If we approve of “Fatkinis” are we also promoting obesity? A controversial discussion about size.

Scrolling through my instagram feed late at night, I stumbled upon the profile of plus size tumblr blogger @_fatandfabulous.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.40.45 AM

Her blunt username and attention grabbing red locks made her account immediately captivating.

Who was this full figured girl, with a tremendous amount of confidence?

And better yet, is it okay for her to be self-proclaimed “fat” and proud?

During an age focused on kale smoothies and detox cleanses, political correctness (making sure to speak in a way without a hint of racism, sexism, or even sizeism), and Michelle Obama’s Disney Channel publicity stunt focused on healthy eating in schools, it can become difficult to consider the acceptance of obesity as an option.

Sami, as @_fatandfabulous is known to family and friends, does not appear upset about her larger size at all. Smiling in most selfies and sporting killer eyebrows, Sami looks like a typical 20 year old, a young woman.

She was making a political statement with her account submissions though, unlike many of her peers, by embracing her appearance through photos and words.  Without necessarily intending to, Sami gained an audience, interested in her alternative mindset.  Rather than condemning women for being overweight, she says “Yes, I am. So what?”


Only a few years ago when the “look” every teen strived to have was bleach blonde hair, Abercrombie graphic tees, and a Vera Bradley purse, a select few went away from the pack and dressed in their own style.  Those unconventional girls seemed entirely different too!

Sami is doing the same thing, except the unflattering Abercrombie graphic tees have been replaced with “regular” women’s sizes in a plus size girl world and this girl is trendsetting like no other.

Sami breaks the mold by demanding respect and refusing to succumb to social pressures.  She is her own person, she is proud of her appearance, despite what others have told her.  I particularly enjoyed a post Sami put up on May 14th, because I felt it was representative of her attitude towards “fatness” as a whole:

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.39.34 AM


Making posts with motivating captions, not encouraging the loss of weight, but rather urging her faithful followers to enjoy their bodies is completely different from the “thinsporation” accounts frequently reaching instagram’s popular page.

How many pointless conversations about striving for a thigh gap have you heard or read about this year?  I found a pinterest quote this past week that I don’t think could be more appropriate:


Another photo from May 8th on Sami’s profile also caught my eye, affirming my inclination to describe Sami as confident.  In this particular image she was wearing a “fatkini”.

(I mean no offense to Sami or other plus size bikini wearers by using the term “fatkini”, believe it or not the well endowed women in the blogging community are responsible for coining this term themselves. Certain stores even categorize plus size 2 piece swim wear at fatkinis. Sami also used the #fatkini hashtag on her image.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.43.55 AM

Sami told her followers or “fellow fat babes” as she commonly addressed them, to “show your bodies with the pride that you’re a temple no one can tear down” on the caption of this photo.


My mind was racing back and forth, confused.

I wanted to give Sami a hug, after years of burying the bikini is a drawer, ashamed to wear it in public because of my figure with a little more to love, I was so impressed by her.

Size is so controversial though, I also saw the opposite side of what she was saying/doing.

If we promote the acceptance of overweight girls, like Sami, we run the risk of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

If we do not accept Sami and women that are a size 14 (the average size of our American female population) or larger, then we damage their self esteem, run the risk of discrimination and unnecessary hatred, and ultimately hate crimes.

Movies and books always seem to have a fat girl in the story.  She is an outsider, not admitted to the “in” crowd. Her mistreatment is the reason so many bigger girls want to lose weight, not to be healthy, but to be accepted.

I do not feel Sami is discouraging healthy behavior, but rather is reminding us all -fat, skinny, average, purple, pink or green- that our value should not be determined by others.  Do not look to society around you for approval.


Reflecting on the discovery of Sami’s profile, I realize how supportive I am of her carefree attitude and the positive reinforcement she is providing for those that follow her, but I am also aware of the possible negative consequence.

What began as a post that I thought would focus on whether fatkinis should be a trend or not, developed into a political debate about societal expectations on size all together.  Take what you will from this rant, if nothing else maybe Sami’s posts will provide us all with a little inspiration/insight this swimsuit season.

Voice your opinion, do you support Sami’s efforts? Do you like the trend of fatkinis? Is plus size acceptance in the fashion industry promoting obesity?


Plus Size Bikini Top and Bottom Available at Forever 21

UPDATE: 10 days later, I purchased my very own fatkini. I published this post on May 31st to play devil’s advocate, but I personally embrace this trend whole heartedly.  I never felt so confident in swimwear until I purchased my high waisted set from Aerie. See the photo on instagram here.

My name is Allison Deutschman and I am a monogram-aholic.

