Breath of fresh air.

Zumba may or may not be the death of me.. but at least its a creative way to die.

Guys, I ventured out. I went away from my life motto of accessorize instead of exercise and it was a success. I went to Zumba last night. I know there are many other things that would make sense to fill you in on, from a fashion perspective except I really don’t know where to start. I think my physical health sounds good.

I survived 14 songs of ridiculous dance routines and then passed out on my bed as a result. So much for having a life at night… I set an alarm to do home work, I picked out what I was going to wear..



I have been wearing dresses.. But that’s semi-typical. Today we had Mass of The Holy Spirit, so the dress was more appropriate. I like this whole churchy thing on a daily basis. My closet friends are all faith based, it’s somewhat of a breath of fresh air.

Back to dresses.

First day of school (like I’m 5) I wore a dress. Maroon with bows :). I felt so vintage. It was a forever 21 favorite, that was from our mall trip the day before. I had a bubble  umbrella to top it off. Pearls and class.

Lots of breaths of fresh air… when you are used to people in constant sweat pants and pajama pants.

I did have the issue, that I figured I’d have to begin with.. I have to bring clothes home this weekend. I overpacked, my entire wardrobe. It’s the long weekend though so I’m taing advantage of the opportunity and refilling half the mini van with needless amounts clothing. Maybe I’ll actually feel as if I am moved into my house too once my clothes are there.

I switched roomates. Due to the fact that I do not believe in internet bashing and never know who will read this, I am just going to state that I am very happy with my new rooming scenario. She’s so nice and quiet.

Great change of pace.

I talk on behalf of the both of us.

And I know she is intimidated by my pink, glitter, and chaos on the opposite side of the room, but it will all take time to adjust to.

The homework hasn’t been as hard to adjust to as the social has been. I am not saying I miss my old home town (as previously stated in my last post), I just miss knowing what to expect. The people are all relatively nice though.

Maybe too nice?

I need to stop thinking everyone has ulterior motives. It is ridiculously pessimistic.

Just accept change. Think with loads of optimism. Blast the music.

Take a breath of fresh air.


My father says he feels bad for the man I’m going to marry.

Hello darling preps ❤
I hope you had a better day than I did! But I was over due for an "eh" day after such a wonderful week last week, so I'm accepting of my ying and yang concept here. Anyways, I wore the cutest dress today. It was covered in red and pink rose buds. Simply adore. I wore my pearls again, but resisted those tempting heels. My feet had to rest. I am tired right now, but unfocused. I want another spring break, I'd love you forever if you'd give me one.
My hair is growing on me (hahahahahahaha play on words, get it?) a little bit. I still am going to call tomorrow to see if they can improve it for the hefty price tag but I like the blonde. It looks a lot better than some of the changed hair colors I've seen lately.. Oh dear. It does look a bit like a box of dye threw up on their head, but I'm not judging.
Going to Boston Friday! I cannot wait to meet people! I'm not sure what to wear.. My parents gave me this whole speech about how the way I dress can be intimidating -which they just need to get over- and that doesn't typically concern me, but you only get first impressions once and I want to look fabulous yet not trying to hard when I go to Lasell. Any suggestions? I have a bunch of new clothes… But if I wear anymore of this cheap jewelry I bought I'm going to blow up into a giant ball of hives. Being allergic to nickel is a curse. I have high taste in metals because I physically can't stand others (or I break out) and I think that transfers into my whole champagne taste beer budget mentality.
Whatever. Maybe I'll marry a rich guy which gold jewelry and Ralph Lauren cufflinks. I could live with that.. My dad told me he feels terrible for the guy I marry one day.


I just think he'll be one damn lucky man.