Finally, H&M has an online store for United States customers.

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Since I moved out of central New York, the closest H&M is about a 50 minute drive.  To some of you, H&M is completely worth it.. but what I spend on gas would be the equivalent to one of their tops, so I honestly can’t justify it too often.  For this reason I am so excited that as of, August 1st, 2013, H&M has an online store for United States customers.

Welcome to the 21st century.

It’s certainly taken them long enough.  In 2013, I don’t know of any other chain store that has been as successful in the States without an e-tailer platform.  The dangerous thing about H&M online, similarly to Forever 21 online, is that the quality of most of their items is repulsive.  When a 00 model thats been photo shopped beyond belief and is wearing the item though, that can be easy to forget.  I know this should stop me from ordering, but lets face it: I’m a college girl on a budget and I have a weak spot for oversized sweaters and cheap accessories -even if they only last a month.

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Plus- there’s more.

I’m not sure how long H&M Plus has existed, but it is brand new to me.  And it’s also online!  There aren’t as many options in trendy stores for the full figured women, so although twiggy girls may not understand my excitement, I know my fellow curvy ladies do.  Once you reach a certain point, bigger sizes cost more, but with H&M’s already cheap prices, the cost vs. Lane Bryant (for example) is minimal.

H&M has an online store for United States customers, but they still need to improve:

CRITIQUE 1: I don’t like the fact that I can’t filter a category by price.  As a fashion forward store focused on making inexpensive products, a “low to high” feature is absolutely necessary.

CRITIQUE 2: Where’s the search bar?  I’m sure H&M paid some web nerds way too much money to design a site for the States, but even I (the self hosted wordpress blogger) know that the site needs a search bar.  When I’m looking for an item in particular, I’m not going to check every page.. I’m just going to bounce to a competitor’s page.

CRITIQUE 3: Rompers don’t have their own section (like tops, pants, shorts, etc).  I know that many stores don’t have a romper tab, but since I can’t search for the term romper.. I don’t know where to find them. [see previous critique]

CRITIQUE 4: You can’t return online purchases in store.  I don’t understand why stores have silly rules like this.  IT’S YOUR PRODUCT. TAKE IT BACK.

CRITIQUE 5: The length, inseam, and other various measurements are not listed next to products.  When ordering online, a company should try to make your experience as worry free as possible.  Their size chart is great, except we all know that certain products and materials fit differently, therefore measurements are much more dependable.

CRITIQUE 6: There is no place for customers to leave feedback/reviews.  It’s free information from real people giving their opinions.  The feedback can be complimentary (I love this shirt) or a warning (order a size up).  It’s simple and big competitive brand Forever 21 takes advantage of it.  What a silly reason to lose customers!

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How do you feel about H&M’s new online store (USA)?

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Sight seeing at Walden Galleria

Yesterday I went to the Walden Galleria mall (in Buffalo) and saw some interesting things.  I had an interview with Forever 21, but it was impossible to leave without popping into a few stores.. the result? This blog post.

alt="pink eyelinert", alt="sight seeing at walden galleria"


I saw pink eyeliner.

I have mixed feelings about pink eyeliner.  I really like the color, but I’m not sure what it does to the eyes?  Emphasize veins?  I’ve been hunting for a pink eyeliner, now that I’ve found one at Sephora, now I might understand why the color is hard to find.

alt="jcrew", alt="sight seeing at walden galleria"

I saw impossible to wash rhinestone studded tops.

I’m not one for buying clothes out of practicality, but COME ON.  I saw so many rhinestone studded necklines on tops today, and I have no idea how you could wash them.  Even if I decided to go at it by hand (LOL) they would become damaged.

alt="sight seeing at walden galleria", alt="i hate wedge sneakers"

I saw lots of wedge sneakers.

Nobody can convince me that combining wedges and sneakers is a good thing.  Wedges are worn for height and sneakers are worn for comfort.  They are two separate animals!  I am anti-wedge sneakers.  Barf me. Literal trend vomit.

alt="denim jacket", alt="sight seeing at walden galleria"

I saw an indigo denim jacket. (and now I want it)

Both Loft and The Limited had very cute dark denim jackets.  I had a faded denim crop jacket in like 7th grade and it was so ugly that it ruined denim jackets for a really long time… but I can already see how cute and essential an indigo denim jacket will be this fall so I need one. Obviously.

alt="sight seeing at walden galleria", alt="banana republic black heels"

I saw the perfect black leather pumps.

