Soaking up my last days of freedom

I love my family, don’t get me wrong, but being down here in Geogia has been like a dream. I have been able to escape the small town bull shit I deal with on a daily basis, and I absolutely love it. I’m sitting on the screened porch on this 80 degree day, knowing I have tons be thankful for, but I cannot wait to start this new phase of my life. I am so past high school, and the people in it. I want nothing to do with any of them. And community college? Is a joke, as are the people there. I’m not claiming to be the most mature or perfect person, I am not, but I just wish that I could find people with similar values to me. People that don’t use other people. People that care about their appearance, but aren’t persay overly materialistic. I want the happy medium. I am so sick of the extremes of people, and I can’t wait to find the ones that are exceptions to the rule.

Yesterday, I went to visit Emory college with my Aunt. She gave me the grand tour, and then we met up with my other Aunt for lunch. We shopped a little. I bought pig candles, because they were awesome. Later on I bought a “Keep Calm and Carry On” bag and a present for my mom. The food we had was again phenominal. Shrimp with pepper, onion, speghetti, fresh parmesan, breadcrumbs and a creamy sauce was my main course, but we started with a meat and cheese (with unpronouncable names) platter. It was lucious. We finished off with sweet cream and pistachio ice cream. I really am going have to adjust to eating average again…

Today my Aunt Deb stayed home from work. She wasn’t feeling too well, and said she had sick days to spare. We are going to check out Midtown (Where SCAD Atlanta is) and maybe poke around some stores. I want to make the most of this last day here, I can’t believe I have to leave :(.

On a happy note, I did miss my bed, my family and my cat. I will have a hair appointment friday afternoon, and this new lifestyle, even if just for a week makes me desire a new look. I want something different done with my hair, my roots are grown out and I absolutely hate that. I don’t even believe Sarah Jessica Parker can pull that so called “signiture” look off. I want a drastic change, but not a tacky change. Any ideas?

Keep me in your prayers, I’m still not a huge fan of planes and I wanna survive.



Power shopping.

Last night, my Aunts and I went to the Tanger outlets. In New York, I am only familiar with waterloo, and in Massachusetts, I like Lee, but these outlets were decent too. We got to the outlets at 7:30 last night, it closes at 9. TALK ABOUT POWER SHOP.

Most times when I am in a store like Ralph Lauren Polo, I will browse even if I don’t see something I like right off the bat. That “browsing” type of shopping was not the type that was appropriate for yesterday. But anyways, once I transitioned into power shopping mode, I was successful no doubt. I spent $150.00 in that narrow time period, but I am not ashamed at all.

Today it is going to be 80 degrees outside! So I absolutely, HAD to buy some shorts. My constant issue at the struggling age of 17 while being blessed with a womenly figure, is that if Ibuy juniors (low rise, small everything) shorts, they are extremely short and unflattering to my well endowed thighs. The other extreme is when you go into the women’s department and high rise is up to your chest but the length is appealing. It is so hard for me to find a happy medium that you would THINK, I would have no chance yesterday, but I fight every shopping battle I can find and win. So that, obviously, didn’t stop me.

The shorts were found at J Crew <3. True preppy heaven. I am THRILLED that I found 3 pairs, and the best part is that I spent only 85 dollars on them! Second runner up to the best part, is that I am a size smaller than anticipated. The color selection was wonderful, but it was 9:00 on the dot, the time the outlets close and I am supposed to be leaving when I was still in the fitting rooms. I decided on impulse (fabulous impulse though) to grab 2 pairs of the 5 inch inseam, the most flattering shorts ever created, in coral and sky blue. And the 9 iunch inseam, or bermudas, in navy.

Oh, but there’s more :).

J Crew was the last stop on my power shopping trip. First stop was Ralph Lauren, where it breaks my heart to say, but I walked out empty handed! Next I went in Papaya. It stunned me to see Papaya had an outlet, but I wasn’t going to argue. Although the clothing is cheaply made, and I tried on 15 items and only walked out with 2, those 2 items totaling 30 dollars do not look like their price tags. I bought a coral and navy polka dotted cardigan and a navy lace tank with a peplum collar. So preppy, so cute.

My last successful store was Rue 21. No, Rue 21 and Papaya do not compare to J Crew, but you are talking to a girl on a $7.25 and hour budget.. even on vacation. At Rue I felt no motivation to try on clothing, could have been due to the AMAZING delecacies I have been eating on this trip, but none-the-less no motivation. Instead I raded the accessories wall. I bought:

A gray and white polka dotted scarf

A bottle of RUE perfume (light pink in a silver glitter covered box, could not resist)

A lace headband with rhinestones in the middle of a flower

3 pairs of sunglasses: Black with swirls on the sides, GIANT purple glasses, and GIANT turquoise glasses.

2 necklaces: One high necked choker of turqouise and green tear drop shaped crystals. The other a long necklace with pink gems and cubic zerconias on the end.

A black belt with a big black and white polka dotted flower on it.

Anyways, I was incredibly successful, for $150 dollars I would say. I am thrilled to inform you I resisted buying a tote in Coach since I bought those shorts.. but never fear I will probably splurge soon.  I got my 200 dollars in tax return money directly deposited to my account this morning :). So I still have loads of cash to spend in Atlanta or I could save towards a Vespa, because I’m obviously going to ride a pink one in Savannah if I go to SCAD.

It’s been fabulous describing and gushing about my purchases with you. I would show pictures, but I’m on a laptop that is not of my own possession, and as previously noted, don’t want to download images and contaminate it. I hope you enjoyed my entry, check back soon for many chic bargains that are guarenteed to come.

I have to get ready for the day, I’m accompanying my Aunt to Emory college where she is a professor, and I am lost as to what I should wear…