Why tv/movie characters are my fashion role models

If you look around you on an ordinary day, people simply don’t dress well.  I don’t live in New York City or somewhere glamorous, so maybe I’m harsh.. but go to Wal Mart and people watch, then get back to me.  Since “real life people” are such a let down, I turn to television/movie characters for inspiration:

Charlotte York: Sex and the City

alt="charlotte york", alt="preppy sex and the city", alt="modern day jackie o"


Many SATC fans turn to Carrie Bradshaw for style inspiration, but the true style goddess is Charlotte York.  Her flawless presentation and elegant clothing is like a Jackie O, yet so modern day.

alt="charlotte york", alt="maternity polka dot dress", alt="sex and the city charlotte"

Blair Waldorf: Gossip Girl

alt="blair waldorf", alt="blair waldorf in high schoolt", alt="preppy gossip girl"

Also known as “My Queen”, Blair Waldorf is the inspiration for this blog.  She is the reason I wear headbands and pearls.  She is so sophisticated, classy, and high end that it’s difficult not to want to be her, or want her.. how Chuck resisted for so long is beyond me.

alt="blair waldorf green cape", alt="blair waldorf winter"


Cher: Clueless

alt="cher clueless", alt="cher clueless shopping", alt="cher clueless knee socks"


My love for knee socks dates back to 1995, all thanks to Cher..  Okay, I would have only been 1, but you get my point.  I love how confidently she always struts in the most traditional prep wear.  17 years may have passed, but I would still dress like her.

alt="clueless cher"


Marianne Bryant: Easy A

alt="amanda bynes easy a", alt="easy a merianne bryant", alt="easy a christian girl"

Before Amanda went (twitter) crazy, she played the holy Christian.  Irony?  Maybe.  In real life I would never admire her style though.. unless we go back to her circa 2005. This just further proves my point that tv/movie characters are better.

alt="2013 amanda bynes", alt="crazy amanda bynes"

Which tv/move characters are your fashion role models?

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I’m laying in bed, on my fifth or sixth episode of Sex and The City, I’ve lost count.  Whenever I type, Carrie Bradshaw’s voice is ringing in my words.  Now that Gossip Girl is over (may she rest in peace) I’ve gone back a decade at least and I am obsessing over Manhattan’s other It girls.  Think back to the days when Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodson would have been walking the halls of some middle school.  Streets away Samantha Jones was doing what she does best -men.  Charlotte York was gracefully floating down Park Ave to her gallery.  Miranda Hobbes was being successful and awkward.  Carrie was writing the perfect thing on that 1999 Mac, confusing women more than ever before.  I conquered The Hills, a more recent throw back, during my January Break as well as Lipstick Jungle, a forgotten short lived urban fashion flick.  I get attached to whatever I can find on Netflix or through the iTunes store and live through it.  These powerful sexy elite women had fun and ambition.  They grabbed life by the balls (-thats for you Samantha) and lived it, meanwhile I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I sent my mom a text this morning with goals.  It consisted of “losing twenty pounds, find some decent new friends (since all of my old ones must have gotten hit by busses, the only explanation for why they haven’t been in touch), getting a pug, moving out, buying a Coach multi-purpose tote (Random pregnant Bitch bought the last one to use as a diaper bag on Sunday -the nerve), and become Carrie Bradshaw.” She told me some of those would be difficult, and that one was impossible.  

Obviously, I replied saying I knew 20 pounds was pushing it.

I can’t have these women’s lives, but I can covet the delusional perfection that Hollywood planted on my computer screen.  I can drool over Manolo Blahniks and cry over one night stands on their behalf.. because God knows I’m getting neither.  I can avoid reality for the next 75 days with my BVFF (best virtual friends forever).  I saw my first pair of Christian Louboutons on the feet of an adjunct professor at Community College today during my Bowling class today.  The 500 dollar shoes (minimum) looked out of place in the same mile radius as my ugly rubber color blocked bowling shoes.  I wondered if they’d look out of place near or on me regardless though.

I told myself in high school that my first salaried pay check would be dedicated to black glossy red soled pumps.  I still think I’d live on Raman Noodles for a month before letting those babies sit on a shelf, once I had a real career.  I’m not concerned that it won’t happen.

I’m concerned that I can’t even picture what I’ll be doing to expand my shoe collection.


The bad news and good news, thanks to being an over achiever.

If you haven’t noticed I make a lot of lists.  This is a pros/cons list except with the latest news in my life:

Bad news:

I am sick, my family is the least sympathetic towards my condition possible and I don’t have time for this..  I called into work, which I never do.

Good news:

I was accepted into the Disney College Program on the 18th.  It was for May-Jan too!!

Bad news:

I will not be a Fairy Godmother in training any time soon.

Good news:

It’s not for food service, custodial, or attractions.  It’s merchandising!

Bad news:

I owe them 300 dollars by the 28th, to prove I’m committing.  That’s one expensive Coach bag.

Good news:

My plans to go to NYC for the Coach internship interview are finalized.  I booked the flight and the apartment.

Bad news:

That trip isn’t until March 6th so I will have had to accept or decline by then, Disney only gives you 10 days.

Good news:

Jack Wills follows me on twitter and I am determined to take that as a good sign, meaning I made top 150 applicants.

Bad news:

That could be a delusional assumption.

Good news:

With all of this sick time, I have conquered the first two season of Sex and The City.

Bad news:

SATC isn’t on netflix.  So I’ve been buying the seasons via itunes.

Good news:

I kick ass in all of my online classes.

Bad news:

Bowling starts monday AT NINE THIRTY AM.


So that’s a summary of the latest.  Sorry if its not very fashion related, I have been living in yoga pants and the Coach uniform, so I’m not exactly inspired.  I believe I’m partially sick from stress and not knowing which decision to make.  I’m guaranteed ulcers when I’m older, or at least a heart attack I’m sure.  Which would you pick?  Take a risk on Coach?  Come out penniless from Disney?  Wait for Jack Wills?  I don’t really have an inkling of what I’m going to do.  I want to put my 300 dollars down on Disney, but I hate the idea of losing 30 hours worth of work to nothing if I choose otherwise.