I’m feeling old school, tres chic.

One of my favorite places to shop is Plato’s Closet.  It’s no secret, I’ve mentioned them time and time again.. second hand stylish stores have a tendency to suck me in.  My latest trip to Plato’s wasn’t planned.  I discovered an online Facebook group for my county that is run like a yard sale, and I was selling a Vera Bradley in the same neighborhood.  I always go into Plato’s with the intention of just looking, because that’s a task in itself.. but with new cash burning a hole in my pocket, I walked out of the store with stuff.

2 rompers and 12 (!?) dollars later, I was so happy I stopped in. I had another 20% coupon, which helped, but I simply could not digest HOW I found rompers at such a fantastic price.  They make me feel so old school, tres chic.  I painted my nails red and slipped on my “Red Red Red” Clinique lipstick, combined with Jackie O sunglasses.. it was clear I should have been around in the fifties.

photo (10)

All I need is a floppy beach hat.

I think of a romper as a cross between a pin-up girl and a housewife.  It’s just sexy enough, by subtly defining curves.  I typically hesitate to wear one, because I have curves and some rompers just hit in the wrong place.. but if you find a good one: it’s life changing.  My next mission is to conquer the jumpsuit, another very old school trend.

photo (11)

A non-clothing trend that is sadly considered old school, is the art of letter writing.  I love sending and receiving mail (okay, not bills).  I could get stuck for days at a time on www.papyrusonline.com looking up gorgeous stationary.  I appreciate a hand written note 20x more than a text or an email.  It feels so much more personal because someone took time out of their busy lives to sit down and think of me.  Right now I am considering ordering:


Fashion Illustrations Assorted Note Cards


Bella Moda Dresses & Shoes Assorted Note Cards


Shoegazing Assorted Note Cards

What stationary do you love?  When was the last time you sat down and wrote a personal note?  Today, 6/10 ONLY, Papyrus is running a 20% off your entire order coupon code (CRUISING) so if you  have lost touch with your inner card writer, there is no better time to start up again.