Mac VS. PC (nerd debate on a fashion blog)

We’re moving!

I could’ve posted this since September, because has my house has been for sale for eons… but OMGGG it finally sold!

Well, kinda. The people put in an offer and my parents accepted it.

I can’t even explain how happy, excited, and nervous that makes me.

I understand I’ve been whining and complaining about Mohawk and how much I hate it here. Oh, cuz I do.. but it is a comfort zone. And regardless of the house selling, I wouldn’t be there in the fall due to college, it just it makes it seem that much more real. And makes my stomach hurt a little.

It’s hard to explain.

You know what else is hard?

The decision to go Mac or PC.

Someone help me out here, because spending grad money on something besides clothing is extremely difficule and I know nothing past word processor and word press about computers. All I know is Macs are pretty and shiny and popular and a Dell is not. But they may do the exact same thing, just the Mac costs a ton more due to popularity.

I might go with the status computer ordinarily, but whatever I don’t spend on a computer is free reign for clothing and dorm decor.

Per usual, this is a life changing decision. Just not life changing like fed a poor nation in Africa life changing.