The bad news and good news, thanks to being an over achiever.

If you haven’t noticed I make a lot of lists.  This is a pros/cons list except with the latest news in my life:

Bad news:

I am sick, my family is the least sympathetic towards my condition possible and I don’t have time for this..  I called into work, which I never do.

Good news:

I was accepted into the Disney College Program on the 18th.  It was for May-Jan too!!

Bad news:

I will not be a Fairy Godmother in training any time soon.

Good news:

It’s not for food service, custodial, or attractions.  It’s merchandising!

Bad news:

I owe them 300 dollars by the 28th, to prove I’m committing.  That’s one expensive Coach bag.

Good news:

My plans to go to NYC for the Coach internship interview are finalized.  I booked the flight and the apartment.

Bad news:

That trip isn’t until March 6th so I will have had to accept or decline by then, Disney only gives you 10 days.

Good news:

Jack Wills follows me on twitter and I am determined to take that as a good sign, meaning I made top 150 applicants.

Bad news:

That could be a delusional assumption.

Good news:

With all of this sick time, I have conquered the first two season of Sex and The City.

Bad news:

SATC isn’t on netflix.  So I’ve been buying the seasons via itunes.

Good news:

I kick ass in all of my online classes.

Bad news:

Bowling starts monday AT NINE THIRTY AM.


So that’s a summary of the latest.  Sorry if its not very fashion related, I have been living in yoga pants and the Coach uniform, so I’m not exactly inspired.  I believe I’m partially sick from stress and not knowing which decision to make.  I’m guaranteed ulcers when I’m older, or at least a heart attack I’m sure.  Which would you pick?  Take a risk on Coach?  Come out penniless from Disney?  Wait for Jack Wills?  I don’t really have an inkling of what I’m going to do.  I want to put my 300 dollars down on Disney, but I hate the idea of losing 30 hours worth of work to nothing if I choose otherwise.


Internship and job possibilities

Happy Valentines lovelies!  I am sitting at my dining room table inhaling lindt truffles refreshing my twitter feed.  Calories don’t count on Singles Awareness Day and I’m making up for the calories I missed out on when I fasted for Ash Wednesday.  I wore a red dress and lace tights to show everyone even though I may be dateless I wasn’t lifeless.  I scratched a few lottery tickets and broke even.  I slept in my Queen sized bunk bed (Papa finished them this past weekend -yay!!) until 11 and wasted time in my pajamas until around 1.



I know I haven’t mentioned this huge life changing interview, sorry.. but I am still trying to figure out what I am doing with my summer.  I applied to work at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or as a Concierge/Hospitality role in a hotel in Walt Disney World from May-Jan (just incase I can’t make up my mind on life in Manhattan or what schools to go to…no word on that yet).

My other option is a Coach Internship in NYC from May-Aug.  I have an in person interview March 8th.  It’s set up like a Job Fair, so I get to meet with HR reps in various departments such as styling and merchandising.  It sounds incredible, but because it is set up like a Job Fair, this invitation only interview is going to have as many people as a Job Fair might too.

That’s nerve wrecking.

What should I do if I get Disney?  It sounds fantastic, but it isn’t necessarily fashion related.  Also, I could know as soon as next week about the Disney positions, which means I have 10 days after that to decide.  I may not have even gone to NYC yet for the Coach interview!

Disney is really selective too, so what if I get neither?  Roughly 40,000 apply and 5,000 get chosen.. out of WDW and Disney Land.  That’s a lot more than 15 possible intern spots at Coach (guesstimating).

I suppose time will tell.  At least I have all those dresses to wear in either situation once the warm weather comes.

I also applied for the Jack Wills internship -which if you aren’t familiar it is the ultimate summer internship.

Like blows Coach and WDW out of the water.

Maybe I just say that since I already work for Coach and I don’t love rollar coasters, but wait.. Let me describe it.

Represent a preppy British brand on the beaches on a variety of Northeastern US coasts all summer, planning events at night.  Learn the retail and merchandising ropes from the industries best.  Getting the opportunity to go to London for a week, including the JW polo.  It’s the summer I have dreamed of.

Of course the competition for that is.. in the words of Tyra Banks:


I wouldn’t find out about being chosen in the top 150 for that until February 25th, and then I have to submit a 1.5 min video explaining why I deserve the summer of a lifetime.  Not to say I doubt your preppy votes on my behalf, but it wouldn’t be easy since I currently know like 3 people in the town I live in (including the guy I sold Coach flip flops to for V-day) so popularity isn’t my middle name.

It’ll all fall into place though I’m sure.  I applied for positions at Chanel, DEB, Aero, Rue 21, and ModCloth as an Assistant Buyer starting in the summer, because I will have completed my Associates.  When I’m not working 20-25 hours a week and completing 23 credit hours I have a surplus of time after all *sarcasm*

..oh guys I also don’t know what to give up for lent.  Clearly not shopping or chocolates, I was finally approved for a Discover Card (yaaaay for big kid accomplishments!) and work across from the Lindt truffle store. Remember those 12 pounds I lost when I left school? Me neither. #CatholicGirlProblems