New year, new you!

As previously discussed on Clearing Preppy’s Name, a new year tends to inspire a new you!  Now that 2014 has made an appearance, people are passing on donuts and french fries, as well as posting thought provoking quotes all over twitter and instagram… Instead of losing your own identity in honor of a low cal diet, how about you try a new trend or outfit?  I’ve put a few collages together of looks that I want to try this year. Please tell me some of yours too!


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Feeling a bit rebellious?  You don’t need to leave all your pink, florals, and tulle at home.  By picking a bold color pallet as well as infiltrating some spikes into the outfit, this look is a happy marriage of “a force to be reckoned with” and the innocent prep we all know and love.
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This look may seem classic, but by adding some mint you are totally 2014.  After all, the winter solstice passed and we are more than half way out of the dark!  This fun color made a few appearances in 2013, but wear it differently this year!  Mint nail polish, flats, and sparkly necklaces help remind you that better weather is coming!
I'm a prep-fessional, buffalo blogger, buffalo fashion, clearing preppy's name, preppylogic15 I don’t care if this look still screams Christmas (how 8 days ago), how can anyone feel depressed when they resemble trendy wrapping paper from the most wonderful time of the year? For a less formal holiday-esque look, ditch the green blazer and Christian Louboutins in exchange for an oversized sweater and riding boots. Also, note the fabulous pattern combo of polka dotted tights and a tartan skirt!

Winter Outfit Ideas

The holidays are rapidly approaching and with the change of season it’s so difficult to decide what to wear!  I have designed four festive clothing collages so that you have some inspiration during the upcoming winter months.  These winter outfit ideas are preppy, yet styled so differently!  Even better news: all of the items listed are less than $50!


sweater weather, better weather, winter outfit idea, winter outfit ideas, cold weather, oversized sweater, bow gloves, polyvore, preppy winter clothes, plaid leggings

Slouchy shirt

Red pants

Reebok hat

festive outfit, houndstooth dress, knee socks, winter outfit ideas, bow bag, statement necklace, winter clothes, preppy cold weather clothes, red flats, winter dress, holiday outfit

Vegan purse

Stone necklace
Happy Holidays, holiday dress, chanel inspired jacket, tweed jacket, holiday outfit, christmas dress, statement necklace, winter outfit ideas, preppy dress

Green dress

Iro jacket

Wolford pantyhose

Marais oxford shoes

preppy outfit, preppy holiday outfit, christmas outfit, winter outfit ideas, bow tie, anchor bracelet, preppy blog

Slit skirt

BLACK BROWN 1826 clothing

Bead bracelet

Brown eyeglass

What winter looks are your favorite?