5 reasons why the Lilly Pulitzer sale on Rue La La is nothing to brag about.

Starting at 11 am this morning, Rue La La hosted a Lilly Pulitzer women’s clothing sale.  Preppy women everywhere synchronized their watches, ready to fight till the death for the perfect bright patterned outfit.  The sale lasts until August 3rd, I’m here to tell you not to waste your time.

5 reasons why the Lilly Pulitzer sale on Rue La La is nothing to brag about:

1.  You can buy solid colored t-shirts without the Lilly logo at Wal Mart -or so I’ve been told.

alt="5 reasons why the lilly pulitzer sale on rue la la is nothing to brag about", alt="lilly pulitzer blue shirt"

When wearing Lilly Pulitzer, your outfit should scream Lilly.  Her quote is “Life is a party, dress like it.” not “Life is plain and boring, so wear overpriced tops that reflect that.”

2.  None of the recognizable Lilly prints are listed, and if they were: they’re now unavailable.

alt="5 reasons why the lilly pulitzer sale on rue la la is nothing to brag about", alt="sold out"

Lets face it, if you really like Lilly you don’t like her for the cat print stuff thats left over on clearance.  A black clutch with a gold elephant on it? Or the gold one with the wishbone?  Those must have been designed after she passed away, God rest her soul.

3.  Summer is almost over, yet the dresses are still nearly $100 -and they look like glamorized sweatshirts.

alt="5 reasons why the lilly pulitzer sale on rue la la is nothing to brag about", alt="lilly pulitzer sweater dress"

If a six foot tall 00 model can’t make a dress look good, neither can you.

4.  You should never wonder if a Lilly Pulitzer dress was mis-labeled and is actually from Charlotte Russe.

alt="5 reasons why the lilly pulitzer sale on rue la la is nothing to brag about", alt="sequin charlotte russe dress", alt="sequin lilly pulitzer dress"

I refreshed my page multiple times, but it still says Lilly Pulitzer “Lucy” Multicolor Printed Stripe Sequin Dress.  If it weren’t for the conservative hemline that is clearly the only non-CR quality, I would write a strongly worded letter about the mistake, demanding a real Lilly Pulitzer for the emotional pain I was put through.

5.  I’m not even going to waste brain cells thinking of a 5th reason.  That’s how disappointing the Rue La La sale is.

alt="5 reasons why the lilly pulitzer sale on rue la la is nothing to brag about", alt="smart cat gif"

Have you ever been this disappointed by a sale?

Should iBeTrendy or get an iPad?

It’s a late friday night/saturday morning, I’m lounging on the couch with my kitten while thinking about important things like my favorite trends for summer and whether I should save for an iPad or buy a new wardrobe.  I decided since Clementine hasn’t been giving me much feedback, I would share my thoughts on the things with you:



  Cat Eye Style Sunglasses: Kate Spade “Della” Sunglasses

There is something so whimsical about a cat eye.  Combined with a floral print, how can you possibly be having a bad day? Also, assuming you are wearing the sunglasses for practical purposes, it is probably nice out too. TOTAL WIN!


Bright Colored School Supplies: Lilly Pulitzer 2014 Agendas

Yes, I know it’s summer… but Lilly Pulitzer Agendas are going on Pre-Sale right now.  You will be kicking yourself if you don’t snag one of these vibrant organizers for school come fall. They might be that one thing that makes you smile as you’re jotting down Calculus homework.  Isn’t that worth it?


A Wanna-be Retro Look: Polka Dot Picnic Romper

The closest I will get to leaving my house in pajamas is wearing a romper.  The 2 I have that I previously blogged about were so comfortable, I’m dying over a new one.  This one just happens to be vintage (inspired), my all time favorite style after preppy.


Wedges.. and mint anything: Make Me Chic Wedge Booties

I don’t always condone boots in the summer, because it’s the one time that my feet can breath.. but for shoes this cute I would make an exception.  Buying them in a neutral gives you the flexibility of “year round almost any outfit” potential, but that mint is just delicious.  So obviously that means you buy both.


