Christmas Traditions

I CANNOT BELIEVE CHRISTMAS IS 9 DAYS AWAY. I am somewhat prepared; 90% of my presents are wrapped and the snow has fallen, so we are *almost guaranteed* a white Christmas, but still, how did this happen? Less than a month ago it was 60 degrees!

Since December 1st I have been way too emotionally invested in Hallmark Christmas movies (that shouldn’t be a shocker, considering my last post) and baking cookies galore. I fondly recall similar memories from 10 years ago, but at that time it was just my mom and I at the Mohawk house… there were probably young kids wailing in the background. These days I am watching most of the cheesy movies at my apartment with my friends (I threw a Hallmark movie party this past Thursday -shout out to The Christmas Cottage!) or my roommates’ dogs, but I still enjoy the traditions. As time marches on, some things this time of year just stay the same and I love it.

My sister Jenna and I, next to a potential candidate for the Deutschman Family Christmas Tree of 2017.


Cutting down and decorating the tree together as a family, while seasonal music plays in the background, is one of my favorite traditions and childhood memories! We hang cheesy homemade ornaments next to ornate glass bulbs -probably received as gifts, because lets be honest my parents have 5 children and would never have purchased such fragile items themselves- and I love the authenticity of it all. The wooden cranberry balls, gold strands of beads and white dazzling lights tie all of the chaos of the otherwise clashing hanging decorations together and that makes our house feel even more like home than usual.


This year my parents and all of my siblings -except for Andrew because he’s lame and claimed he was sick- trekked to a tree farm a few towns over and scoured for the perfect ficus. We took a four wheeler/sleigh ride through the commercialized wilderness, threw snow balls, and stumbled upon our gorgeous 9ft tall fir tree, from this point forward known as Tim Burr.

~That’s another one of our traditions; we name our tree each year. There have been some gems! For example, Ka-tree-na, Needles, etc.~

My parents and I, selfie-ing while braving the elements on our tree hunt.


I didn’t always have an appreciation for these little things. I can recall a year when I skipped out on going to get the tree, another year where I complained more than I actually decorated. This new development of gratitude probably comes to most people with age, I think that’s whats happening with me.. but anyways, this Sunday when my extended family -aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings and multiple generations of parents- and I gather at my Nana and Papa’s house to frost some sugar cookie cut outs *they’re seriously THE BEST.. the secret is lemon extract*, I will enjoy it even more.


How do you celebrate this time of year? What are your favorite traditions?

I’m gracious for gifts.

Hiyaa loves,

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, I certainly did.  I would be lying if I said I am no longer counting the moments until I go back to Canisius, but besides that..

Alot of family.  Family is good, but so is candy.  In small doses.

I was definitely blessed by my parents this Christmas, I really loved the things I received.  I bet you’re not shocked to know I got clothes and shoes, but it was awesome.

Some of the honorable mentions are as follows:

pink flats


rl(monogrammed in the back with a leather strap, SO CUTE)


I was given so many scarves, it’s incredible. I cannot wait to wear new sweaters, leggings, and scarves with my boots.  It’s such a good look and so comfortable.  I wish I remembered to bring them to my grandparents, I had to take “cousin pictures” this morning so I was dressed up, but now I have changed into sweats.  Thankfully I’m not in public.

I had to borrow my nana’s sweatshirt.  Words can’t describe the trend I’m rocking right now..


Dress well, think well.

It’s incredibly hard to believe my first semester at Canisius ends on friday.  I have extremely mixed feelings about it.  I’ve made GREAT friends here, I get to do pretty much whatever I want.. I know how to get around by bus and metro even though I don’t have a car and it’s always exciting and adventurous.  Some of the adventure, like shootings, robberies, getting lost, paying bills, and figuring out life for myself aren’t easy.  It especially feels difficult because it’s finals week this coming week and when all I want to do is curl up in a ball watch movies and stuff my face with chocolate.. it’s discouraging.  But I’m proud of my grades, and plan on kicking butt on the final.  I went to the mall to finish some Christmas shopping tonight, and rewarded myself with a purchase as well.  Momma might not believe me, but I do my best work when I’m well dressed.  It may be a mindset, but hey any excuse to buy an infinity scarf and sparkly sweater.



I can’t escape the leggings, sweaters, and scarf trend.  I absolutely adore it.  Maybe it’s because I’m allowed to indulge and still fit into clothing, unlike bikini season? But whatever I’m not a VS Angel, so I deserve to treat myself once in a while.

Tonight I’m eating chocolates momma sent me, sipping tea with my friend Mia and watching PS: I Love You.  It may be your stereotypical girls night, but I need it.  I’m long overdue for girl time and I need to indulge.  I think if I go to bed by 2 after a night of low key fun, I will be able to wake up for the Kate Spade sale on ebay tomorrow starting at 6am.


I love a good deal and 75% off Kate Spade when you have connections for Santa (; this X-mas season, is very exciting.  I just need to wake up and find the perfect purse.  I still want to indulge in a Michael Kors Hamilton bag and Tory Burch flats, but we’ll prioritize that once I find out about getting a job for the break.  I have a babysitting gig lined up for New Years Eve and I put in applications to Target and Jo Anne’s, but I’m yet to hear.  I also applied to substitute teach in my sibling’s new school district, so I’m really hoping I get that.  It’s somewhat flexible and temporary since it’s hard enough to find someone that wants you to work for only a month.

This month off is going to be heavenly at first, enjoyable over X-mas… but it could get extremely boring extremely quick.  I’m trying not to go in with that attitude, but I don’t have friends in Youngstown since I moved there the day before I moved into college and have only been home 4 times.  All very family oriented occasions.

My mom says we’ll go to the gym, and we can shop.. but to do that I need to get a job.  I also need to take the car and explore the town, because I refuse to get lost like Black Friday again.  I just want to make sure I get a sense of independence when I go home, because I thrive on it.  I am looking to dedicate a lot more time to my blog and fashion articles over the break.  So if all else fails, the internet will continue to be my escape mechanism.  Feel free to approach me with things, I am always open to opportunities.  My e-mail is

Speaking of Fashion, and since I’m assuming you’re interested cuz you’re on a fashion blog.. have you seen the article written on Anna Wintour? More power to her.  Politics and fashion merging, thats practically a dream.  Check it out on