How to find “The Best Place for Brunch” in your city

I love brunch! Working retail for so long made brunch hard to come by. I was almost always scheduled to work on weekends, but the sporadic Sunday off would certainly inspire sleeping in and a leisurely 2-3 hours worth of consuming mimosas, accompanied by decadent carbohydrates.

Brunch makes me feel fancy, like I am attending an event, rather than just eating another meal. It calls for a dress and/or party shoes. And the mimosas help take the edge off of a somewhat judge-y atmosphere. Its attendees tend to consist of girlfriends and gay guys, nursing a hangover, or rather young grandmas like myself who simply prefer drinking during the day so that they can be home in time for the newest episode of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen or HGTV’s Flip or Flop. #sorrynotsorry

Over the past few years I’ve experienced brunches both locally and beyond. I have found certain criteria that are important to me when I am evaluating where to indulge on my weekend morning:


1. Bottomless Mimosas. Most people do not attend brunch while thinking “How do I make this experience budget friendly?”, but in order to achieve a respectable level of tipsiness without breaking the bank, I find bottomless mimosas to be the ideal situation. Typically ranging between $10 and $20 per person ($3 per person in the middle of nowhere, I’m checking out this dive bar brunch this weekend, stay tuned!) for an endless supply of champagne and orange juice, some establishments impose a time limit, but it’s always long enough to soak in a minimum of 5 drinks from my experience.

2. Minimum 80/20 Champagne to Orange Juice ratio. What is the point of a bottomless mimosa when you are literally drinking straight OJ? This may come as a shock, but I am not attending brunch with the pure intent of increasing my Vitamin C intake. The OJ is more or less involved for coloring and sweetness. Bonus points if there is a fruit puree option such as strawberry, peach or raspberry to take your basic cocktail to the next level.

3. Creative Egg-less Menu Options. This criteria is more of a personal preference, rather than a mandatory evaluator when selecting location, but to be plain and simple I do not like eggs. I will eat them in cake and cookies and many other hidden capacities, but there is something about the smell of the broken water heater from when I was little that I don’t think should come to mind whenever I eat something. With that being said, I am always on the look out for breakfasty options, besides your classic pancakes or waffles, that do not include eggs. Some of my favorites include the Spiced Apple and Brie Crepe, Eggplant Parm Sandwich, Homemade Mac and Cheese and Cannoli French Toast.

4. Ambiance. There is a reason we are at brunch and not Denny’s for breakfast. If I am paying more for a lavish meal between 10am-3pm on a Saturday or Sunday I expect a certain atmosphere to go along with it. Whether this means patio or rooftop seating, chandeliers or impeccable service, give me a reason to justify that I am probably spending money like this is dinner for a meal that is not. A great indicator of the “best brunch ever” is not wanting to leave.

5. What’s near by? Once I have ingested the aforementioned minimum of 5 mimosas I will have some time to kill. As a responsible bruncher I encourage you to look up what is available to do/visit while buzzed in the surrounding area. Some of my favorite activities include visiting chocolate or cupcake shops, cuddling with dogs and cats at the pet store, laying in the grass at a park, trying on clothes in a second hand store and going to a flea or farmers market.

6. Uber/LYFT Access. Buffalo finally joined the rest of the 21st century and legalized ride sharing in July 2017. This is thrilling because local taxi companies charge up the wazoo and although Buffalo is certainly a driving city, this gives us another option. There are also frequently coupons available, especially when you first sign up.                  *Use my code “oegh5” when signing up for Uber for the first time and your ride will be free!                                          *Use my code “Allison00449” when signing up for LYFT and receive $20 in ride credit to apply to your first ride!


What criteria do you use to find the best brunch in your city?

CAR-less not careless.

I now believe I understand why celebrities don’t always love being famous.

As my blog grows, I realize everything I type/say is going to a bigger audience. Possibly even people that go to this college, that being said I will remind myself one last time that this is not a journal.

Now that, that’s out of the way I will tell you about College. Since it’s been a while..

It’s been busy. Insanely hectic. I shattered my iPhone.