Patterned Pants: Chevron Wide Leg Pant

In case all of my other choices appeared subtle these pants should obviously clarify (HA).  I love the idea of such a loud pattern with a white polo or cardigan.  It takes classic and cranks it up a notch.. or 5.


An Awesome Literary Reference: Asos ‘It was the best of times’ T-shirt

I’ve wanted the Kate Spade Great Gatsby clutch since it came out a few years ago.. I get such joy out of nerdy fashion collaborations   It was only natural I would drool over this Tale of Two Cities top.  You can even wear it inside out because it will say “It was the worst of times” Pair this mens style top with a skirt and cardigan, I dare you.

Some of these items were more cost effective that others, but the question remains:

Should iBeTrendy or get an iPad?


I’m an apple fanatic.. my iPhone and MacBook Pro rarely leave my side: do I make a nerdy techy decision over the well being of my summer wardrobe?

Oh, I could save money for NYC. There’s that too -LOL.

Life is a party, so dress like it.

I have nothing to say, so I’ll say everything.

I’m graduatingggggggggg.

That’s the big thing going on right now. Otherwise my life consists of watching tv reruns and chickflicks, trying unsuccessfully to eat healthy, painting my nails, sleeping, shopping, and quitting Kmart.

Ah, yes. Quitting Kmart.

It might sound like a problem, but I’m starting to think the way they have “No Boyfriend, No Problem” t-shirts, they should have “No Job, No Problem” ones. For the teenage generation at least. When all I am supporting is an unhealthy shopping habit and the internet for my phone? Why even bother.

I also may not be unemployed for long, I caught wind of a counselor job at a Christian summer camp. The money is pretty good and I won’t have to stay in mohawk, but there are some disadvantages.


1) My wardrobe is not camper friendly. I have purchased 7 dresses in the last 1.5 weeks and most of them were handwashable.

2) Little Cell Reception (typical), but even worse no WIFI. I can’t blog, I can’t facebook, I might as well not even breath.

3) The few decent people that exist in mohawk, they know who they are, will be missed horribly. And if I’m moving away along with going to college, I don’t know if I’m prepared to never see them again after the next 2 weeks.

Yikes. That is making me second guess myself.. But that’s life right? We’re never sure. We change our outfits 3x a morning, change our hair color every other month, and even change career paths possibly more frequently. Why can’t we ever just be sure?

Because life isn’t like the movies. And I am the BIGGEST hypocrite, as I drool over Colin Egglesfield in Something Borrowed wishing life and my relationship with the opposite gender reflected movies, but it isn’t like that at all. It’s unpredictable. It’s worrysome. It’s exciting. It’s life.

There’s no other way to explain it. I’ve watched lie to me episode after episode and still can’t explain the way people think or react. Not in a realistic way that humans can grasp. All the science in the world can’t ever make you sure. Because science isn’t enough.


That got deep fast. Sorry.

Those intense shows (lie to me, not something borrowed haha) bring it out in you. The inquisitive nature. The second guessing.

But why be sure?

Why not do things just because you’re not?

One of my favorite quotes is by Lilly Pulitzer.

Life is a party. Dress like it.

The only thing we know for sure about life is that it’s happening. So why not let it happen in the best way we can? Tonight my brother graduated the 6th grade. Makes me feel incredibly ancient, if we’re being completely honest. So, my brother is wearing a polo and black pants. He looked fine, casual but nice. I desired to wear a ball gown, resisting the urge I still wore 5 inch purple heels that rarely see the light of day for fear of judgement and a sundress. I was more dressed up than the superintendent for Christ’s sake.

But ya know what?

We’re never sure what to expect. We never know even how we SHOULD dress.  But we do know that life is a party. And life is gonna happen.

So dress like it.