I like big books and I cannot lie


I’m back to the land of wifi and empty rooms scattered with boxes! I cannot believe I move in 4 days… and then go to college 2 days later.

It’s honestly horrifying.

I’ve packed up most of my belongings at this point, I know that half of the ones I want to college will not get there safely. Its a fact I still haven’t come to terms with.. but I know our history of packing things and I have like 15 bins of clothes.

I wish I was exaggerating.

The walls that once held Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn posters are empty, leaving behind the permanent laminated quote:

When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I am already better than them.

Those words got me through high school, what quote will get me through college?

I wish I could take the quote with me, but it refuses to peel. Ignore the messy bed, and terrible lighting but I think you get the state of my room currently. Obviously it typically looks better than this. I couldn’t live fashionably in a room that dull.

My newest concerns besides anxiety attacks because my life is packed up in boxes, are the fact that I cannot figure out how all of this is going to fit in a dorm with another girl that adores clothing possibly more than I do.


And this sharing a bathroom with a whole hall thing? It’s gonna suck. I know I’ve complained before.. but now that the rug is being ripped out from under me and I’m losing the comfort zone of my bedroom (one of the only nice places in this town) as well as a bathroom to get ready in.

I’m very annoyed.


Why does she think she can do that? Have a life I mean?

The only thing getting me through this time of urgency are nerd quotes (hence the title), wanelo, and pinterest.

I really want to buy this bag with that quote on it through etsy. I got the okay to start shipping purchases to my dorm (cuz I don’t have a living place after wednesday and I’m not paying premium) and I feel like abusing the┬áprivilege asap.

I keep painting my nails and shopping online too.

Don’t worry, some things never change </3


Father Mac Laptop

Blog readers,

This is my last post until friday! Ah! Still haven’t convinced mother dearest that I’ll die without Father Mac Laptop on vacation. It’s really depressing actually.

So I’m sucking up some of the last heat filled days in mohawk and making my way to Darien Lake. When I come back I’ll only have EIGHT days until I leave for school *GASP*. It’s becoming real.

And it’s really becoming scary.

But hey, I’m growing up. Nobody can stop that even if they want to.

And the closer it gets to moving, the more boxes I’m packing. If I’m lucky, I’ll be in the new house a day before I leave. WAH.

I have a few fabulous friends I’m going to die without, but thats why Father Mac Laptop has a webcam I suppose.

There are very few things I’ll miss in this rinky dink town, but the number of people that I can count on my hands, are the one I’ll miss dearly. Because I blew on my money on Father Mac Laptop, I can’t do much shopping before school either.

It’s really heart wrenching because Forever 21 is having BOGO all sale items and it ends today.

I’ve decided I need a job. I can’t survive having no extra money. I enjoy shopping WAY too much, shopping for clothes and sparkly things.

Speaking of clothes and sparkly things, pretty soon my birthday will be here. And then I get lots of clothes and sparkly things :).






Mac VS. PC (nerd debate on a fashion blog)

We’re moving!

I could’ve posted this since September, because has my house has been for sale for eons… but OMGGG it finally sold!

Well, kinda. The people put in an offer and my parents accepted it.

I can’t even explain how happy, excited, and nervous that makes me.

I understand I’ve been whining and complaining about Mohawk and how much I hate it here. Oh, cuz I do.. but it is a comfort zone. And regardless of the house selling, I wouldn’t be there in the fall due to college, it just it makes it seem that much more real. And makes my stomach hurt a little.

It’s hard to explain.

You know what else is hard?

The decision to go Mac or PC.

Someone help me out here, because spending grad money on something besides clothing is extremely difficule and I know nothing past word processor and word press about computers. All I know is Macs are pretty and shiny and popular and a Dell is not. But they may do the exact same thing, just the Mac costs a ton more due to popularity.

I might go with the status computer ordinarily, but whatever I don’t spend on a computer is free reign for clothing and dorm decor.

Per usual, this is a life changing decision. Just not life changing like fed a poor nation in Africa life changing.