Should iBeTrendy or get an iPad?

It’s a late friday night/saturday morning, I’m lounging on the couch with my kitten while thinking about important things like my favorite trends for summer and whether I should save for an iPad or buy a new wardrobe.  I decided since Clementine hasn’t been giving me much feedback, I would share my thoughts on the things with you:



  Cat Eye Style Sunglasses: Kate Spade “Della” Sunglasses

There is something so whimsical about a cat eye.  Combined with a floral print, how can you possibly be having a bad day? Also, assuming you are wearing the sunglasses for practical purposes, it is probably nice out too. TOTAL WIN!


Bright Colored School Supplies: Lilly Pulitzer 2014 Agendas

Yes, I know it’s summer… but Lilly Pulitzer Agendas are going on Pre-Sale right now.  You will be kicking yourself if you don’t snag one of these vibrant organizers for school come fall. They might be that one thing that makes you smile as you’re jotting down Calculus homework.  Isn’t that worth it?


A Wanna-be Retro Look: Polka Dot Picnic Romper

The closest I will get to leaving my house in pajamas is wearing a romper.  The 2 I have that I previously blogged about were so comfortable, I’m dying over a new one.  This one just happens to be vintage (inspired), my all time favorite style after preppy.


Wedges.. and mint anything: Make Me Chic Wedge Booties

I don’t always condone boots in the summer, because it’s the one time that my feet can breath.. but for shoes this cute I would make an exception.  Buying them in a neutral gives you the flexibility of “year round almost any outfit” potential, but that mint is just delicious.  So obviously that means you buy both.


Patterned Pants: Chevron Wide Leg Pant

In case all of my other choices appeared subtle these pants should obviously clarify (HA).  I love the idea of such a loud pattern with a white polo or cardigan.  It takes classic and cranks it up a notch.. or 5.


An Awesome Literary Reference: Asos ‘It was the best of times’ T-shirt

I’ve wanted the Kate Spade Great Gatsby clutch since it came out a few years ago.. I get such joy out of nerdy fashion collaborations   It was only natural I would drool over this Tale of Two Cities top.  You can even wear it inside out because it will say “It was the worst of times” Pair this mens style top with a skirt and cardigan, I dare you.

Some of these items were more cost effective that others, but the question remains:

Should iBeTrendy or get an iPad?


I’m an apple fanatic.. my iPhone and MacBook Pro rarely leave my side: do I make a nerdy techy decision over the well being of my summer wardrobe?

Oh, I could save money for NYC. There’s that too -LOL.

I am going to succeed because I am crazy enough to believe I can.

Hello dolls!

I have been back in Small Town USA as of Saturday night.  Getting to JFK was much more complex than LaGuardia, I will try to never fly there again.  My plane was so small and I had to take the train out of Penn Station to AirTram all alone, so that was nerve wrecking. I also didn’t know which terminal to go to, and unlike the Buffalo airport, that makes a big difference.  I had to walk to the proper terminal because I got off at a stop that didn’t link to Delta.  I had a heavy suitcase, multipurpose tote, and shopping bag -that I refused to check (that would be 25 dollars less shopping money).  Once you get past the transportation issues, I adored New York.

The whole time I was there I was contemplating whether I could see myself living there and I still haven’t come to a conclusion.. but I guess we’ll find out whether I will have the internship opportunity to by the end of the month.  I had 6 interviews with Coach and they all went really well!  I am hoping I get the Visual Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising, or Social Media Marketing ones the most.  One of the interviews was with Reed Krakoff, Coach’s luxury line, and I kind of fudged that one up.  I froze a little with the designer questions, because I prepared myself with Coach information.. not Chanel, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch.  Two of which happen to be huge competitors.  I don’t regret anything though.

I sat across from a pair of Christian Loubitons and I am fairly sure I was one of the youngest people in the room.  This was not necessarily a disadvantage though: because an Associate’s Degree at 18 tends of stand out.  There were 100-150 of us in a big room.  I was intimidated beyond belief, but I tried not to let it show.

One of the interviewers called me the perfect candidate, which made me feel much better.  I name dropped my store manager’s names, the Entrepreneurship project I did incorporating being a possible franchisee of Coach, and new promotional tactics I have been using in the store.  I should have made more copies of my resume to be honest, but I tried to make up for it by blabbing.

Once I left the job fair style interviews, I was so excited that I decided to visit the Webster Apartments a block a way.  My fashion professor recommended them and they were in such close proximity it seemed like a good idea.

They were nice.  I almost suffocated in the cement 10×10 room that would cost me more than 1 grand per month though.  It’s just ridiculous how little money buys you in the big city.

$1400 could rent me  3-4 bedroom house out here.

The common rooms, meal plan, theater, and library looked nice though.  It’s really safe and only for women which makes daddy feel better about the whole thing.  I am still keeping my options open of course, if anyone has any intern housing suggestions near Midtown/Chelsea.

NYU and FIT have dorms that are available.  I wouldn’t be able to visit them before determining where I am staying June-Aug since I’m home now, but I’ll have to deal with that.


FIT College - small


I did not get the chance to tour FIT or LIM during my short time in the city, which is a shame.  I passed FIT buildings a few times, but the weather was crazy and one day LIM even had a snow day.  I was really busy with interviewing, shopping, and going to comedy shows anyways.

