The truth about Buffalo Fashion Week

Last week, downtown Buffalo was nearly unrecognizable.  Buffalo Fashion Week transformed the city previously dubbed “least fashionable” into something magical.  I had the opportunity to attend the Walden Galleria Mall Show, Mansion on Deleware Boutique Show, and Main Event as press!  I met some fabulous up and coming designers as well as already established ones (take Project Runway Season 10 4th runner up Christopher Palu for example!!).  I even saw E.J Manuel, Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.  Did you have the opportunity to mingle with some of Buffalo’s elite and fashion forward?  I’m thrilled to say that I did.

Press Conference with Christopher Palu, buffalo fashion week

Press Conference with Christopher Palu

ej manuel, buffalo fashion week

I sat front row, and so did EJ Manuel!!!


I must be completely honest and say that September 19-26 (BFW) was not all flowers and rainbows though.  The Mall Show was a total flop, communication with the people behind the scenes left a lot to be desired, and the Boutique Show started at 8 (2 hours later than press was informed), and then only lasted 30 minutes…  I may not be the Buffalo News, but I still consider my time valuable and I had a lot of homework to do (#collegekidproblems).

The good news is: unlike the Buffalo News, I don’t have to be as concerned with making BFW look good, I can just be honest.


*The mall show should not occur for <10 minutes every hour for 4 hours.  If this is going to be the style of the show, you will lose your audience and they will leave (like fellow blogger Meg and I did).

*The boutiques and vendors at the Boutique Show were fantastic, but press had to stand behind the audience, and was given no real direction.  It looks unprofessional.

*There was a bar, but no free food or drinks available at the Boutique Show to appease the overpaying audience and underpaid press.  This should be changed in the future.

*I know what being a volunteer is like, so please do not embarrass them as well as yourself by leaving them ill-informed.  Volunteers need to have basic knowledge: where the bathrooms are, if guests can re-enter the event, etc.

*Do not treat your volunteers as if they are beneath you.  It’s slimy. (Note: also do not treat your volunteers as beneath you until you find out they are press)

*Send out a memo of what your volunteers and press are expected to wear:  I had no idea about wearing all black, I was just fortunate enough to guess correctly.


*At the Main Event I had to endure the embarrassment of not having prepared interview questions because originally I was supposed to volunteer.  This “miscommunication” required that I become extremely innovative, quickly.  Also, I was not provided with a list of designers so that I could research beforehand, therefore I had only basic knowledge of “who’s who”.

So that other press/bloggers do not have to endure the same humiliation, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE inform them in advance about where they will be, who they will meet, etc.

Maybe, I’m blunt and “they” won’t want to hear it, but you (preppy readers) deserve to know about how fashion week really went.

I know that there is always chaos in fashion, and that this is only Buffalo’s 5th year, but hopefully next year my constructive criticism will help the rest of the week’s events to improve.  The Main Event at the Statler City was well worth going to.  I sat front row for a few shows (you can call me Buffalo’s Anna Wintour from now on -LOL), had VIP access, and met other people active in Buffalo’s tiny fashion industry.  I hope that my commentary does not limit me from having that opportunity in 2014, but I simply could not leave these comments out of my post and feel authentic.

Take a look at some photos from the Main Event (9.26):

The Newspaper Dress, buffalo fashion week

The Newspaper Dress

Sitting front row!, buffalo fashion week

Sitting front row!

Maria Allen's Balloon Dress, buffalo fashion week

Maria Allen’s Balloon Dress

So many unconventional designs!, buffalo fashion week

So many unconventional designs!

Maria Allen's Cup Dress, buffalo fashion week

Maria Allen’s Cup Dress

buffalo fashion week

That model is probably still scrubbing gold paint off.


Franci Jewelry designer Nicole has plans to attend NYFW & LAFW!, buffalo fashion week

Franci Jewelry designer Nicole has plans to attend NYFW & LAFW!

There were some romantic looks mixed in., marc ella new york, buffalo fashion week

Marc Ella NY brough some romantic looks into the show.

marc ella new york, fashion week, buffalo fashion week

Check out MENY Designer Brenda Liz in the same design as on the runway!

Some of the press team!, buffalo fashion week

Can’t forget about the press team!


All in all, I am happy that I was involved with BFW.  It was a learning experience where I got to connect with some wonderful people.

Have you ever been involved with a small city’s fashion week?

CAR-less not careless.

I now believe I understand why celebrities don’t always love being famous.

As my blog grows, I realize everything I type/say is going to a bigger audience. Possibly even people that go to this college, that being said I will remind myself one last time that this is not a journal.

Now that, that’s out of the way I will tell you about College. Since it’s been a while..

It’s been busy. Insanely hectic. I shattered my iPhone.

It’s been getting colder, my riding boots are giving my feet blisters. Break them in and wear socks, is the best advice I can possibly give you.  I am overjoyed that tomorrow is Friday. My grandparents are coming to Canisius to visit me on Sunday and I need some family time.  The food here has improved substantially, but it’s still not that amazing.

It’s just I’m forcing the deli bar and the salad bar to become my best friends.

For lunch at least.

Dinner comes.. and I’m like screw it. Mozzarella sticks all the way.


So I’m sitting in the computer lab for that specific reason. If I curl up in a ball in the corner of my bed, I will pull out the dark chocolate pommegranate seeds and all hell will break lose. The chips will follow, and then I’ll eat easy mac.

It’s just a recipe for disaster.

So I’m avoiding the temptation of food by blogging, I might go for a walk.


Who am I kidding?

I’m not going for a walk.

Any who, I joined a club today *round of applause*. I’m finally becoming active in something besides ministry on campus.. I joined Men & Women’s Communication Club. It should be renamed Women and Noche Communication Club though, because Noche was the only guy, from Nicaragua hence the name, that showed up.   It was cool, I ate a candy apple.

Ha. Food.

Ironically, there was a “carnival” in the quad today.. and It contained a bouncey slide and cotton candy.

My club meeting had more carnival in it 😛

So, Fashion Week comes to Buffalo next week and I think that “OMG I’m a poor college student” fact just hit me square in the face. I’m a little annoyed. A little bit of a lot..

My funds are starting to dwindle and my luck for a job is as well.. The people I emailed about blogging on behalf of the college still haven’t answered and I need one asap.

I have the 30 dollars a fashion show ticket costs, but do you really think I’d go there without a new outfit? The oppertunity to shop without buying anything? And transportation?

I am car-less after all.

CAR-less not careless.

Although I’m starting to get to that point too.

Yep, you heard it here first people. I am starting not to care.

About what exactly? I’m not sure.

But this Math test in the morning.. my GPA has forced me to care about.. and on that note I am going to go study.

Gross I know.