I don’t own the perfect pair of black leather heels. THERE. I SAID IT.  I don’t know why I haven’t invested money into a quality pair, but I need to.  And I saw ones that might have passed the test at Banana Republic.. but I didn’t try them on.  I wasn’t in the mood to spend $$$.

When I wasn’t sight seeing, I was shopping of course. I bought 2 pairs of ankle pants from The Limited.  They were only $10 a pair!!  It’s hard to be thrifty at Walden Galleria because it’s so big and there are so many tempting options.  I paid more in gas to get to and from the mall and I found out the Visual Merchandising Position was already taken at Forever 21 so if it weren’t for my awesome deal the trip would have been somewhat of a waste.

What “sights do you see” at the mall?

A picture is worth a thousand words, if your outfit is good then your story must be better.

For those of you that don’t know, I like to describe myself as a strong independent woman.  I make my decisions in life and in fashion for myself, and myself alone.  This can be difficult from time to time due to societal pressures, constant comparison, and inevitable change, but it is not impossible.


When I get dressed in the morning I think about myself.  It’s shocking to me how many people appear to think about the weather, the popular girl at school’s opinion, and everything else, before considering what they want to to wear.  I couldn’t function that way.  I don’t function that way.  If people consider themselves when making wardrobe choices, they tend to put on an outfit that reflects the mood they are in:

I prefer to put on an outfit that determines my mood.  

I don’t understand why people question wearing a sequin covered dress to the grocery store or heels on a random Monday morning.  There are bigger issues out there, like crocs still existing.  And world peace.  Why does the fact I prefer sparkle to matte, or height to flat concern you?


If that dress or pair of heels make me feel good, even when I have 6 exams, the flu, a broken nail, and/or the apocalypse is occurring  then who cares that it’s Monday and I’m not attending a Gala? Even though I sure as hell look like I should be.  Why do we have to have an excuse to dress well?  Why do we need a reason to make sure when we wake up in the morning we feel good about ourselves?  Oh, your clothes don’t impact your attitude? You’re lying.


Back in January when I had a Women in American History final that I was stressing over, I went to the mall and bought a new scarf and sweater.  I was on a poor college kid budget, having no more than $20 to my name.. it was the outfit or snacks.  My mom didn’t understand why I bought a sequined blue infinity scarf and metallic top.  The top has since unraveled (curse you Forever 21), but so have parts of my life, I truly believe my clothes are symbolic.  Anyways, I reassured momma that when I look well, I do well.

After I earned a 98 on the exam, my point was made (…studying helped too).


This is a pep talk for the mornings you don’t want to get out of bed.  Put on a floral skirt, even though you would prefer sweat pants.  How can you frown in floral?  That’s against the law.

This is a reminder that I completely support your decision to wear a shirt from your dad’s closet.  Whether it is belted as a dress, or worn like a cape: rock it. Own it.

This is a post for my little sister that is getting sucked into consumer driven society.  I will love you in Justice brand apparel or Xhileration.  If you learn nothing else from me, please know that even though you despise polos *sob* you do love blue.  And you should wear blue every day of your life, if that’s what makes you happy.

This is my rant informing you that I can’t stand the fact that so many people strive to look the same.  Part of the reason I’m SO excited to be heading to the city, is that those clones will be lost in a sea of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes.  I firmly believe that being quirky and different should be embraced.  NYC doesn’t quite give hugs, but it certainly won’t reject you either.  There is nothing the Concrete Jungle hasn’t seen before.

This is a piece of advice to all the Holli-Barbie and Fitch girls out there that need to let go of the logos and find a look they identify with.  I don’t think you really identify with a red sea gull or moose, correct me if I’m wrong.  The verdict is whether you like it or not, how you look is representative of who you are and how you act.

A picture is worth a thousand words, if your outfit is good then your story must be better.