To the cavewoman that invented dresses: I owe you.

Good good morning?  

I’m double gooding you because it’s good friday after all.  To celebrate my good friday, I am sitting on my bed in a sea of clothing trying to pack.  It looks like J Crew, Express, and Francesca’s Collections threw up everywhere.  

Seriously, I’m judging myself  for how badly this looks.

I don’t know how to condense my various clothing options into a weeks worth of a mini fashion forward summer.  I’m supposed to be cleaning, but I prefer to dance around my room to anything Pandora decides to throw at me.  I’m also supposed to be taking a Business Communications test, but lets not make this Good Friday, bad.

Tonight, Katie and I are on a mission.  After taking advantage of my employee and friend discount on the gorgeous Coach legacy collection, we plan on hitting up the Casino!  I’m looking forward to a productive friday off obviously.

We’re having a heat wave today in Western NY (46 degrees!!!) therefore I am tempted to wear my neon pink dress with leggings.  Plus, I look mad tan in it and I’m not going to let that go to waste.

I’m sure the drunk gamblers will appreciate it.  

Thank god for dresses.  I owe a lot to the cave woman that decided not to weave grass in the middle of her giant leaf attire.  That’s my theory of how the dress was invented, and I’m not turning to google to clarify.  That cave woman is a fashion icon.

I’m appreciative of the women that made dresses considerably more elaborate since then to.. because I don’t know how many neon pink leaves were readily available and I’m really in the hot pink dress mood.

Without a doubt I will wear at least 3 dresses on vacation, 1 easter sunday and 1 when I have my Love Culture Interview.


I have an interview at Love Culture for a Management position.  I’ll be wearing a dress to that too I’m sure.  I’m excited for it, but not sure if I’m ready to leave Coach.  

I also don’t know how well people will respond to 18 year old direction.  One way to find out!  




Raven who? 49% off what?


I decided today I deserved a little splurging.  Being surrounded by thousands of dollars worth of bags daily at work is bound to have that effect.  I survived 3 weeks, don’t I get a gold star or something?  Luckily, I had enough self control to resist the Coach store, although I was tempted.  I keep debating buying our ridiculously cheap leather gloves..

But each time I go into work I get distracted by something bigger and better.  I was never a coach obsessor, although I own some bags.  I adore the multi purpose tote as of recent (fancy wording for a diaper bag, judge me.) as well as EVERYTHING legacy.

It’s never going out of style.  It’s like chocolate, the deep brown sweet bag just sucks you in.. You feel guilty, but like heaven at the same time.

At least the guilt is the result of the price tag instead of calorie count.


I didn’t cave though!  I left the store after my mini shift, and wandered the mall.

The douche Michael Kors associate pointed out the fact I was eye balling the Hamiltons in my obvious Coach uniform and killed my vibe.

I’m now not purchasing that bag due to hipster wanna be.  He probably could have really used the commission to buy a real outfit too </3 shame.


Did I mention customer service is a h-you-geeeee deal to me?  It is.  I dunno if it’s because I worked/work retail, or if I just have exceedingly high standards for anything I spend my hard earned money on (even my tax money, which is why I hate that people live off the system.. but that’s another story).

Like LOFT? I typically adore!  But the service was off today, and guess who had a coupon and still walked out empty handed?  All this gushing about missed purchases probably leads you to believe I left the mall bag-less, but not a change.

Don’t worry, it’s still Allison blogging after all.

I’m not sure if it was the anger from the lack of service or just a rebel moment, but I felt the need to buy a graphic tunic from Love Culture.  The brand is essentially a Forever 21 wanna be, but hoochie-er.  If you hunt, they do have cute stuff.

The shirt said “Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss.”

Not to preppy, agreed. But do you know how hot I’m going to look at aerobics tomorrow? The back of the top is cut out, perfect to high light my bright blue sports bra.. matched with crop leggings and sneaks I think its possible I just made exercise attire cute. *gasp*

I also bought brown leather-wanna-be flats for work (shhh, don’t tell my boss they’re fake..) and a matching braided belt.  My feet were about to give out, or demand a pedicure, so I took the more cost effective approach and also made an appearance at Aldo where I picked up some machine washable foamy shoe inserts.

Aldo had the CUTEST loafers.

ImageThat suede would fall victim to harsh New York winters though.  I did not want to see them suffer in the salt, I couldn’t buy them.

I did buy another shirt from Rue 21, lace with a pearl and rhinestone studded collar.  These cheap stores aren’t my usual, but I was feeling thrifty and when you did I feel like a learned eye can find a diamond in the rough.

So, that’s how I spent my Super Bowl Sunday.  Raven who? 49% off what?


PS: The commercials I saw weren’t all that great either.