Father Mac Laptop

Blog readers,

This is my last post until friday! Ah! Still haven’t convinced mother dearest that I’ll die without Father Mac Laptop on vacation. It’s really depressing actually.

So I’m sucking up some of the last heat filled days in mohawk and making my way to Darien Lake. When I come back I’ll only have EIGHT days until I leave for school *GASP*. It’s becoming real.

And it’s really becoming scary.

But hey, I’m growing up. Nobody can stop that even if they want to.

And the closer it gets to moving, the more boxes I’m packing. If I’m lucky, I’ll be in the new house a day before I leave. WAH.

I have a few fabulous friends I’m going to die without, but thats why Father Mac Laptop has a webcam I suppose.

There are very few things I’ll miss in this rinky dink town, but the number of people that I can count on my hands, are the one I’ll miss dearly. Because I blew on my money on Father Mac Laptop, I can’t do much shopping before school either.

It’s really heart wrenching because Forever 21 is having BOGO all sale items and it ends today.

I’ve decided I need a job. I can’t survive having no extra money. I enjoy shopping WAY too much, shopping for clothes and sparkly things.

Speaking of clothes and sparkly things, pretty soon my birthday will be here. And then I get lots of clothes and sparkly things :).






Dressing casual when you only own dresses and pearls.

Well. That was the most frustrating event of the day, after finding out my mac mail isn’t compatible with my Canisius email. Yes. You read correctly, I am writing this from my new mac :). Overall, I love it. Obviously. But there has been frustration like the email, that frustration? WordPress wouldn’t let me post blogs. I restarted and its fine, but oh my God. I would probably have returned the computer over being forbid to blog. AH. Anyways, the reason I wanted to blog today was because I’m having a tough time packing. ME. With a phenomenal wardrobe. Why? Because HALF OF IT is packed for the move and college. And because where I’m going August 5-9th isn’t exactly calling for a ball gown or anything tremendously fashion forward. It’s Kingdom Bound. The Christian Rock Music Festival held in Darien Lake, NY. It’s huge. Yet, churchy events at a theme park aren’t exactly calling for decked out attire. And I’m opposed to gym shorts when in public surrounding that many possible cute guys. What is a girl to do? I don’t own in between clothes.. I just know I have a pro-life shirt that would probably go over well at such an event. Speaking of clothes though, I do own a bunch of new stuff. And yes, I bought the Mac so you’re probably like how the hell does that work out? ALLISON YOU HAVE NO JOB. But it does. Because I had a gift card and I am impulsive. Psh, I still have $500 for college.. Like that’s gonna last me 😦 But anyways I bought a ton of jewelry; pearl choker, pearl bracelets, rose quartz bracelets, silver bangles, & gold bangles, 2 scarves, a little black dress for the fall (quarter sleeve length and synchs at the waist), a turquoise and black polka dotted top, and jeans. For sixty dollars. I adore Forever 21 for that reason. The even better thing? The clothing all fits. Believe it or not (LOL) I am not your sample size modelesque girl, so this is kind of an accomplishment in itself. I am in between sizes so it’s tough to order online. What is also hard to order online? Shoes. Riding boots to be specific. I have one foot that is an 8.5 and another thats a 9. Like what the heck is a girl to do? Order boots. Impulsively. Duh. And that’s just what I did. I went online to Steve Madden and I found the most adorable boots for the fall :). And they fit too! I’m sooo excited, that I am going to show you them. YES! I can easily show you guys my purchases now that my laptop has a webcam (welcome to the 21st century I know).

Well, I almost had a heart attack. I’m not used to such an interactive touch pad.. I went back a page and practically lost my post.

I hope this isn’t to technologically advanced a computer for yours truly.





Photo 1: Inside

Photo 2: Outside


From lace to leather in 5 days

It’s a difficult task; trying to make a preppy lover of lace and pearls convert to B.A. style for just one day…

If you didn’t understand what I meant by that, I’ll break it down.

Tuesday, Warped Tour is coming to Darien Lake. And my darling roomate Brya as well as I are going to ride crazy rides (the carousel) and watch concerts. I was warned by some of my closest friends that went in the past that my lace and pearls will be laughed at. I need to become harcore for that 12 hour period to really enjoy myself.

It’s harder than it sounds though! You don’t understand. I don’t own anything leather except for my riding boots and the closest thing I have to studs are the rhinestones I wear in my ears?! I am not against punkish bad-assness… I just can’t pull it off.

I told Brya I think of leather, studs, and combat boots when I think of B.A. I just think I need to find my own version of those things for Tuesday. I’ll have gone to the outlets and 2 seperate malls by then and MUST find something. I told argyle and button downs probably will make me stand out like a sore thumb.

I impulsively purchased 3 dresses at Forever 21 last weekend and I’m returning those. I adore F21, but I hate that my impulse buys only give me store credit in exchange. So I have $60-70 that are tied to that specific store and I’m hoping I can find my B.A. attire there.

I also bought 2 pairs of jeans for $10.80 a piece at F21 when I was there the other day. They are such great pieces  for my fall wardrobe. Less than 40 days until I’m at Canisius btw!!

When I was shopping I also splurged on a few purchases. I have some graduation money to work with and I’m using it on a laptop (if I can get my head around spending that much on something besides clothes) mostly but the following were well worth what I paid:


Essentials for any preppy entering college don’t you think? Sure, bandolino boots and a fossil watch were typically out of my price range a hair but theres no other way better I could think of saying “Happy Graduation” to me!