Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Single or taken, there is no excuse for dressing poorly on Valentines Day.  Many stores are releasing outfits with February 14th in mind this year, so it’s easier than ever to pick up a little something flirty and fun.  Anyway, who needs an occasion to dress up and feel good about themselves?!  I would proudly buy myself chocolates and flowers in any of the following looks.  Check out these Valentines Day Outfit Ideas that currently have me swooning:

Charlotte Russe’s Heart Back Ottoman Skater Dress

heart dress, preppy valentines, valentines day dress


I tried on this little number in red a few weeks back and couldn’t believe how flattering it was!  I typically avoid cut outs on my figure, but their placement on this simple a-line is surprisingly perfect.  If you order light pink or olive green online today (02/04/14), the dress is only $20.99 (in contrast with red which is $29.99), plus if you find anything else, Charlotte Russe is currently running their BlGl for $12.50 promotion… This may or may not be in my cart already 😉

Asos’ New Look Tall Lace Shoulder Heart Print Dress

heart tall dress, valentines day dress

I am excited to feature this Asos dress in my valentines picks, not just because of the dainty adorable pattern, but also because of the sizing that it is featured in.  Tall girls know how difficult dress shopping can be and it is discouraging!  To see a brand keeping 5’9 and taller women in mind is refreshing.  Also, Asos “free shipping both ways” policy should encourage women of all sizes and shapes to take risks when purchasing online, because it can always go back.

Modcloth’s Moonlit Roses Dress

floral dress, valentines day dress, preppy dress


Elegance.  This dress whispers elegance.. I picture red pumps and a red lip, a low chignon bun..  Maybe this look is more suited for going out, but I would find a reason to wear it. Just because.

Forever 21’s Darling Rose Skater Dress

floral valentines dress, preppy dress, valentines day outfit ideas

For $11.80 I can’t even buy lunch at Panera… but I can go to Panera and wear this cute floral dress! It’s crazy! The potential of this dress is also wonderful.  I love that I can dress it up or down, wear it in the summer or winter… Honestly, I have nothing, but compliments to pay this darling rose skater dress.

What are you wearing to celebrate Valentines Day?

A poem about the Grammy’s

Maybe I’m lame..


But I don’t understand what’s so fantastic about the Grammy’s.

I may be heartless, that’s possible too.

I wasn’t blown away by any of the tributes.

Katy Perry dressed like a ho instead of a musical guest

ImageAnd Ellen went straight for her breast…

Carrie looked like a christmas tree,


Making the dress appear cheaply.

And Rihanna and Chris Brown are still dating?!



On twitter that was creating..

A huge debacle, alternating between her dress and her man.

Target’s commercial with Pink was the musical entertainment of the night,



Taylor Swift sung about Harry Styles with quite a bit of spite.


If you missed the awards show please don’t cry,

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Random hashtags, style, fitness, and room renovations.

Darlings!! I got the job at Coach, permanently.  It’s so exciting. I like knowing I will have somewhat glamorous dependable income.  Life is crazy and chaotic, but I expect nothing less.  I am a level 2 part timer, which means I work 15-22 hours per week.  I am yet to take the plunge and take advantage of my lovely employee discount, I think I deserve bonus points for that.  Not to say I’m not drooling over shimmery leather bags and signature infinity scarves.  I am saving my pennies for trips to Florida and New York CIty though. I need a change of scenery, I’m just taking online classes mainly after all. I have a pink shoe fund piggy bank, I should tape over that and put saving up for life… And Tory Burch flats. #sorrynotsorry



I know I’m the biggest traitor ever, but I want a Michael Kors Hamilton Bag too..  Curse my expensive taste! Hourly wage at Coach doesn’t support my desires.  One day.. when I’m a famous magazine writer you’ll see my black pumps with red soles walking away from those items I want now.  They’ll be so 2013. 

My bag from Paris finally came, the maude and tilda one? I like it alot.. but I need to take back my bragging review.  The quality is pretty lame, and I could have had the clever quote screen printed in the USA for like 20 dollars.  I wish I hadn’t paid so much, but I am still happy I have it.  My mom dragged me in a thrift store with her, and wearing a bag that says “Not comfortable prancing around with my Chanel bag” was a hoot.

It wasn’t one of those cute trendy second hand boutiques either.

I’m indulging in wayyyyy too much TV time lately.  The Hills and The Carrie Diaries are my FAV pass times.  I feel fashion inspired with nowhere to wear it.  I am newly obsessed with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.  I missed that oh so 2007 phase of the show because my parents banished MTV from my house.  I know the show is fake, please don’t ruin anything more of it for me!  Carrie on the other hand is definitely going to inspire my need to watch Sex and the City after this.  I adore living through these TV shows.  I was talking to one of my long distance best friends about fickle friends and I referred to Lauren Conrad as my very picky best friend. Kinda wish I was kidding.

The girls on these shows TOTALLY drive my desire to look supurb by spring break.  They’re ridiculously fit.  I have lost 12 pounds since I left Canisius though so they are a positive influence! Aerobics KILLS my ass, but its going to be one perky rear end when I’m done with it.  Bowling starts at the end of February, and although it’s not exherting that much energy it has more impact that I do lounging on my lovely bedding in my BEA-UTIFUL re-fabbed room!


Well technically it’s jenna’s and mine.  Just picture marilyn and audrey up there. MMMMM. Vintage and modern heaven. I cannot wait to get a desk and vanity in there.  It’s going to be so victorian chic.  Those style icons with gorgeous bone structure with also influence the lifestyle change occurring now.

I NEED TO INVEST IN A PEDOMETER TO WEAR AROUND COACH. I get freaking shin splints and swear I walk miles over an 8 hour shift in that tiny store.  I need comfier shoes.. I adore my British Tan riding boots, don’t get me wrong… I just think leather flats would be more appropriate.

I ditched the button down already. Starched and pressed collars are too much work.

Dear Lord, I sound like such a lazy prep.. I’m going on Forever 21 right now to buy fake pearls. #judgeme