Leaving behind some bright clothing choices and even brighter smiles.

Fitting my life into 1-2 suitcases was never the lifestyle I was cut out for. I knew I owned too much “stuff” as soon as I had to start packing for the move from Central to Western New York, 2 years ago. I’ve always lived in an “11 bins, 2 closets, many shelves dedicated to scarves, as well as 1 dresser… and I still have nothing to wear” way.

After moving into my apartment last August, I was spoiled by an extensive closet with poor lighting, which justified why some of my attire still remained at Mom and Dad’s. After all, I was less than an hour away. If I truly needed to pick up my stilettos from junior year of prom or my “suck in your stomach, because your ass looks great” jeans, I could.

But it’s more than that. When I leave clothes somewhere, I know I’m coming back. I’m just used to having bits and pieces of clothing scattered wherever my love lies. Friends’ closets, for example (Christina, shout out to you for having my cropped Victoria’s Secret yogas, no I haven’t forgotten).

The only difference is that this time around, 3,000 miles will separate me and my multiple pairs of impractical heels and whatever else I have haphazardly thrown into the “tragically not for The UK” pile.

Those inanimate, colorful, most likely embellished items tug at my heartstrings. To be completely honest, I’ve developed an embarrassing attachment to the 13 pairs of JCrew shorts I haven’t fit into for 3 years. I imagine the  feeling of leaving them behind is similar to how some parents feel when their kids move out, just smaller scale.

I guess I need to own up to the fact that my nerves and anxiety are on overdrive since I’ve had the past 2 weeks to dwell on my solo relocation, with a limited wardrobe.I don’t regret my somewhat impulsive decision to flee The States and study at Leicester, a city I only found out existed back in March, but I’d be dishonest if I didn’t express my newfound hesitance. I really hope I find whatever I feel is missing from my life in ho hum Buffalo, NY, whatever fuels my desire to run.

My thoughts fill with the cliche,”The grass is always greener.”

What do I expect to discover in the UK? Cuter accents, higher prices and a bit of jet lag are guaranteed. Hopefully nice scenery and even nicer people.

In the end I’m just trying not to get caught up on the negativity that seems to seep into my thoughts whenever some of my amazingly colorful clothing and even more amazing family isn’t present.

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See ya in 1 week, Big Ben!


I’m moving to Leicester, England.

At age 7, many girls dream of being a princess or firefighter when they grow up.  I dabbled in dreaming of both professions, but my goals were more about location.  I wanted to live in London.  The inspiration was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s Winning London circa 2001 and although my style icons are no longer the same, my objective is.

In September, my dreams are becoming a reality.  I committed to attending University of Leicester in Leicester, UK on Wednesday and the 7 year old inside of me is thrilled.  Sure, I suffer from severe heart palpitations whenever I try to imagine 3 months worth of clothing in one suitcase… but lets focus on the positives.


After years worth of seeking out fashion in Buffalo, NY, I am relocating to an area within an hour of a booming fashion metropolis.  3,500 miles away, people with adorable accents sporting the latest trends are walking the streets.  I love Western New York, but becoming comfortable somewhere is a dangerous thing.  After writing an essay for my English class on travel, I knew that I was in desperate need of change.

My constant change of scenery, from Herkimer County Community College to University at Buffalo, has prepared me for a larger scale relocation.  I look forward to cataloging my journey more consistently abroad, hopefully containing photos with a cute British lad in the posts.