I believe it is part of prep territory to love monograms.  I recently have become obsessed, and instagram is completely to blame.

I never realized that boutiques and ordinary people like you and me can set up shop on instagram.  I always saw the photo (and recently video!) app as just a sharing tool, but now I see that the possibilities are endless.

Introducing: Miley’s Monograms



Follow @mileysmonograms on instagram, you won’t regret it.  She posts monogrammed tees, shorts, bags, tanks, towels and cosmetic bags all the time!  She has a huge range of thread color options as well as various fonts.  I ordered 3 tops with an anchor, eiffel tower, and sea horse 2 weeks ago, but just this past week she had a B1G1 half off sale, I regret not purchasing.. but I’m saving for a car (LOL).

To order you can text her at 919-389-0881 or e-mail her at annakeen@gmail.com.  Her shipping is only $3.50!  If you’re in Raleigh, NC she may even meet up with you.  She accepts cash, checks, PayPal and now even credit cards.  It honestly couldn’t be any easier than that.



Of course Miley’s Monograms isn’t the only company to take advantage of this new business method.  I found CBC Monograms the same way..

Introducing: CBC Monograms

Caroline sells similar products as Miley’s Monograms, but my personal favorites are the headbands and button downs.  You can’t get any more prep that that!  Below is my recent order:

photo (26)


You can browse more CBC Monograms items on instagram @cbcmonograms or place an order by texting her at 276-614-4355.

Have you ever purchased items thanks to instagram?

Be YOUnique

As I prepare for the new chunk of my college journey, as well as continuing to feel out how 2013 is going to treat me, I plan on making some new wardrobe contributions.  As much as I enjoy h&m and forever 21 on a dirt cheap budget, I need to brand out.  My clothing is a key form of my expression, I am getting away from the high school trend of simply wearing a brand because it is cool.  Trends are phenomenal, don’t get me wrong, and I still drool over designer, but just following trends does not take style. I am soaking up my last days of lazy clothing and messy buns, so I can make a stylish statement in the upcoming weeks.  I plan on investing in a camera to help the blog flourish as well, so you should be able to witness first hand how gorg these outfits will be.  With all of the free time I’ve had on my hands  (it’s been driving me INSANE) as of late I have stumbled upon a few websites I may consider introducing to my collection of apparel this new year:

1) http://www.coi-nyc.com I have  mixed review on this site and what they’re selling. Do not hesitate to click the link and see what I mean.  I think the idea of using conflict of interest as a brand and using designer brands to play on words is hilarious, and unique.  I believe the creators have not dedicated near enough time to their products though, because they only have 3 tops and expect to be successful? That’s a reach. It’s a site based on brands such as Givenchy better known on there as Giraunchy and Balenciaga called “Ballinciaga: Harlem”. I appreciate the attempt, and I am happy that NYLON  mag included a blurb about this site in their magazine, but maybe they would have had more than a paragraph written about them if there was more to say.  For 60 dollars? A statement, but not one worth making quite yet.  I’m sure you could go on skreened and get something similar.  Soon enough someone will steal the idea and make it for less, not that I’m promoting that..


2) http://www.maudeandtilda.com has won over my heart.  Although the home page may look old school, this brand based overseas is anything but!  Check out the bags next to the 3 little old ladies.. I don’t know about you, but my grandmas isn’t making the statement “I’m still saving for my Birkin” or “Will Fuck For Chanel” any time soon.  I ordered a bag last night that wasn’t quite as bold is language, but still got the point across.  Complete with a pink bow and 20% off coupon code? Who could complain.  My only disappointment in the brand is that it could take anywhere from 4-30 days for me to sport the statement tote since it is out of paris.  Still, no regrets.  This rebel bag is the perfect size to carry books for anti-backpack people like myself.  Thank you random girl on instagram that took a picture of someone with one in the airport.  I then took it upon myself to google of course :*



3)www.thehunt.com is the prime location for soooo many other items and sites like this.  Over thanksgiving break I went on stumble upon for the first time and was connected to the hunt.  It is incredible how many things I have drooled over on pinterest and found more cheaply through there.  Can’t find it on google? Make an account, you’re almost guaranteed to find it on the hunt.  I found a pair of glitter combat boots (yea, I can’t put off the combat boot trend any longer.. I’m giving in)on a fellow blogger’s page, but they were for her 4 year old daughter!  I may have the same clothing interest as that 4 year old, but my feet will not feet and the blogger didn’t share the brand. http://WWW.THEHUNT.COM HERE I COME!!!!!



Check out these sites and share some of your favorites!  Also, anyone have advice on a camera for a fashion blogger? I don’t want to spend more money than necessary, because that’s less clothes and shoes. #sorrynotsorry