To the cavewoman that invented dresses: I owe you.

Good good morning?  

I’m double gooding you because it’s good friday after all.  To celebrate my good friday, I am sitting on my bed in a sea of clothing trying to pack.  It looks like J Crew, Express, and Francesca’s Collections threw up everywhere.  

Seriously, I’m judging myself  for how badly this looks.

I don’t know how to condense my various clothing options into a weeks worth of a mini fashion forward summer.  I’m supposed to be cleaning, but I prefer to dance around my room to anything Pandora decides to throw at me.  I’m also supposed to be taking a Business Communications test, but lets not make this Good Friday, bad.

Tonight, Katie and I are on a mission.  After taking advantage of my employee and friend discount on the gorgeous Coach legacy collection, we plan on hitting up the Casino!  I’m looking forward to a productive friday off obviously.

We’re having a heat wave today in Western NY (46 degrees!!!) therefore I am tempted to wear my neon pink dress with leggings.  Plus, I look mad tan in it and I’m not going to let that go to waste.

I’m sure the drunk gamblers will appreciate it.  

Thank god for dresses.  I owe a lot to the cave woman that decided not to weave grass in the middle of her giant leaf attire.  That’s my theory of how the dress was invented, and I’m not turning to google to clarify.  That cave woman is a fashion icon.

I’m appreciative of the women that made dresses considerably more elaborate since then to.. because I don’t know how many neon pink leaves were readily available and I’m really in the hot pink dress mood.

Without a doubt I will wear at least 3 dresses on vacation, 1 easter sunday and 1 when I have my Love Culture Interview.


I have an interview at Love Culture for a Management position.  I’ll be wearing a dress to that too I’m sure.  I’m excited for it, but not sure if I’m ready to leave Coach.  

I also don’t know how well people will respond to 18 year old direction.  One way to find out!  




She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party.

Morning sunshines!

Actually, its 4 in the afternoon.. I’m just so bright and cheery thanks to my adventure today that I had to start my introduction that way.

Why might I be gushing optimism and happiness?


I went to the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall today, and was given 4 generous hours to wander and drool over everything I could possibly want.

The result: A sheer blouse with rhinestones on it, a navy jacket for fall, socks for my sperry boat shoes, yogen fruz frozen yogurt, and A NEW KATE SPADE.

My first.

I feel like suchhhhh, a grown up. Even if it’s hot pink, it’s classy and practically costs an arm and a leg vs. my typical bag.

Not to diss vera..

I’m just on cloud 9 right now because this bag is me in a nut shell. From the duster bag that it came in, to the fact that it’s pink yet straight lines and classic design. I just feel it represents me so well.

Since it’s labor day weekend, the sales were HUGE.. and Kate thankfully wasn’t an exception. 50% off!!! My bag was 50% off.

I could never be so impulsive otherwise.

I’m supposed to be the poor college student after all.

Canisius is covered in Michael Kors and Coach; but  I’ll be so proud to flaunt this kate spade. Words can barely describe.


Psst: The title was the quote on my duster bag. Like how much cuter can you get?!