Spring closet cleaning with Poshmark

There’s something about the warm weather in Buffalo that just brings me hope.

I spotted some crocuses today while walking around my neighborhood and it made me smile. I feel like one of the best parts about living in a cold weather climate is that you learn to never take a sunny day for granted.

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Upstate New Yorkers are notorious for wearing their flip flops “too soon” by fashion standards. They whip out shorts when the temperatures hit just above freezing. I don’t endorse it, but I understand it. I long for the days when I can wear a dress without tights and some strappy open toed heels without fear that I will find myself face to face with a snow bank.

I’m excited to say that Easter was 50 degrees and precipitation free though. This is a significant improvement from last year; in 2015 I recall walking out of the church and being bombarded with white flakes in the air.

Some people are saying it’s too soon to call this spring in Buffalo… despite the official start date of 10 days ago by calendar standards. I think it’s the perfect time to embrace the double digit temps -yep, that’s the standard here-, just keep those heavier knits close by because it changes all the time.

My neighbor was cutting his lawn this morning. I wore capris. We all show our optimism about the weather a little differently, mine tends to involve rotating wardrobes.


When I pull the shift dresses and pastel colors out of storage, I always find a few items that I could take or leave. Do I move these pieces into valuable closet real estate or leave them banished in the basement until next Spring? God knows I’m going to buy new pieces too…

My style may have changed while hibernating in leggings and slouchy sweaters or my size may have changed, does it really matter the reason? My taste *matures* all of the time so it’s no wonder that I have moved on from a few things I was obsessed with last season or during May 2011. My shopping deals and steals deserve a good home though and recently I’ve re-homed quite a few of my finds via Poshmark.

I’ve been using the Poshmark app since 2012. My first purchases were a Marc Jacobs watch and some Tory Burch flats for amazing prices, with both of the stores that sold those types of items being at least an hour away from my house at the time. It was exciting and refreshing. I hope the people that purchase my clothes and accessories feel the same way!

The app is super easy to use, you just upload 4 photos of your item that you’re selling like you would on instagram. The first image can be filtered. Then you include a short and sweet accurate depiction of what you’re selling (include the condition, size, how it fits, color) and categorize it by the required categories. That’s it!

There are posh parties on the app where you can share your closet items as well as some of your favorite sellers’ pieces. I’ve become addicted to Poshmark, like any other form of social media. I have followers and share things. It kinda becomes a way of life.

Since re-visiting Poshmark over the last few weeks of closet rotating I’ll be completely honest, I have made $300+ . This is an incredibly exciting considering I am a 21 year old juggling part time work and freelance gigs. I’ve also found that when I buy things via Poshmark, in general I am spending a lot less than I do when I take a trip to the mall.

Whether it is to add to your wardrobe or perform a spring closet clean out, make an account and check it out. Nobody is sponsoring this post, this is just my personal success with selling gently used items from the comfort of my home.

Feel free to follow me @preppylogic15 and if you use code HWEUI when you purchase something via the app (cuz lets be honest, it’s inevitable), you and I will both earn $10. Cool!

I’m moving to Leicester, England.

At age 7, many girls dream of being a princess or firefighter when they grow up.  I dabbled in dreaming of both professions, but my goals were more about location.  I wanted to live in London.  The inspiration was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s Winning London circa 2001 and although my style icons are no longer the same, my objective is.

In September, my dreams are becoming a reality.  I committed to attending University of Leicester in Leicester, UK on Wednesday and the 7 year old inside of me is thrilled.  Sure, I suffer from severe heart palpitations whenever I try to imagine 3 months worth of clothing in one suitcase… but lets focus on the positives.


After years worth of seeking out fashion in Buffalo, NY, I am relocating to an area within an hour of a booming fashion metropolis.  3,500 miles away, people with adorable accents sporting the latest trends are walking the streets.  I love Western New York, but becoming comfortable somewhere is a dangerous thing.  After writing an essay for my English class on travel, I knew that I was in desperate need of change.

My constant change of scenery, from Herkimer County Community College to University at Buffalo, has prepared me for a larger scale relocation.  I look forward to cataloging my journey more consistently abroad, hopefully containing photos with a cute British lad in the posts.


Thé de l’après-midi (otherwise known as afternoon tea)

For those of you that don’t know, two short weeks ago I was visiting Ivory Avenue blogger, Natalie, in Montreal, QC.  My experience traveling outside of the United States has only been to Toronto, ON this past November and it was interesting to see how the other provinces compared.  It’s nice to leave Western New York and see how the other side of the border lives, eh?

canada, canadian flag, afternoon tea


My friend Natalie is of English and Canadian descent.  This makes her family and their traditions that much more unique!  One of the most delightful things we did while I visited this past week was have afternoon tea.  I enjoy herbal teas quite a bit and recently felt that I was moving up in the world by purchasing white chocolate peppermint loose leaf tea from Teavana… but nothing compared to the Peach Ginger tea at Madam Clifford’s and Angels Falls tea at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.

afternoon tea, madam clifford's tea room,

The experience at Madam Clifford’s was very personalized.  It began with picking out your favorite tea cup, among their incredible selection. I enjoyed my meal of tuna-cucumber tea sandwiches immensely.  There were so many delicious treats this past week, it was difficult deciding which to put on instagram.

tea at chateau laurier, afternoon tea

Walking into the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, one passes photos of the famous people that once visited the beautiful hotel.  Both former President Bill Clinton and his wife were among them.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was certainly happy that I dressed up.  Natalie and I went to a cute second hand store where I discovered a gray plaid jumper, black turtle neck, pearls, and martini glasses all for under $20! Try to beat that Macklemore.

afternoon tea, fancy tea party

The elegant Canadian Tea started with your choice of tea and in our case Ice Wine (if you desired) and then came the tiers of delicacies.  On the second level were four distinct sandwiches: salmon, cucumber, chicken, and roast beef.  Words could not do this presentation justice.  Next was a blueberry scone and a plain scone.  The table held small dishes of cream (not to be mistaken with cream cheese) and jam.  The final desserts were a maple tart, banana cake, and berries.  It was incredible way to spend the day, from our table we could see parliament.

afternoon tea, strawberries and cream

Returning back to the states I have already determined I need to find a tea-room of some sorts.  I am sure this is more of an English tradition than Canadian, but it was delightful to not have to cross the “pond” to experience it. I spent nearly 10 hours on a bus, but that hasn’t taken away my travel bug.  Last week I went to Boston and enjoyed everything another North Eastern state had to offer. School is back in session on Monday and fully prepared to interrupt my travel schedule though.

eaton center toronto, eaton center, eaton centre, afternoon tea

My view of the Eaton Center in Toronto at dinner, on my way home.