Be the buyer.

So, I’m a little low on cash this week.. but I’m still high on style. Therefore, what do I do? I put together outfits using various online sources so that I can quench my shopping thirst. Most of the time, even if I am sitting okay with cash I will put together items that will not be realistically affordable until after college. Oh well. What do you think?

A bag to splurge on from ModCloth. Rings up at 155 dollars. Is it worth it to you?

To match, at a fraction of the cost I would invest in this blazer. Honestly, looking at this blazer even if I only have 30 dollars of shopping money, I might spend it. Look at it. Can you say preppy?

Once I said preppy my mind immediately wandered to JCrew. How could it not? I found these stretch twill pants in khaki for 89.50 and I would say my look in complete but, then I’d be lying. I can’t forget shoes!

Irregular Choice. Clearly. They are a beautiful mismatched heel that will tie this whole outfit together. One of the pinks is bound to mtach or at least enter the same color family as the handbag and the yellow will complement the yellow in the blazer.

Okay, preppies. Your turn. What are you matching up?