Pink power ranger pajamas and the fashion capital of the world.

When I write a blog, I cant start with a title. My blogs are from my heart, when I rant? I don’t know where I’m going to go with it until I’m done. I don’t know how people do that.

Anyways, to start, I have to say I wore a cute casual outfit today. It was dark slim boot jeans, riding style boots, a white camisole, and a coral and black polka dotted cardigan.

This is the cardigan from papaya, except mine is not blueeee.

Guess where the boots are from? I love this game.


🙂 tehehe. They’re currently on sale for $12 and change, so if you feel the urge to get them in different colors, I understand.


Oh, this is Owen. The only man I need in my life, aka my little brother. He gives fabulous kisses, and has good taste in polos. He learns from the best!

Last night Owen and I were doing homework on my bed.. taking videos on the webcam and eating m&ms I mean, and I was thinking about how next year I won’t have a study buddy.. not one that makes buzzer noises when I say the wrong vocab answers and shares a love for ribbon covered headbands. Yeah, Owens is a smidge effeminate for the average male 2 year old, but Andrew is 14 and perfectly straight, and his favorite pajamas were the pink poweranger ones.

I’m sure he’ll appreciate that being on here.. Oops.

Whatever, speaking of pink.. I changed the format of the blog to pink and pretty!  I did it in honor of my last post, pink money, but I talk about pink enough in all of my posts that I think I’ll just keep it there anyways.

I never ended up applying for scholarships last night. Homework takes over my life… the fact that I’m posting right now is completely against my maintaining a 4.0, but my sanity relies on venting and talking fashion with all of you, so it’ll get done later.  After all, the Kmart clientele doesn’t exactly give me my dose of fashion each day and I work at 5.

I wanted to go to a Masquerade ball tomorrow night, to meet my one true love. It’s totally part of my life plan -sarcasm- but that fell through, I have to work and apparently you don’t wear dresses. Just tacky masks.  I’m working this week more than usual, and I hope it pays off.. because one of my friends asked me to go with her to the city for a day over my high school spring break and I need to shop. That would require missing a day of classes in college, which I haven’t done all semester.. but I need a break.

I wish my professor would make an exception for such incidents involving the fashion capital of the world.

The good news is, my mom might. It’s up to me in the end, if I want to go, she said. I am the one that has to make up the work, and I am the one drilling myself for a perfect 4.0 this semester, on top of last.. so I can choose if I’m going.

I just want to live and breath fashion lately. I have to pinch myself to stay awake during Government and I’m really good in history. I just have to make it until June. Why couldn’t college end in June and high school end in May?

I’m sick of the people from both places, but at least I could focus on what I consider more important if highschool were out of the way.

I suppose that’s what next year is for.. Oh well. I never played by the rules anyways.



Don’t play by the rules, successful people think for themselves.

Pink money.

Mmm. 🙂

Good afternoon bloggers and blogettes, I’m eating lunch as we “speak”. Today has been hardly as eventful as yesterday, but that’s okay! These white cheese and garlic noodles are perfectly non-eventful and delicious. It looks similar to what is shown below, but don’t expect too much.. I am the girl that messed up easy mac.

Anyways, I’m wearing a pink dress I purchased in Atlanta, with a black and white polka dotted floral belt, black ruche sleeved cardigan and sequin flats.


Haha :). Anyways, I was told by the lady at Fastrac this morning I looked snazzy.. so hopefully thats a good thing! And there was a semi-cute guy at the college that said he liked my dress, so maybe it was a good purchase. I like it.

Sadly, there’s not much on the agenda today, which is completely out of the ordinary. I have no where to show off my dress, I might actually exchange it for athletic shorts and walk on the trail by the canal to burn off some of those noodles. My hours after this week at KMart have been severely cut so I can’t even waste my time online shopping. I have like 100 dollars to my name, and I’m supposed to get used to under 300 for the next 2 weeks? And go to the outlets? And go to the Carousel mall?

That’s a joke.

I supposed I should fill out more scholarships..

For college, not shopping. It’s so hard to get scholarships in fashion for merchandising and now design.

It’s so boring and feels like it’s really for nothing because I’ve heard nothing back.. but if I want these insanely expensive schools I need to try something.  I wish I could raise money showing tours of my wardrobe. It would be a total win-win situation.

How am I expected to save money to have functional and fashionable wardrobe, while saving for college and a vespa?

These summer jobs are going to come in handy, but I can’t even win the lottery because I’m 17…

I need to start planning fun stuff for the summer. Since I’ve done Boston and Atlanta, I really don’t have any big plans. Maybe a concert?


Always have wanted to.. but something tells me I won’t be getting there via vespa. And even if it gets fabulous gas mileage, I’d spend all of my money getting there instead of living it up when I am there.

If anyone has a spare thousand dollars they’re just looking to get rid of? Let me know.

I can surely take it off your hands.




They say distance makes the heart grow fonder..

What a load of crap.

I just went FIVE days without blogging to all of you wonderful preppies out their and I’m not fond, I’m mad. I feel like a part of me was missing. Now I have to play catch up, and I REFUSE to leave anything out. Like this morning? Shaving my legs? Cut my finger nail. You probably wouldn’t feel the same if you didn’t know that now would you.


Saturday- Oh em geeee! Winter ball was really fun! Kevin came over around 4:30, then we took pictures at Olivia’s, went to the dance, and thennnn I went to Applebees with the girls after. It was fun. Here is visual proof:


I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a shopaholic if I didn’t inform you of my mall visit that morning. I bought tan oxfords and a pair of black stilletos. FIVE DOLLARS A PAIR AT JCPENNEYS. I laced the oxfords with black sheer ribbon instead. They are so cute -now-, words cannot describe. I’m obviously wearing them in Georgia.

Sunday- I had to work. It was painful. Combined with a shit load of homework? I could have done with a very different sunday. But I survived. OH. A lady threatened my life over a box of brownie mix. The price came up wrong on the register. I think that was sunday.. reguardless. It was terrifying.

Monday?: Monday was a blurr. Like all mondays I didn’t want to wake up for my 8 oclock class. I had a quiz? I aced it. I honestly don’t remember much, I can’t even remember what I wore </3.

TUESDAY: I looked good. I remember my smashing outfit.

Without the black tights, this was what I wore -with my black 5 dollar stilletos-. GUESS WHERE IT WAS FROM?


I bet you were wrong.

🙂 🙂 🙂


Do you know how many compliments I got on that 9 dollar outfit? I don’t thrive on compliments, far from it. But life is a little better when you know you look hotter than the girl that burned 40 dollars on a top that says HOLLISTER with no fashion ties whatsoever for a quarter of the price.

And Tuesday was “senior skipday” but I still went to school, like a good girl. And those seniors missed out on a hell of an outfit if I do say so myself.

WEDNESDAY: Today! It was acceptable. I wore light skinnies from H&M, black booties (in the afternoon, sequined UGGs when I didn’t pay attention to the weather in the morning), a purple tank top with matching purple feather earrings under my totally cute shirt I also got for a steal on my shopping journey.

My shirt has cuter cursive type, but naturally I rocked it.

I should be packing for Georgia, or studying for my Textiles test tomorrow, but I missed you all SOOOOOOO much. If I fail tomorrow? Expect full blame. My bed is covered in clothes, and my notes are scattered everywhere.. but it’s almost friday, so I am content.

Oh, and wear cute pajamas tonight. You never know who you’ll see in your dreams ;).