Apartment Hunting With Allison

I am a bit HGTV obsessed. Although I probably wouldn’t partake in the manual labor involved in renovating, I love living vicariously through rehab shows. Flip or Flop and Property Brothers are immensely addicting.. especially when you don’t have a space of your own to design and re-design… Let me clarify; I do have a bedroom, but my car is really the only space that I consider entirely mine. And I am hoping to change that within the next year when I begin apartment or house hunting.


The only issue that I tend to find with the DIY Network/HGTV-esque shows are that my expectations in real life for my money are exceedingly high. My budget also isn’t $4.1 million and I am not a part time MMA fighter and my significant other isn’t an underwater basket weaver, but sometimes these programs make me feel like that is my life -whoops. I don’t tend to think I have that high of standards until I see pictures of an apartment without a clawfoot bathtub, built ins and crown molding, but rather with puke green shag carpeting and free bugs. Ugh. I’ll admit it; watching these shows may have made me a real estate agent’s nightmare, but when I eventually move into a new place it’s going to be completely worth it.

Who would have thought it would be so hard to find a property for my hypothetical bulldog? French or English, I’m flexible.. but the struggle in housing is all the same. I’m sure Tad (named after the guy with the man bun on HGTV’s Good Bones) would be incredibly well behaved.


So the reality is that most of my furniture starting off will probably be second hand and despite my best efforts there probably won’t be accent colors of rose gold and peach throughout my entire house. I can accept that I may not have a fainting chair/chaise in my study, next to my bar cart stocked with glass decanters of Tanqueray and Hendricks gin tomorrow. But do you know how successful and badass I will feel when I finally do?

I already have the pineapple^.

The preppy DIY of the day

Lately I’ve been feeling crafty.  It could be the amount of free time I have on my hands, or the  amount of it that I’m spending with kids.. but whatever it is: I don’t hate it.

After Clementine’s vet appointment on Monday, I stopped at an antique shop.  Like second hand clothing, I am a definite fan of second hand furniture.  It tends to have a lot more character for a lot less money.  I was delighted to find a large gold mirror for $22 dollars.  I was even more delighted that my mother was willing to pay for it.


My mother also bought a cherry wood desk and chair off Craigslist the other day.  It was a great deal, even if it’s possibly laminate.  I could have used it (instead of my bed) quite frequently to do homework this past semester, but it’s a little too late for that.  Instead I plan on transforming the corner of my room with the desk into a vanity/make-up station.


Please ignore the piles, and admire the Audrey Hepburn posters instead.  I have a bit of rearranging to do with the wall decor, but where Audrey is currently holding her cigarette I would like to place the mirror, maybe a little lower.  I’m extremely OCD and color coordinated, so I wanted the mirror black instead of gold.

On second thought it would have still matched the desk’s metal furnishings, but when have I ever done anything easy?

After taping around the edge of the mirror (because God knows I would get black paint on it), I applied the first coat of black paint.  It worked as a primer.


Note: because the mirror was wood, I did not have to go to the trouble of sanding it.  Depending on the material and amount of paint layers you may have to.

Oh, and there’s a glimpse of my beautiful mother who helped with this project: Hi mom!!!

After the first coat of paint, the mirror still had a significant amount of gold shining through.  I also felt it looked streaky, so on to the next one.


Part of the reason I like this mirror so much is the victorian style detailing.  A second coat really helped to transform this piece, yet you can still see some of the gold accents.  I am undecided about whether this helps the piece look more antique-y or if I should use a skinny brush and go over the detailing a third time…


Would you be kind enough to help me decide?