A Preppy Apartment on a Budget

This past week I put down a deposit on an apartment.  I have a lease and it’s all really exciting big kid stuff!  But now that I’ve signed the dotted line, I realize that I have a hard enough time making my bedroom (in my parents house) preppy, how am I going to decorate a preppy apartment on a budget?


DIY Lilly Pulitzer cork board

alt="a preppy apartment on a budget", alt="lilly pulitzer cork board", alt="lilly pulitzer decor"

This specific cork board is painted, therefore only Lilly inspired… but if I were to make to DIY a cork board, I would buy UGotta Ragatta Lilly Pulitzer fabric and cover it!  I know my painting skills would leave a lot to be desired.

…and then I found nothing.

Quite rarely does Pinterest fall short, but searching for preppy decor on there left a lot to be desired!  I started thinking about decor I like instead. That’s right, these are out of Allison’s brain, NOT a search engine.

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Canopy

alt="a preppy apartment on a budget", alt="lilly pulitzer canopy"

Lilly Pulitzer fabric is so pretty.. I would love to make a canopy over my bed of a loud pink and green print.  Just cut the fabric to the appropriate length and width, then tack it to the ceiling.  This would look best with a solid colored comforter.

Door Curtain

alt="a preppy apartment on a budget", alt="door curtain"

A simple fabric draped and pinned to the side of a closet door or bedroom door is so cute!  I know that these seem to be intended for little girl rooms (hence the pink teddy bear), but I don’t care.


alt="a preppy apartment on a budget", alt="pink christmas lights"Now that I’m out of a dorm, nobody can tell me that I can’t use Christmas lights.  And you bet I will use them all year long -in pink.


alt="a preppy apartment on a budget", alt="pink monogram", alt="wall monogram"


For less than $20 on Amazon or Etsy, you can buy a wall monogram.   It adds a personalized touch to any plain white drab walls!  Mine is going right over my bed.


alt="ribbon shower hooks", alt="a preppy apartment on a budget"

I just love it.  I love the chevron curtain, I love the clean cut bows.  It’s the cutest idea. Why buy hooks when you can have bows?


alt="a preppy apartment on a budget", alt="anchor stamp", alt="nautical walls"

Take some wall paint and a ten dollar stamper from Joanne’s or Micheals and you can completely transform a room.  Seriously so excited for this. #nauticalfinatic

What ideas do you have for a preppy apartment on a budget?


A Bachelors degree is like a Little Black Dress.

Hello preps,

My last post was anger ridden, not typical, but it happened.  I know its controversial and part of me regrets it, but not enough to take down the post.  I’ve decided to call LIM and have them clarify my scholarship package just for shits and giggles.  It can’t hurt anything and I can pick a fight over all the reasons I should get more -as long as I don’t blame gender, sexual orientation, or marital status.  Because honestly, I have no idea why I got such a pathetic scholarship, it’s just easier to give the reason to something I can’t control.  I know my post resembled something like a 2 year old temper tantrum, but I also think it was a well written hissy fit that should be given some credit for being original if nothing else.

Since the LIM debacle Momma, Daddy, and I have been brainstorming.   Quite frankly, I’ve been brainstorming since long before that.. but my parents are at least taking my stressing out about a college decision seriously now that I’m running out of options.  Not having a Bachelor’s Degree is like a huge hole on your job applications I’ve come to realize.

A BA is like a Little Black Dress, you don’t need one… But it’s tradition, and an expectation. Everyone “should” have one.

So since I like dresses, I’m going to college.. something like that.  And the FIT option in Manhattan has bit the dust because I selected Advertising, Marketing, and Communications as my major stupidly: but I don’t really like 2 out of 3 of those classes this semester and FIT doesn’t let you switch.  I am performing phenomenally in those courses.. but I don’t want to compromise my major.

I did that once before remember?

So, theres a new option: Villa Maria.  Villa Maria is a pea-sized Catholic college in Buffalo with inexpensive tuition for a private school and the flexibility of Fashion Merchandising, Creative Writing, and Interior Design majors.  I really like all 3 areas, but the given choice of major is Fashion Merch.  I would look into the other areas for minors or concentrations, if I could accomplish them in 2 years.  Villa Maria is about an hour from my current location, so I’d have to move out (YES!) into these really cute apartments that cost way less than Manhattan, get a job at a way better mall, and  lease a 2013 Pop Fiat.  Doesn’t that sounds awful?  (;


This all being said, the cookie could crumble and the waiting game begins again.  Since I applied last night I still have high school and college transcripts that have to be sent out.  I still have my never satisfied personality to deal with too, so I’m obviously not giving up on finding other options even if this sounds like a 75% good one..

After all I was never a C student.

I’ve been applying to fancy hotel and high end waitress jobs for the summer while I kill time.  The money is good in the touristy area that I live in now and I haven’t heard from Coach (yet, pinkies crossed) so life has to go on.  If I got a job with any of the 246 Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, Twitter posts, I’ve responded to I wouldn’t necessarily give up my part time gig at Coach though because during the summer I will have a lot more time.

And speaking of time, starting monday I have loads of it!  While I’m in Panama City for the break, I will have the option of letting all of my stress go… but my brain functions like this so probably not:

*laying on the beach for 5 minutes*

“Hey, Allison you should go shopping!” –brain

“Okay, brain sounds good… but do you know what you need for shopping?” –Allison

“Money.  Lots of Money.  Hey, Allison did you see that 700 dollar pair of shoes?  They would look great on you.” –brain

“They would, but I probably wouldn’t be able to see my feet because I’d be drowning in so much debt.” –Allison

“I wish you had a real job, so we could have nice things, Allison.” –brain

“I wish you could get me a real job, brain.” –Allison 

And guess what happens?  I spend 4 hours on the internet trying to find a real job that I qualify for.. but those are far and few in between, because those 700 dollar shoes look better apparently with a Little Black Dress/Bachelors Degree.

The horrible thing about that self motivated attitude  is it comes with a side of impatience.  I don’t want to wait for my LBD/BA to come!  I want a real job now.  I’m worse than a 6 year old on Christmas Morning when it comes to having a career.  I’ll have an Associates Degree in May and you have no idea how badly I want somebody to approach and go “Here, Allison we know you’re more than that sheet of paper and we’re willing to take a risk” but I guess that doesn’t normally happen with a 2 year degree.

Unless you like Radiology, like a girl in my aerobics class.  Good for those people.


Those are the same people that take aerobics for fun.

But for the rest of us, that like subject matter such as Fashion or Travel (that is actually fun):  I heard Wal Mart is hiring and they’re going to demand a college degree for all employees in 2020 since they’re practically being handed out on street corners now. #kiddingbutnot