All things that glitter.

Hello preps and prep wanna-bees,

It’s yours truly, Allison! Today was a very good day, better than they have been lately. I went to church, and then shopping with a friend. We found many great items, but I didn’t have my typical amount of money due to the Savannah/Atlanta trip, so I had to make things work. Before I tell you about my purchases, (which I will do, no doubt) I figured I should fill you in on my trip to Boston from friday…

We didn’t get to the hotel until 10:45, and the pool closed at 11, so I just hung out in the room for most of the night. In the morning we went to Lasell and I was glammified in a yellow lace dress, pearls, and red lipstick. My mother warned me about appearing intimidating, but I would rather be that than underdone or scummy. Anyways, we went to a few fashion and financial aid meetings, wandered the campus, ate lunch with a professor, and I bought a vera wristlet.

I wanted an epiphany as a result of my trip, but I don’t have one. I like the Victorian houses for dorms at Lasell, and I like POLISHED magazine, as well as the possible internships, but nothing overly impresses me. I don’t feel the feeling I had at Savannah, but I’m worried SCAD was distorted because I was being treated like royalty all trip going to 5 star restaurants and living in a lavish townhouse. Life as a college student won’t be so lovely, I know it.. but a masquerade ball? Palm trees? Marc Jacobs is 4 blocks from my dorm? Boys outside the Cathedral I went to were drenched in Lacoste and Ralph Lauren everything? Not knowing anyone from my town, maybe even New York state? Getting to ride a pink Vespa to class? Mall trips on the weekends? Ralph Lauren mentoring my class? No snow? The Beach? All within a 4 mile radius? A quarter schedule so I can go home -wherever home is then- for 2 months?

If I was reading this post, I would probably just say, go to SCAD then. Why not?

I’ll tell you why not.

If I screw this up.. if I choose SCAD? And SCAD is not what I think it should be.. if its too eclectic and artsy and crappy education wise it’s all on me. My parents haven’t seen the school… they won’t when/if we send a deposit.. and I know they’re routing for Lasell. It’s so far away from home.. it’s so unlike anything I’ve ever had.. what if the mosquitoes eat me to death? I did have quite a problem with them.. I would need to learn to read a map, for sure. I would need to learn how to be Southern.

This scares me.

If I go to Lasell, things are different, but with an undergrad population of approximately 1500, it’s not that intimidating. SCAD is around the 13,000 mark and it’s just completely uncharted territory..

All this college talk is getting me down :(.

Lets change to shopping, besides what clothing/shoe size I’m going wear, it stays pretty consistent. I leave satisfied and with something glittery :).

I bought a neon pink tank with wide cut outs that says “<3” on the front and on the back “U” to wear with a black bandeau for summer… It was way more casual than my typical purchase, but I like it. I bought 2 pairs of JCrew shorts, impulsively of course. In turquoise for the 9 in length and hot pink for the 5. Oh, and it’s going to be an all time high of 50 this week.. so I guess those should go back in a box :P. I bought 2 pairs of shoes as well, glittery black TOMS, wetseal style. And rose covered flats.


I’m so good at shopping.. when I have money. I can’t make my decision of where to go to school based on shopping access, but part of me wants to. The impulsive part of me. The part that also wants to sleep past my 8am class tomorrow.

But because of the part of me that is semi-responsible, I’m going to bed now. I’ve done my share of responsible things this weekend, while having fun.. maybe all I need is sleep.

One of the great things I was working on this weekend, was my guest blog entry for Frock Stock. We need more preppy followers guys! And maybe this will help :). Feel free to spread the news, and please check it out March 30th! You can find my entry, as well as many other fashionista’s at

Love you!



