Prom is still highschool. It’s just the same people wearing nicer clothes

“My sleeping habits are so screwed” -was the first line I texted my best friend when I realized to my disbelief it wasn’t morning yet.. Lock in, after prom was until 3 am Sunday and I laid with my eyes closed afterwards until I “woke up” at 7:45 this morning. I feel like I never hit a deep sleep though, and the only good result was to my mother’s pleasure I was easily up for 9 am mass. Groggily sitting through mass was difficult, so I slept once I got home at 11-until 4. Nobody was home because of the traditional Sunday AYSO soccer games, even on Mother’s Day. When I woke up, I found out we were going to Red Lobster, to my surprise, and stayed awake until we got home at 8. I’m not sure if it’s because I inhaled a feast of crab legs and coconut shrimp, but I was so completely exhausted when we got home. Not to mention cold and achy. I know this makes the aftermath of prom sound like a marathon, it really is. So I slept from 8-11:30. And I could have sworn it was at least 6 am. What am I supposed to do when my whole family is in bed? And I’m supposed to be quiet? I’ve kind of figured out a list.. but tomorrow is going to be hell-ish if I can’t even sleep until 3am again.

1) Blog -gasp- hahaha

2) Read my English homework. I mean everyone wants to read To Kill A Mockingbird at 12am.. I planned on saving it for tomorrow morning since I now don’t have to report to school until 12:30, but might as well eliminate that plan.

3) Fill out scholarships. As thrilled as I am to go to Canisius, did I mention how much money, which is completely beyond my understanding haha, that this school costs? It’s kinda gross.

Hopefully this all wears me out. I’ve already felt the obnoxious sleep deprived results of this and I can reassure you it’s not going to be pretty. I spilled grape juice all over my mother’s antique cabinet (nothing says Happy Mother’s Day better!), my feet, and the floor.. while trying to plug in the laptop cord. I then spelled my brother’s password wrong so I decided to be that evil sister that wakes him up to find out what he changed it to, but he didn’t change it. So if I ever sleep tonight without him returning the favor of me disturbing his peace, I’ll be shocked. He wasn’t happy..

My eyes feel like they’ve been stabbed, but that could absolutely be because I took out my contacts pre-lock in while wearing fake nails. I ripped those off my the end of the night, but I have battle scars!

Ugh. It takes so much to look fabulous. I didn’t even describe the 5 inch heels, spray tanning “incident” (I became blochy, but this was fixed pre prom), and eye brow waxing gone bad that were equally painful.

I suppose if these are my biggest issues, life is fabulous. I pretty much completely agree. Prom was fun, but as I told my mom when I got home from it

Prom is still highschool. It’s just the same people wearing nicer clothes.

And did I mention I want to graduate?




I’m so over it.

I really can’t contain myself. I feel this obsessive need to blog every time something good happens to me, and guess what preppies? That decision has changed again. Right when you think I’m one way? One thing?

I’m not.

Had to call into work and figure out my life this weekend, and guess what I did.

I decided I am going to Canisius College in Buffalo! The deposit will be in tomorrow, and I could not be happier. I already have my roomie/suitemate situation figured out!

It’s a compromise between SCAD and Herkimer, but a compromise I am willing to make. I am so sorry I haven’t been the most dedicated blogette as of late, but this college stress comes first. Since I had barely anything to do today though, you are back in my life no worries. I plan on looking as stylish as usual, I’ll have more fashion knowledge to disperse among the internet tomorrow. As for now? I am in a sweatshirt and not wearing make up.

Don’t gag too loud darlings, I know it’s a crime.

Maybe I’l paint my nails.. God knows tomorrow it’s a hetic day and I will have SO much homework. I just don’t feel like preparing.

Can you say SENIORITIS?

I can say, so over highschool and fake college.

Goodbye hick-town, Hello Canisius (;


When it rains, it pours.

I mean that in the most uplifting positive way ever. For some reason? These last few days, on my blog have been very successful!  March 26th, I hit my all time high for number of blog likes :). Thank you allll!

And when I feel inspired with feedback I feel the need to expand my knowledge on blogging, so I connected through a twitter chat last night with other fashion bloggers from 9-10. It was so inspiring, these people are experts on publicity and staying true to your blog. I feel asleep while studying fashion stuff for college, and it was on a good note because I just had style on my mind constantly.

As if it couldn’t get any better?! I don’t know why, but it did. I decided after the chat to contact someone I saw on twitter, @PrettyMeBlog, that wanted a guest blogger. And I got that too! She’s going to be in touch by the end of the month :).

I went in to my fashion class this morning, looking less than delightful.. because these late nights focused on fashion are catching up with me, but the good news continued.

My quiz was rescheduled. My teacher gave me back another one, with a 90 on it :). And the women that needed to get back to me about setting up the fashion camp this summer? E-mailed me about my ideas because it’s being finalized this week! She also wants me to help chaperone a Hip Hop class during the summer at night? No, dance is not my forte, but I’ll make it work for the higher than minimum wage pay check.

I went to highschool after, not realizing necessarily how great my luck has been. I had to quickly grab a meal from McDonalds, not exactly my norm.. And rush over to the next thing on my agenda, but when I finally had the chance to breath? I realised something. Sometimes you just don’t focus on the stuff that’s going right in your life, when you should.

I had to get a temporary filling put in, due to my never ending teeth problems. I sat in the waiting room writing up that e-mail for the women involved in fashion camp. The tooth was a pain -still in- but I got through it and still enough feeling in my face to talk, so it’s all good.

The phone rang and it happened to be a writer from the Evangelist. The Evangelist is the paper for the State capital’s Catholic Diocese in New York. They’d contacted me before because I went to a National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, in November, but I couldn’t dream of why they’d need me now..

The writer, it turns out, remembered my strong opinions on modest fashion. I personally, believe it comes along with the preppy territory… I can’t help but hate on exceedingly low necklines and love simple classic trends. She wants to interview me Monday all about my opinion, plans for college, and blog!



“Modesty is the best policy.”

It will be published on on March 30th, please check it out. I plan on sending a copy of it to the writer at the Evangelist as well! I think what I’ve learned anything today it is that even if in 40 minutes I have to show up at work, in an annoying navy polo and uncomfortable black pants.. smiling as if K Mart is the place I always wanted to be… it’s okay. Because there will be things that happen, past K Mart, that make this all worth it. The things that happened to me today, could change my life. Or maybe they won’t. But the big Guy has a plan, it looks that way to me. And I’m thrilled that writing, fashion, and religion can be part of it.