Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Single or taken, there is no excuse for dressing poorly on Valentines Day.  Many stores are releasing outfits with February 14th in mind this year, so it’s easier than ever to pick up a little something flirty and fun.  Anyway, who needs an occasion to dress up and feel good about themselves?!  I would proudly buy myself chocolates and flowers in any of the following looks.  Check out these Valentines Day Outfit Ideas that currently have me swooning:

Charlotte Russe’s Heart Back Ottoman Skater Dress

heart dress, preppy valentines, valentines day dress


I tried on this little number in red a few weeks back and couldn’t believe how flattering it was!  I typically avoid cut outs on my figure, but their placement on this simple a-line is surprisingly perfect.  If you order light pink or olive green online today (02/04/14), the dress is only $20.99 (in contrast with red which is $29.99), plus if you find anything else, Charlotte Russe is currently running their BlGl for $12.50 promotion… This may or may not be in my cart already 😉

Asos’ New Look Tall Lace Shoulder Heart Print Dress

heart tall dress, valentines day dress

I am excited to feature this Asos dress in my valentines picks, not just because of the dainty adorable pattern, but also because of the sizing that it is featured in.  Tall girls know how difficult dress shopping can be and it is discouraging!  To see a brand keeping 5’9 and taller women in mind is refreshing.  Also, Asos “free shipping both ways” policy should encourage women of all sizes and shapes to take risks when purchasing online, because it can always go back.

Modcloth’s Moonlit Roses Dress

floral dress, valentines day dress, preppy dress


Elegance.  This dress whispers elegance.. I picture red pumps and a red lip, a low chignon bun..  Maybe this look is more suited for going out, but I would find a reason to wear it. Just because.

Forever 21’s Darling Rose Skater Dress

floral valentines dress, preppy dress, valentines day outfit ideas

For $11.80 I can’t even buy lunch at Panera… but I can go to Panera and wear this cute floral dress! It’s crazy! The potential of this dress is also wonderful.  I love that I can dress it up or down, wear it in the summer or winter… Honestly, I have nothing, but compliments to pay this darling rose skater dress.

What are you wearing to celebrate Valentines Day?

Pinterest and Polyvore


It’s completely possible I am the last person in the world to find out what Polyvore is all about, but I’m becoming almost as addicted to it as Pinterest.

It’s just the best of both worlds that I can pin what I create.

Unfamiliar with Polyvore or Pinterest???

Welcome to the Twenty First Century. 

It’s an honor to be your guide, call me Allison.

1) Pinterest.

I’m introducing you to Pinterest before Polyvore because that’s how it worked for me. I was talking to my roomate/suitemate about the site and we decided that I needed to make a board in honor of college. I never used the site, I found it boring. I felt the same way about Tumblr though, and that was sweeping the nation too.. so whatever. Things change!

Pinterest and I developed a bond unlike any other. Pinterest is currently open in a tab behind Facebook and my e-mail. It’s a close contender with Twitter, but I only use twitter on my phone.

Pinterest is defined in my head as a place to find pretty pictures of unhealthy food, workout tips, DIY projects that never turn out as good as planned, and jokes that entail what everyone is thinking but never says. You get to technologically create boards of these random things and sort them accordingly. Honestly, the people I follow pinterest I probably know better than the people that I don’t. All dirty laundry is shown at one time or another on pinterest.

And now you’re wondering why it’s taken you so long to sign up.

Well. Because Pinterest isn’t like most sites. You need to be super cool, and get an invitation. Want an invitation? Comment below with your e-mail.

Again, welcome to the twenty first century.

I am so happy to be the cause of your change.

2) Polyvore

It allows you to express yourself and be the personal stylist you may never actually have the opportunity to be… it lets you put together outfits that cost above and beyond what you can afford and label them whatever the heck you want. If you don’t know where to shop, but want to find something under a certain price point? That’s handy too.

I wanted glitter covered loafers. The Kate Spade ones are $200+ and I simply can’t afford that… So i searched under 50 and wa-la. New results.

None that really satisfied me like Kate’s.

But they’d work.

I’d gush more about polyvore,  but I’m still figuring it out. The good news is, you don’t need an invitation for polyvore. You can learn as you go.

You also will probably find people through Facebook or Twitter that you know, that are on both of these sites.. so they can help you out. That is my learning lesson for the day… Here’s an example of my latest and greatest polyvore board that I pinned:


I’m a proud mom. I love this board. 🙂

Follow me on pinterest: @preppylogic15

Follow me on polyvore: @preppylogic

Any Questions? Just let me know.

Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe.

It’s almost like anticipating my homework is so much worse than doing it.

I woke up this morning, missed mass at 9 initially so I went to 11, and felt a storm of stress pressing down on me. I let it ruin my day, and sure 90% of my day was filled with homework, but I survived didn’t I?

And I got done more than I expected. Remember that To-do list I posted a few blogs back? Well if you don’t, I suggest you subscribe so that you never miss a beat ;), but I made a dent in that list! *applause*

And now you know what I am making a dent in? Cookies and Cream icecream.

It’s phenominal. Don’t judge me.

My molar? Cap thing? Fell out. And I’ve had a stuffed face (sinuses, nose, and ears haha) for the last what seems like an eternity, so this ice cream feels heavenly and I just had an epiphany. I can actually taste it.

It’s 9:17! I am in AWE to say that it is a high possibility I will not be studying for my business organization quiz (I’ve given up honestly) and will be in bed before nine. After I’m done blabbering about my life and playing Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj  (it’s so good. so easy to relate to, which says a lot from a non-rapp loving preppy)  for the 10th time in a row I believe I am going to move on with my brilliant ideas for fashion camp and gawk at all things glittery on Oriental Trading.

These 9-11 year olds are going to be the most fashionable girls since I was their age.

I’m the one on the end, just in case you’re blind (: and oh, I was in my prime during this photo. Nine and as naive as they come. I’ll take that back any day.

Anybody want to trade? Ask your kids. The only thing I would like is to be allowed to pick out my own clothes. I was never big on someone forcing me into overalls (my mother wasn’t exactly as blessed in the naturally gifted style department as I am…) and I still wouldn’t be.

I do like the pre-matched sets you can buy at Ralph Lauren for girls though.

Very preppy.

Just a note. (;

This photo from Ralph Lauren is how cute I THOUGHT I looked in my roses dress.

Little did I know I would look back on all of my younger wardrobe and not feel the same love. I’m learning with age though, 1/3rd of my wardrobe is absolutely classy.

The other 2/3rds? Are perfect when mixed with the other third but if I was honestly completely happy with my wardrobe, why would I still be making mall trips?

It’s simply coincidental that the fabulous third is all my hand wash and delicates.

Thank God I’m not going away to college. My mother is a wonderful person for addressing those.

(insert imaginary photo of her here, she hates pictures :()

Love you all, almost as much as her.


Call it a curse, or just call me blessed. If you can’t handle my worst, you aint getting my best. Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt? Must be how Marilyn Monroe felt.