No school, no job.. so now I’m gonna blog about my cat? Cool.

It’s all done.

97 days of summer vacations to go.  And then I’m in Manhattan.




*squeeze eyes shut*

I submitted my final 3 essays for my English class 17 minutes ago.  Since then I’ve been digesting the fact I have nothing to do…

I quit Coach.

I’m applying for new jobs.  I got one as a barista at a juice bar and ice cream shop.  I’m looking at waitressing elsewhere too.  The yacht club fell through because when he hired me apparently he didn’t actually hire me?

Da fuuuu?

Well, apparently when someone tells you a starting salary and you quit your job they can change that number at any time.  They can also change you from being a waitress to being a hostess.  They can also make you interview a second time, if they’re really annoying.

They can then unprofessionally walk out of the room and up the stairs if you say “I’m sorry, but I can’t accept that.  I was under the impression I would be making x amount.”

I’m not taking this personally though.. I would just recommend not going to the Youngstown Yacht Club even if your life depended on it.

Well, whatever.  On to bigger and better things.  I wouldn’t want to work for people that operate like that anyways.  And I’ve learned that now I need get everything in writing.

I turned in an application/had a mini interview on saturday with another place called the Bistro.  So here is hoping.

Pardon me, I have to go stop my cat from eating a bowl of Lucky Charms.

And a bowl of popcorn.

We left Clementine home today and God knows what he got into.  I’m honestly SHOCKED the house is still in one piece, and I haven’t noticed any new war wounds on him.

He’s the kind of cat that would throw a party.. ya know?

I’m seriously considering buying him a binkie/nunu whatever people call those chewie baby things. He wont stop biting my nose while I’m sleeping.


Sorry I have to cut this blog post short, Clementine just bit the head off of a Jesus statue.


Clementine the cat and the things I will do for nailpolish freedom

Friends, foes, and fellow readers:

It’s been a while.  I wish I could say I’ve been busy, but I don’t lie in my blogs.  Between Netflix, having only 1 Community College Finals (note, I specifically put in the type of final.. because it’ll be THAT easy), and this beautiful weather, I’ve been gliding through life.  It’s amazing how happy and positive you can feel just because of a little sunshine.  That sunshine brings out little flowers and lots on animals.  Instead of picking flowers though, I brought home an animal…

I am the proud momma of Clementine Deutschman.  Clementine is a beautiful orange fluffball that like kitten chow and small bowls of milk.  When he isn’t sleeping or being harassed by my siblings, Clementine can be found hissing at my other cat Tangerine (get the names now? Yeah, I’m creative!) or visiting the vet due to his many ailments.

$150 dollars later, I have found out that like many mothers I underestimated the cost of my child.  Talk about a money sucking black hole.

A very cute money sucking black hole though.


And once you find out that additional costs are accruing, it would only be practical to quit your job.. right?

Welp.  That’s what I did!  I’ve enjoyed my time at Coach, but would like a little freedom for the summer.. and I would like to get away from handbags (unless I’m buying them myself).  I’m not living off of mommy and daddy though, I have to be able to eventually afford Manhattan after all: I got a new job!

*round of applause, fire works, those obnoxious whistles you hear at sporting events*

I will be waitressing on weekends at the Youngstown Yacht Club.

The hours are less, but the pay is better and it’s uncharted territory.  I’m excited to take a risk and get belittled by people over food instead of handbags.


But seriously, I know what I’m in for.  I just want a change of scenery and Coach wouldn’t cooperate with working at both the Yacht Club and there.  I hope it’s everything I want it to be..  Khakis and a polo are the proper attire, it’s certainly preppy enough.

And I’ll be meeting A LOT of people over filet mignon, just maybe not the way I expected to.

I also applied for weekday jobs and a few ice cream places, but that’s just because I know I’m going to be bored eventually.

And also for my sanity once the kids come home for the summer.

I could just get a hobby, find a blogging club.. buy a cute little pink bike to ride around the neighborhood.  Something.

But how fantastic is it that I will finally have time to breath, stop constantly working (both with school and a job), and paint my finger nails whatever color I want?

I knew I wouldn’t last long with Coach’s nail polish communism.

Their loss.


Photo on 5-5-13 at 2.55 PM #2