All fabulousness must come to an end

Hello preppies ❤
I'm still in foreign territory, but I am officially outside of Savannah. It's been wonderful, so wonderful I'm considering going there for the next 4 years of my life.. But that's such a huge decision I don't know if I want to make it yet. Anyways, today consisted of an early morning INSTRUCTED tour of SCAD. It was lovely, to say the least. They show you the nicest possible parts of the campus, and honestly, the real SCAD probably lies somewhere in between Caroline's description and theirs. The fashion connections the school has are amazing, I was shocked. I could get used to life in such a wonderful place.. But nothing is wonderful and free.
The school is nearly $50,000 per year. I can barely wrap my head around that total. My family doesn't qualify for much federal financial assistance, so I better be a kick ass retail buyer or something to make up for all of this later. I'll be completely honest and say it worries me.. I need a lot of outside scholarships. I also need to lower my level of taste. Easier said than done.
We went into the most adorable shops in Savannah today. The stores where the REAL shopping is done. That REAL shopping comes with a very REAL price tag too. Thousand dollar cocktail dresses capture my attention before anything else… The shops were right around the corner from Jones street. That's where the phrase keeping up with the Joneses came from for crying out loud.
Anyways, were on our way back to Atlanta -and to the outlets-. We had lunch at a darling little cafe before we left and quickly packed up our belongings from the townhouse. I'm going to miss it significantly. Having my own bathroom.. That's a prize in itself.
Thank you for following me through this journey dolls. I remain stuck with my small town budget and high class taste, but I still have you. I hope you feel loved catching up like I am via iPhone. My thumbs must rest now. Check out a few pictures from my trip, I definitely owe you those ❤








I’ll tell you what I want.. what I really really want -or so I think.

On a non-spice girls level, I wish I knew. I wish I knew what I wanted, because the more this college search continues I don’t know. I thought it was Marist, that school that brutaly denied my acceptance to their facilities, for reasons unknown, but I don’t want to have to prove myself after taking one more class and applying again. Heartbreak the second time through isn’t that much easier, even though I’m boyfriendless, I’m sure of it. I wish there was a neon sign that said “GO HERE ALLISON” on the front lawn of SCAD or Lasell. I wish that someone could give me a lot of scholarship money so that whatever decision I make would be equally as pleasing to my parents. This growing up thing, looked a lot easier when I was younger.

Today I met with a student that goes to SCAD. She was the complete opposite of me, no offense to her. She was nice, but she was blunt. Caroline was a nature loving Michigianian (if that’s not a word, act like it is now) that happened to be gay, opinionated, so OVER Savannah, and talks more than yours truly. The only thing we could’ve had in common was our love of talking, even when people don’t care to listen (ahem, prove me wrong), but she beat me on that one.

She showed me her dorm, which I just hate to feel like I have to settle for. She showed me the area, told me about her exceedingly difficult courses (but how do I know if she is a stellar student that tends to be an overachiever like myself?) and ultimately everything else about her life, but hey it was like the personal REAL tour I never had with other schools. Tuesday at 9:30 is my guided “candy coated” tour, as I referred to it previously. I am intrigued to see that side of the college as well.

The shopping in Savannah doesn’t have the bragging rights I kind of hoped it would. I still think it is absolutely darling, and the accessibility from our particular town house to everything is wonderful, BUT as far as shopping? It’s a tourist trap. It is expensive and made in china with the exception of Marc by Marc Jacobs which I did not get the oppertunity to go into :(.

I’m hoping Tuesday on the ride home we will stop at the outlets. I want something Coach or Lacoste to bring out the inner prep in me that has been so vibrant on this trip. The guys here wear those brands constantly, I have kept my eyes peeled and they were well recieved. Of course, those are the sons of the millionaires that own homes in Savannah for the summer that probably obtain those extensive wardrobes, not Scad students, but they have to exist. Therefore I have hope.

Oh. Another Southern observation. I didn’t even know when St. Patrick’s day was because I am from New York and nobody cares, but down here? Everyone is drunk and green. The guys that are drunk are often found in dresses and everyone else is just blatently green. I didn’t get the memo, so when I came out of mass in a black and white striped dress this morning, the crazy amounts of people in shades of green chilling on the steps confused me considerably. There were even bagpipes and the dude was in a kilt. And he was on holy ground, so I highly doubt he was drunk.

Off to another chic dinner tonight, we have reservations this time :). Dinner last night was PHENOMINAL. Calimari, Baggettes, Flouder wrapped Crab Cakes, the rice/pasta stuff with crab that I am not cultured enough to know the term for, shrimp, asparagus, and garlic mashed potatos <3. Oh I was so happy. OH. The rice/pasta was called risotto. Fabulous.

Tonight I’m thinking of binging on pasta and cheese. Comment if you want to stop me! Oh, and even if you comment, I’ll probably be too busy eating wayyy too expensive lucious dishes to respond.

Love and miss you preppies!