The Dearest Award

Hey dolls!

Apparently there is an award circling cyberspace and the blogosphere called the Liebster award.  In English, this is the Dearest Award.  I was recently nominated by a fellow Bloggette and I am spreading the love.


The rules are as follows:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

11 things about me:

1.  I find Miley Cyrus really annoying.

2.  My lowest class out of 23 credits right now is a 97.  #nerdalert

3.  My cat’s name is Tangerine.  She’s not fat, she’s fluffy!


4.  I have wanted to adopt a chinese daughter since I was 10.

5.  I don’t have any tattoos and once I got through the Super White Girl anchor tattoo phase, I decided I was okay with that.

6.  Foursquare  and Google Plus confuse me, so I don’t use them.

7.  My computer’s name is Father Machiavelli.

8.  My feet are two different sizes.

9.  I’m a Virgo -just like Charlie Sheen.

10.  Something Borrowed is my favorite movie.

11.  I’m currently obsessed with the song “How to be a Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds

Watch the music video: here!

To answer nyxiies questions:

1. Her confidence. Many girls wear the most radical ridiculous outfits yet are considered fashion icons. I believe it is definitely because they shine through the mixed patterns and truly is confident in her look.
2. Wasting a perfect outfit on an insignificant day.
3. Death: it’s glitterless and unpredictable.
4. My spring break in march the week of the 17th last year, the days kind of blended. My aunts adopted and spoiled me to pieces last year when I stayed with them in Savannah, GA. I had the honor of living in an apartment with my own bedroom and bathroom, looking out into 70 degree weather, brick sidewalks, and palm trees. I went to 5 star restaurants and shopped to the extreme.
5. If I was Ultimate Ruler of the Earth for 2 days, I would probably die of a heart attack from stress. I give such credit to the people that take on such powerful roles.. I can barely figure my own life out, much less the lives of almost 7 billion other people.
6. The little peninsula we camped near when I was 10 in Cape Cod. There were Star Fish and Sand Dollars all over the place.
7. Meeting new people and doing new things, on my own.
8. Arrogant people. Confidence can make you beautiful (see question 1), but it can also ruin you and the people around you in heavy doses..
9. Terrified. Judgement is everywhere. It’s survival of the fittest in 5 inch pumps! Darwin couldn’t prepare us for that one.
(゚、 。 7
l、゙ ~ヽ
じしf_, )ノ
11. Move to London and know absolutely nobody for more than 3000 miles.

And the new Liebster nominees:




elegantly fashionable








Lovely leibster receivers here are your questions:

1)  Favorite Swimsuit Style?

2)  Your fashion icon?! Answer carefully.

3)  Do you sleep on your stomach, back, or side?

4)  Do penguins have knees?

5)  Your highest bowling game ever?

6)  If you’re in college, whats your major?  If not, (besides blogging) what are you currently pursuing?

7)  If you had an autobiography, what would the title be?

8)  Share the theme song of your life.

9)  Your opinion on the Kardashians.

10)  Single or Taken?

11)  Does your blog have a Facebook page?

I hope everyone will take the time to pass this award on! This is a great way of finding new fabulous blogs.



The pros and cons of blogging

If you’re reading this, there’s a high possibility you know what blogging is and what it’s about. You may even have your own. But for those of you that don’t, I thought it would be courteous to explain blogging from my perspective:


It’s an international phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.   Blogs cover various topics, typically branching off of other websites such as Blogger and WordPress. Tumblr and Weebly are becoming increasingly popular as well. Who knows what’s next?

Blogging is a new way of differentiating yourself in a world that is extremely technologically advanced. Finding contacts that are people in countries you’ve never even heard of can be very beneficial.  Blogging can also be a positive business move.  People find jobs, opportunities, and maybe even themselves when they blog.  Blogging is a new way of self expression.  It’s like social networking though, it’s not all good.

A blog should not be an online diary.  Making yourself vulnerable and susceptible by sharing your life story online can cause all kinds of dirty laundry to be aired across cyberspace.  People now know that what’s written online cannot just be easily erased, but will that stop them?  New social circles and identities are founded in this new online.  Some people change their names, their occupations, and eventually their identities to belong in this cyber universe. Is the internet high school all over again?

From a fashion forum to a cancer survivor’s life lessons; blogs are people gushing about their lives or how they would envision their lives as other people.  Maybe this doesn’t appeal to you? Or you changed your mind, blogging sounds terrible.

Well it’s hard to get out once you’re in though.  There are people counting on you. You need to produce another post, so that you don’t disappoint them. You need to find a reason to write so that maybe you make a difference. Blogging isn’t poison, but it can be.

Now, take all that in and if you need something fashion related to read instead? Check out my newest article on Fashion Parkway. It made the front page!


Thank God I’m Fabulous.

I was wasting time after my classes (Business Organization and Principles of Retailing) this morning on twitter and @LifeAsABarbie tweeted what she believes TGIF stands for. I smiled, cuz I think that too. Thank God I’m Fabulous. Maybe that sounds cocky, but seriously I owe it to the man upstairs for making me who I am. Obviously wouldn’t want it any other way.. until I become all consumed with things that are fabulous and I seriously wish I wasn’t so distracted. We all have flaws, but I need to work on this. For example: My house has been on the market since September, and my parents want to sell it. Sounds good to me too, but either way I’m out of this small town, so it doesn’t really phase me anymore. Someone is coming to look at our lovely casa tomorrow morning for a tour and so I’m supposed to be cleaning and putting away the heaping amounts of clothes that have taken over my bed. Oops.

I’m blogging instead. As I said, distracted by something fabulous. Between reading and writing blogs, I’m checking up on twitter and facebook. On twitter I stumbled upon Frock Stock, one of the many stores I follow. Completely focused on what I was supposed to be doing.. (sarcasm) I started to fill a cart of cute vintage clothing and accessories at shockingly low prices. I don’t mean to brag, but I just got paid today.. and I expect to order some of these ASAP.

This dress is only 28.99. Personally, I’m floored by such a unique vintage inspired piece. I then looked for a cute little bobble to match, and easily found a tiny floral ring for 8 .50. See below.

As I looked over the site, I decided my clothes (the ones I already own) could wait. I saw this dress a few weeks back, but I think it is now time to make the purchase, because I simply have to have it. And once I saw a statement purse with such lovely floral design, I knew the two were meant for each other.

I probably would have started to find more, but my phone rang and it was Kmart. The lovely retailer that provides me with my shopping money requested my presence 4 hours prior to when I was supposed to come in. I negotiated and now I’m going into work in approximately an hour and a half. Therefore I have no choice but to snap back into reality where my little brother dropped another pile of laundry and my armoire needs to be dusted. Working a 6 hour shift I will be able to buy the first outfit before any other coupons. Sounds like a good place to shop on a budget to me.

Stay fabulous!