Working retail.

I suppose in this economy a job is a job, but retail is not necessarily the most glamorous occupation.. at least starting out. This week I am occupying shifts at K-Mart Wednesday-Sunday nights and even if I am less than thrilled my wallet will thank me. Last weekend I burned an easy 100 dollars on a blazer, 2 pairs of tights, yoga pants, heels, chocolate, flats, and hopefully something else I’m forgetting.. because that doesn’t sound like much. Oh. Chinese. I also went out to eat with my friend Olivia this afternoon, so that money has to come from somewhere.

I’m on break from high school this week, but at college I still have to impress. To compensate for the disappointing attire (a vs hoodie, white polo, light skinnies, black sequin flats) I displayed this morning tomorrow I want to strut my cobalt blue blazer that was impulsively purchased. I was thinking cheetah loafers.. Comments?

I also invested in a pair of black sparkly sweater tights at jcpenneys that with a see throughout black dress (worn with a slip/long cami) would look darling. I wish I had a sequined fedora..

I started this blog pre-four hour shift at Kmart and now I’m exhausted. My wifi isn’t working so I am finishing off this post from my phone -feel the love- because blogging makes my day. I love getting feedback and I appreciate new suggestions. How do you feel about these bright colors entering my earlywinter/spring wardrobe? Or your own? What would you wear with cheetah loafers?

Pleasant dreams preppies ❤