The summer dilemma.

I suppose if the biggest decision I have to make every day is what healthy thing I could possibly have for lunchis, my life is good, but it is way harder than it should be. Swimsuit season is coming upon us and the summer time dilemma is here as always. I have finally settled, after an hours debate, on:

4 baby sausages, mandarin oranges, and wheat thins.

I had a mini yogurt and goldfish earlier.

But this isn’t a food blog, it is a fashion blog, so whatever with that.

I really like this red and white polka dotted high waisted swimsuit I found on etsy last year. I just can’t figure how it would look on a girl of curvy stature, but I love that it has coverage, yet is sexy all at the same time. It’s similar to this, but the one I am talking about is more modest on top.

The only issue might be the unnecessary attention that could be drawn to the thigh region, but life goes on. And I have 2 months and 28 days until the first day of summer to change any annoying bulges.

Oh my god.

Prom is in one month and 12 days!

I can’t believe it!

I look like a complete scum today, in pink skinnies and an oversized sweatshirt because of my hectic weekend of work and babysiting.. but I can’t help but fantasize about prom! It always puts me in a good mood.. glitter and poofy dresses :).

I’m sorry this blog is so short and to the point, but I have to go to school. For some odd reason I am completely off the work schedule for approx. 2 weeks, so I will be blogging much more faithfully, I promise.



Real life princess.

As much as I admire Kate, I am not referring to her. For the second time on clearing preppy’s name I am discussing the all powerful, oh so memorable prom day; where every teenage girl aught to feel like a princess. I’ve been through the drill twice, but I want it to be even better the third time.

Tenth Grade

Eleventh Grade

2 blog entries ago I showed my options and even though I have not bought the dress, I’m trying to convince my mother to go up friday to put down a down payment towards it, because mentally I have decided.. This preppy princess has to pay half the cost of the gown since I have expensive taste, but its worth it. At least I believe Option 4 is worth it. 🙂 that is by far my favorite dress.

It’s so unique and fashion forward. It’s almost like a different happy medium of my previous dresses. Poofy, yet different. I think it’s unexpected and worth the almost 400 dollar price tag, I hope my mother agrees. She isn’t sold on the feathers..

My runner up would have to be Option 1 and then Option 2. I’m a kind of over the top person, so I can’t help but love the rainbow dress! I don’t want it to overwhelm me though, and I would need a size bigger because it was far too tight on top -which I think shows- but I LOVE the back. Which you couldn’t properly appreciate in the voting.


Anyways, since it’s Ash Wednesday I have to head off to church now. And because I stayed up till all hours last night, it will take extra effort to get ready.. I look oh so lovely. Notttt.

TTFN fellow preppies ❤