The apartment I rented was directly in the middle of Yuppie paradise.  I really liked it.  We were pretty close to everything and walked everywhere to try and burn off all of the gourmet cupcakes we ate.

 I could see myself doing it again, absolutely.

It’s the fact I would be doing it alone that scares me.  My sense of direction is pretty pathetic and I would only know a few people in the vicinity.  I love the diversity and opportunity though.  You need to take risks to get reward I suppose.

I was talking to the nicest lady on the flight back about all the big decisions I have to make.  She said that I give her hope for my generation.  That’s a lot of weight to carry, but hey I’ll take the title.

If she saw me at 1 in the morning before I flew out to NYC trying to decide what to wear for my interview, she might take that comment back though.  I was throwing clothes and had mixed messages going through my head about the impression I wanted to make.  Once I got the interviews, I realized that my red dress would have been fine.. but I played it safe and conservative.

I wore my little black A-line dress, large pearls, and leather quilted boots with black tights. I had light pink lipgloss on and my hair was down.  My sequin coat and sequin scarf were the furthest things from understated, but I left them in the coat room anyways.

My turquoise Coach Isabella popped so well with my outfit.  It was impressive.  After the interview I went back to the apartment and went a more casual route, because we were going to Times Square.



Times Square is too touristy for me.  If it wasn’t for the 4 floor Forever 21 and Hello Kitty, I would probably never go back.

I don’t like the fact that it looks like day time at night in that area and that it is drowning in consumerism.

That may be an odd comment from someone that wants to break into the Fashion Industry, but there is more to life.  I bought a rainbow coat from the 1960s at a vintage store, but not because there was an abundance of tacky advertisements trying to suck me in… it was because I genuinely liked it.  And that’s the part of fashion I really like: when you can look at something and know that it SCREAMS you.  It represents you and you are proud to wear it.  How many Hollister Graphic Tees would you want to say that about?


Presence or paperwork: Which is more important in today’s job market?

I’m sitting on the floor in a sea of heels and handbags.  It’s funny how the things I loved last year suddenly appear overrated and I’m no longer interested.  Vera Bradley is going on the back burner because leather is so much prettier.  I never used to understand what the drastic difference between Payless pumps and Nordstrom’s big name designer could be.. but the scuffs, salt, marks and chipped fake leather leaves a lot to be desired once you own some of the real deals.  I have an ever expanding list of items to replace forming in my head. This is more than the typical seasonal transition wardrobe swap.  I have come to the conclusion it’s a style phase change as well.

I still love preppy.  I still adore classic.  My definitions of them might have changed a little though.  As my limited discretionary income increased by a little, so did my taste.  The more often I wait on needy wealthy Coach customers, the more I crave the 500 dollar jackets and 300 dollar heels.

So, my plaid baby Kate Spade from October is on ebay and ready for a new home. She’s cute, but not cute for what I paid and I have a lot of life changing decisions to make soo here’s hoping she’ll help.

And by life changing decisions I mean, I would rather have the yellow leather Coach madison lindsey.  She makes one heck of a statement.  I almost wish she would be on my arm friday at my interview.

I leave for Manhattan in less than 48 hours and I am still yet to decide what to wear for my Coach interview.  I am leaning towards my hot pink blazer, but I also have that brand new Valentines Day dress that was never worn on Valentines Day.  I want to look professional, but with personality.  It is a first impression with some very important people, and I cannot mess it up.  I am not taking the dress pants route, because those are on my list of things to buy and I’m conservative, but I don’t want to blend.  In a room full of 20 somethings, I want my appearance to differentiate me more than my age.  I want to captivate the audience in a positive way, and I want it to suck people in to thinking “I wonder what her story is?”

My black leather quilted boots would look so cute with the dress and black tights.  The impression a red rose dress and leather shoes give might be too hard-ass for your typical interview, but this is the fashion industry in Manhattan we’re talking about.  I can’t give off the naive kid-ish vibe that would be much easier to portray.

Young wanna-be successfuls everywhere are confused by how to present themselves.  According to an article I read in The New York Times it appears that if we are lucky enough to snag an opportunity it is time to settle.

I may not be a 20-Something, but in my recent job hunt I am only too familiar with entry level jobs no longer existing, because they are now called internships.  You can’t find very much out there, as the media is all too eager to inform you.  It was a little unsettling to see so much in your face honesty dealing with the young job market in print.  My resume needs to make more of an impression than my apparel it seems and I think that’s my bigger concern.

I’m God awful at settling and I don’t want anyone to settle on me either.

Not being in a physical school location, limits me from having access to things like the Career Center.  I have a Microsoft Word inspired list of experience, skills, and goals.. but I am not sure how to make it stand out.  I read somewhere that you should have a captivating line at the top of your application, so I made the ballsy choice of putting “The self-proclaimed perfect applicant”  I may be okay with submitting that title online, but standing behind it in person with my flaws in their face is a little more difficult.

We discuss proper use of font and style of writing in my Business Communications class, but there’s only so much textbook information one can depend on.

Would it be better for my in person presentation to speak louder than my paperwork?  Once I leave the interview, my Cover Letter and Resume will still remain, therefore I want them to mirror each other.

There are no room for mistakes.