It’s been getting colder, my riding boots are giving my feet blisters. Break them in and wear socks, is the best advice I can possibly give you.  I am overjoyed that tomorrow is Friday. My grandparents are coming to Canisius to visit me on Sunday and I need some family time.  The food here has improved substantially, but it’s still not that amazing.

It’s just I’m forcing the deli bar and the salad bar to become my best friends.

For lunch at least.

Dinner comes.. and I’m like screw it. Mozzarella sticks all the way.


So I’m sitting in the computer lab for that specific reason. If I curl up in a ball in the corner of my bed, I will pull out the dark chocolate pommegranate seeds and all hell will break lose. The chips will follow, and then I’ll eat easy mac.

It’s just a recipe for disaster.

So I’m avoiding the temptation of food by blogging, I might go for a walk.


Who am I kidding?

I’m not going for a walk.

Any who, I joined a club today *round of applause*. I’m finally becoming active in something besides ministry on campus.. I joined Men & Women’s Communication Club. It should be renamed Women and Noche Communication Club though, because Noche was the only guy, from Nicaragua hence the name, that showed up.   It was cool, I ate a candy apple.

Ha. Food.

Ironically, there was a “carnival” in the quad today.. and It contained a bouncey slide and cotton candy.

My club meeting had more carnival in it 😛

So, Fashion Week comes to Buffalo next week and I think that “OMG I’m a poor college student” fact just hit me square in the face. I’m a little annoyed. A little bit of a lot..

My funds are starting to dwindle and my luck for a job is as well.. The people I emailed about blogging on behalf of the college still haven’t answered and I need one asap.

I have the 30 dollars a fashion show ticket costs, but do you really think I’d go there without a new outfit? The oppertunity to shop without buying anything? And transportation?

I am car-less after all.

CAR-less not careless.

Although I’m starting to get to that point too.

Yep, you heard it here first people. I am starting not to care.

About what exactly? I’m not sure.

But this Math test in the morning.. my GPA has forced me to care about.. and on that note I am going to go study.

Gross I know.


No april showers, just april flowers. {good news}


Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today! I am thrilled to say I have received more than just a basket of candy on our Lord’s great day! And unlike many of the K-Mart shoppers that have turned Easter into Christmas, I’m not talking about a bike, a trampoline, or any material possession. I could go all mushy on you and I say I have received fabulous time with my family, but I have news that’s ALMOST even better…


And to those that don’t know the wonderful CEO and Editor-in-chief of Fashion Parkway, go to and gush immediately.

She’s so well educated in the world of fashion and so amazing I don’t know where to start. I have followed her through twitter for a while (follow me at @preppylogic15) and noted that the online mag was accepting applications for new writers. I didn’t think the odds were in my favor, I didn’t think I had a shot at all, but I figured I should try.. after all it’s always worth a short!


You are now reading a blog by the new writer of “The Business of Fashion” chapter of the site!

I really can’t express how thrilled I am.

It doesn’t even compare to how thrilled I was that the easter bunny was considerate and left me 100 calorie snacks in my basket this morning. Not even close.

I am going to e-mail Miss. Shay Marie after this blog entry, super quick because I have to get back to the family festivities downstairs. I just had to share this information with you, and tell you about some of the items I bought at the mall yesterday.

I was fortunate enough to find a peter pan lace collar necklace with rhinestones on it! $8 at forver 21 and it will definitely add sparkle and vintage class to any plain shirt I own.

I was feeling kinda lazy and had coupons so I also bought 2 pairs of Victoria’s Secret PINK yoga capris :). They also sparkle.

I bought a few more accessories and of course another pair of PURPLE J-crew shorts, but I was on a 3 hour time crunch and I am going to Carousel mall Tuesday for some more shopping with my sister, mom, and friend Caitlin. So I had to budget my money.. and all of this college talk is probably going to make that happen more than I’m used to, I really need to learn to adjust.

But, I’m being practical since I finally decided what I’m doing with my college career. It’ll be tough, maybe not the easiest.. but it will work. And I will be 18 with an associates degree, which is also pretty chill.

Okay! Have a fabulous un-diet worthy day preppies!