My first pair of patterned pants

I’ve always envied girls that could pull off patterned bottoms.  As someone with a bit more to love in the hips, I was a firm believer that I was destined to wear solid colors for eternity…  Until I found the polka dot pants.

Material and design are everything when trying to find figure flattering pants.  I’ve come to the conclusion that finding a patterned pant which works for you is no exception.  For example, it’s so much easier to wear a bottom constructed with denim instead of spandex, regardless of body type.

I love to wear ponte leggings as pants, because they are thick.  The same logic works with patterned pants!  The jeans I found at LOFT remind me of a lightweight corduroy, just enough substance to be out of the jegging category.

LOFT Modern Skinny Polka Dot Jeans

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It doesn’t hurt that these jeans were a steal too.  They were in the clearance area marked down to TEN DOLLARS.  I tried them on, instantly fell in love, and then was delighted to find out that all of the clearance also gets an additional 15% off.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to buy them, I was searching through my wallet for cash and found a $5 Discover Gift Card that I received due to paying my credit card bill on time.  After the gift card I paid $3.96 for these amazing pants.

I like how the dotted pattern is subtle enough that the pants can still be used as a neutral.  Does that defeat the purpose of a patterned pant though?  Would I be able to wear an obviously patterned bottom   Next on my list of purchases, I am determined to find floral.

There’s nothing quiet about floral.

Papaya and Forever 21 have a few pairs, but I would be concerned about the cheap material.  I don’t feel like patterned jeans are something you can purchase without trying on, although I’m tempted.

Rebecca Minkoff has a different take on the trendy floral jeans.  Only the cuffs of her Digital Floral Skinny Boot Jeans are accented with color/design, and although they are not $3.96 like my LOFT ones, they could be worth the investment.

Rebecca Minkoff Digital Floral Skinny Boot



I’ve never owned white jeans.  I definitely believe a deeper color is better on bottom, but my other opinion on changed, could this?

…honestly, I can’t justify them since I’m supposedly saving for a car so it doesn’t really matter.


How do you feel about patterned pants?

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This week’s shopping critiques

Camped out under the blankets on my couch currently, I’ve been forbidden to go on the computer. It’s thundering and lightning like CRAZY out here. My bronzey sequined top and dark wash capris reflect the weather and the mood perfectly.
My dark wash jeans also look great with my NEW dark brown hair! You read correctly! I am no longer blonde. I had a long weekend away full of shopping and best friend time to distract me from telling you of my latest impulse change and for once it was a success!!
What else was a success?
Me purchasing the new rose gold and pearl watch from Fossil. I couldn’t resist… And even though I’m now a step farther away from a Mac? I’m a step closer to the wardrobe of my dreams. Accessories included.
Today I also got 2 sweaters for a total of $5. I’ve learned you can’t judge a store by its window display;

the more modern version of not judging a book by its cover.

DEB. (the store) Past the cheesy “made in china” sequinned surface are 50% off racks of wool sweaters with great winter designs, for $2.50. I’m not meaning to be so harsh on the brand, because in eighth grade I went through that phase.. But when a 50 year old women with a saggy tan and bleached white hair is sporting your style as well as the local 12 year old? I have every right to judge.
Anyways, go into DEB. Find some sweaters. And then never go in again…
I also found a lace sequined top in JcPenney. It may sound hypocritical since I just had a hating on sparkle session in DEB but everything is good in moderation and everything is even better mixed with lace. I’m a huge promoter of their new best pricing strategy.
Who am I not promoting if the typically low scoring stores are ranking high in my book?
New York and Company.
The colors theyre color blocking are hideous this season, the coupon’s small print is still infuriating me, and the local store smelled like old women. Nothing welcomes young clientele more..
American Eagle
The concept of their new skinny kick jeans was great, but not everyone is built like Shay Mitchell from PLL and where as I used to fit consistently in their jeans, now they’re much too long. AND I’M NOT A PETITE CHICK! At 5’7, I am the average hight of the American women and I shouldn’t need to buy a short in jeans. No matter how tempting the navy sequins on the back pocket logo are.
Well, that’s all of my critiques for tonight. The storm stopped and thumbs are going to get carpletunnel from typing on this tiny screen.
Your welcome.