14 weeks until I am officially graduated.


Hello preppies. My outfit today, may be a new favorite. Comments? Questions? Concerns?

Let me tell you some of mine. Starting with the head..


UGH. Those are the blonde high lights I impulsively purchased friday. They could be much worse, but it’s taking a lot to adjust to them, when I’m used to my boring brown. She also cut it and it has layers and has been thinned.. I’m not overly happy with it for the hundred dollar price tag I just expect more. I’m debating going back to the salon tuesday and demanding my hair be fixed without paying anything more, because quite honestly? She didn’t even dye the bottom of the bottom of my head and I paid for a full head of highlights. Ahem. I won’t be going back to Sheer Pleasure if this is the way it stays.

Anyways next are my sunglasses! They are so cute. I bought them at rue 21 at the outlets in Georgia for 3 dollars. Totally cute. After that come the GIANT crystal iridescent earrings. I love them, they were from Pinkheart at Altantic Center in Georgia, same as the pearls and dress. If I could bring the store home with me I would. They were ten dollars and I know I will wear them constantly, well worth it. I matched my dress with some emerald and lime green eye shadow blends.

My dress, as I mentioned was from pinkheart. A 40 dollar steal, I love it. It came with the nude slip underneath because it’s kind of sheer. It’s so flattering, I want more peplum collared dresses that are this cut. It’s a Blair Waldorph-esque dress and I love it. Please tell me if you can find any more that are this style online at such a steal because pinkheart doesn’t have a website and that breaks my heart because I don’t live in Georgia or Cali, where they’re located.

My pearls have crystals intermingled between every ten pearls of various sizes. I will wear them constantly, I know it. The 15 dollars was worth it because they definitely dress up this outfit, and anything I pair them with.

No tights! It was 65 today :). Not quite Georgia temps, but acceptable. My shoes.. I can’t remember where they’re from 😦 but the company is nine and co and they have a hefty heel without a platform. Very vintage-esque to complete my outfit. Wait till you see all the other retro styles I have in store for this week :)!!! Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!


Why the hell did I let myself stain that lucious crepe fabric already? At the St. Patrick’s St Joseph’s Church dinner, they didn’t supply cloth napkins that I had adjusted to using over the last 9 days at elegant restaurants and I forgot to cover my lap. Whyyyyyy?!

How will I get it out? The deacon’s wife suggested chalk because it’s an oil stain. I’m scared!


The slip rides up if I am not careful.

The stain is not going to come out, because I haven’t put it in the washer immediately.. and I can’t find chalk.

I don’t know where I’m going to college.

Oh, sorry I know I was supposed to stick to the outfit.. but it’s easier said than done. 14 Weeks until I am officially graduated and I can’t express how excited I am, but where should I place my fashion forward self? Where is best fit for me? I have been gone a full day and I am still mentally on vacay in Savannah, but this coming weekend will I change my mind when I’m back in boston? What if I don’t get the scholarship money? What if neither school is a fit and I am stuck in small town America forever?

Tears just welled up in my eyes. Not even kidding.

WHERE IS MY NEON SIGN!!!!!!?!!?!?!?!!!????


Pssst: Today’s song of the day is Bulletproof by La Roux. It’s been on repeat for the entire day and I can’t seem to become sick of it.

Why do I still feel like I need to cry? I miss Georgia.. I want my spring break back.



Soaking up my last days of freedom

I love my family, don’t get me wrong, but being down here in Geogia has been like a dream. I have been able to escape the small town bull shit I deal with on a daily basis, and I absolutely love it. I’m sitting on the screened porch on this 80 degree day, knowing I have tons be thankful for, but I cannot wait to start this new phase of my life. I am so past high school, and the people in it. I want nothing to do with any of them. And community college? Is a joke, as are the people there. I’m not claiming to be the most mature or perfect person, I am not, but I just wish that I could find people with similar values to me. People that don’t use other people. People that care about their appearance, but aren’t persay overly materialistic. I want the happy medium. I am so sick of the extremes of people, and I can’t wait to find the ones that are exceptions to the rule.

Yesterday, I went to visit Emory college with my Aunt. She gave me the grand tour, and then we met up with my other Aunt for lunch. We shopped a little. I bought pig candles, because they were awesome. Later on I bought a “Keep Calm and Carry On” bag and a present for my mom. The food we had was again phenominal. Shrimp with pepper, onion, speghetti, fresh parmesan, breadcrumbs and a creamy sauce was my main course, but we started with a meat and cheese (with unpronouncable names) platter. It was lucious. We finished off with sweet cream and pistachio ice cream. I really am going have to adjust to eating average again…

Today my Aunt Deb stayed home from work. She wasn’t feeling too well, and said she had sick days to spare. We are going to check out Midtown (Where SCAD Atlanta is) and maybe poke around some stores. I want to make the most of this last day here, I can’t believe I have to leave :(.

On a happy note, I did miss my bed, my family and my cat. I will have a hair appointment friday afternoon, and this new lifestyle, even if just for a week makes me desire a new look. I want something different done with my hair, my roots are grown out and I absolutely hate that. I don’t even believe Sarah Jessica Parker can pull that so called “signiture” look off. I want a drastic change, but not a tacky change. Any ideas?

Keep me in your prayers, I’m still not a huge fan of planes and I wanna survive.



I need fashion, elegance is a passion.

Happy Monday Preppies!

Yes, I did say happy. Go in with a positive attitude, it will be a promising day. Even says so below 🙂

Anyways, fashionably I had a kind of lazy day today. It shouldn’t come as a shock since it is a Monday, but tomorrow I refuse to disappoint.


I’ve been thinking about my spring break trip to Georgia and I need to bring the most amazing wardrobe ever. Is it sad part of me ranks a college based on how its students dress? I need to work on not judging a book by its cover, but I think it’s allowed to an extent with the college search. Do people really wear hats down south? I love hats.. I think I’m buying a big floppy Kentucky Derby style hat for the beach when I go down there. I am so excited for the vacation house. And just the whole trip. 🙂 eep.


Down south it will be warm.. I have to wear shorts :P. Ugh. Capris? Skirts 🙂

Says the girl eating the “Savannah Smiles” girl scout cookies… I really need to work on this whole eating healthy thing. I found a comic strip as to why I can’t eat healthy for lent or whatever.

Lately when I’m not eating, working, or at school I just want to sleep. My brother Owen has the right idea. Maybe next Monday I’ll try to eat healthy and dress up. Yeah, next Monday sounds promising.





PS: Please note Owen’s Ralph Lauren Rugby polo. It is adorable and I know I lacked on the fashion segment of this post, tune in tomorrow.. Tuesday will be inspiring I’m sure 😛