Fake smiles or fake fibers. Um, the later one.

When given the option between taking graduation pictures with the senior class (that you can’t wait to get out of) and shopping, which would you choose?
It was easy for me. I wasn’t going to miss school work because they weren’t doing anything anyways.. and I was totally okay with my decision while shopping, but I feel a little guilty now.

It’s not like I was missing graduation though, and I got my graduation party dress, a liz claiborne skort, a hot pink blazer, a black blazer, a blender, and seal containers for college out of the trip. It was worth it right?

The mall was dead. I wasn’t supposed to be skipping school -yet again- to shop for the whole day, just until 12:30.. but once we went out to lunch, why go back? I don’t like fake. I don’t like fake smiles, fake pin straight hair, my fake classmates, or fake sunny days where everyone poses to make it look like they very fakely love each other. I don’t enjoy fake and I probably never will. Why punish myself and become fake when I can enjoy something I really love; the mall.

I don’t mean to sound as materialistic as I know this blog post sounds.. but it’s really my home away from home. Whatever mall I go to I mean. It’s much more welcoming than school, the only fake smiles you see are from sales associates and that doesn’t really bug me because they aren’t totally fake. They are happy to see you spend money. Outfits actually match like they’re supposed to, and they aren’t made up of work boots and pajama pants. The food is much better, things sparkle more frequently, and it’s getting to the point where I think more people know my name there than the people in my own class.

How sad is that?

I can’t wait until college. Real college. Canisius college. There’s a better mall within 10 minutes and that technically means a better home away from home right?

Okay. I’ve convinced myself. I made the right choice, screw photos. Love clothes.

Prom dress challenge

There’s that day in every highschool girl’s career where she insists on feeling like a princess. She needs the date and the shoes, but more importantly the dress. Yours truly is in limbo (highschool and college), but wants to enjoy that day just as much. Please comment below and let me know your personal opinion on the dresses, I can’t promise I will take them into consideration, but a preppy princess would not want to disappoint her followers.


Option 1




Option 3


Option 4



I would also like to know which dress you believe is my favorite. Remember, this is a life altering decision, don’t be afraid of being part of it (;