I stay in the valley, and love my family, therefore that’s a load of shit. I’m too smart to screw that up.


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder..

What a load of crap.

I just went FIVE days without blogging to all of you wonderful preppies out their and I’m not fond, I’m mad. I feel like a part of me was missing. Now I have to play catch up, and I REFUSE to leave anything out. Like this morning? Shaving my legs? Cut my finger nail. You probably wouldn’t feel the same if you didn’t know that now would you.


Saturday- Oh em geeee! Winter ball was really fun! Kevin came over around 4:30, then we took pictures at Olivia’s, went to the dance, and thennnn I went to Applebees with the girls after. It was fun. Here is visual proof:


I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a shopaholic if I didn’t inform you of my mall visit that morning. I bought tan oxfords and a pair of black stilletos. FIVE DOLLARS A PAIR AT JCPENNEYS. I laced the oxfords with black sheer ribbon instead. They are so cute -now-, words cannot describe. I’m obviously wearing them in Georgia.

Sunday- I had to work. It was painful. Combined with a shit load of homework? I could have done with a very different sunday. But I survived. OH. A lady threatened my life over a box of brownie mix. The price came up wrong on the register. I think that was sunday.. reguardless. It was terrifying.

Monday?: Monday was a blurr. Like all mondays I didn’t want to wake up for my 8 oclock class. I had a quiz? I aced it. I honestly don’t remember much, I can’t even remember what I wore </3.

TUESDAY: I looked good. I remember my smashing outfit.

Without the black tights, this was what I wore -with my black 5 dollar stilletos-. GUESS WHERE IT WAS FROM?


I bet you were wrong.

🙂 🙂 🙂


Do you know how many compliments I got on that 9 dollar outfit? I don’t thrive on compliments, far from it. But life is a little better when you know you look hotter than the girl that burned 40 dollars on a top that says HOLLISTER with no fashion ties whatsoever for a quarter of the price.

And Tuesday was “senior skipday” but I still went to school, like a good girl. And those seniors missed out on a hell of an outfit if I do say so myself.

WEDNESDAY: Today! It was acceptable. I wore light skinnies from H&M, black booties (in the afternoon, sequined UGGs when I didn’t pay attention to the weather in the morning), a purple tank top with matching purple feather earrings under my totally cute shirt I also got for a steal on my shopping journey.

My shirt has cuter cursive type, but naturally I rocked it.

I should be packing for Georgia, or studying for my Textiles test tomorrow, but I missed you all SOOOOOOO much. If I fail tomorrow? Expect full blame. My bed is covered in clothes, and my notes are scattered everywhere.. but it’s almost friday, so I am content.

Oh, and wear cute pajamas tonight. You never know who you’ll see in your dreams ;).