I am proud to pronounce my daddy preppy.

Hey fashionistas,
It’s been one of those nights. One of those nights where my eyes are red from chlorine and sleep deprivation, my sun burn feels extra painful, the bug bites from the invaders of my “glamour lodge” have become more evident, theres still water in my ear from the pool yesterday, and I could complain for an even longer run-on sentance if I allowed myself to be that gramatically horrific. It’s one of those nights where in New York we are suffering with the humidity and gross warmness of probably 80-85 degrees like those of you reading from the south or west do on a normal basis. The way I laugh at you when you get a dusting of snow and freak out is probably how you would feel about me practically crying over this sufficating warmth. I should be blasting a fan and sleeping peacefully ignoring my dramatic senses, but I can’t.
The combination of all my body ailments, a thunderstorm, and some critters I keep thinking I’m hearing through my walls is making me as alert as ever. It’s not like I’ve had a short day though, it was long and annoying.. I just can’t shut my brain off… and what do I do when my mind is going a mile a minute?
Tell you about it.
So today was the great expidition with my daddy, where we went to the outlets to make him look cute.
It happened.
We were on a time crunch and I am proud to say my first style victim was a success, and now I’m going to brag about his purchases as if I bought them myself.
The first store I forced him against his will into was Tommy Hilfiger. Or Tommy Heflerg if you ask my little sister. His eyes went toward orange button downs and pink floral accents, as if I stuck him in a torture chamber. He looked terrified. I believe the phrase “These might be a bit effeminate for me, Al.” was mentioned.
And yeah. Those things were.
But the light orange and white rugby stripe polo? And the navy and baby blue polo? They were far from effeminate. They were masculine and handsome. And something I would dress my imaginary future husband in.
Daddy looked presh.
It didn’t hurt that these polos were 40% off making them $26 a piece. It was hard for him to understand what a deal those tops were, but by the end I got him to open his wallet a little bit more, no worries.
We ventured into every preppy store to follow that I could rattle off. You would be so proud. Nautica, IZOD, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and Clarks were just a few that I threw him into on our 2 hour time crunch.
By the end of the trip (so that I don’t bore you with notes and bullet points of every proud daughter moment) I was beaming. Daddy had 2 polos from Tommy, a pair of dress shorts from IZOD, dress pants from Nautica, dress shoes from Clarks, and a sports coat in light blue and navy blue houndstooth (I died.) from Brooks Brothers.
Trained him well. Uh yeah I did!
It wasn’t all easy though. I drooled in every store we entered over the womens section, just wanting to try on ever seersucker this and pastel that.. so eventually I did.
And of course I didn’t leave empty handed.
Whoooooops! There goes Friday’s paycheck yet again. My bad.
3 pairs of shorts from J Crew and 1 polo from Nautica later.
I looked chic, preppy, and almost as good as my dad.
Just talking/typing about this is giving me an adrenaline rush right now. Deciding what to wear tomorrow is going to be nerve wrecking!
Due to the factory outlet’s prices being lower than J Crew’s traditional retail environment, I already knew I would save money. But when you through a 40% discount on every pair of shorts due to Memorial Day (God Bless America) on top? And the lady is just so lovely I got to use my college 15% discount from HCCC (Something good had to come out of that place..) too?
How can a girl resist?
The classical high society atmosphere and soft wrinkle resistant clothing just oozes “buy me, buy me”. When that moment occurs, and you can buy at $25 a pair too? I’d be dumb to not acknowledge this as a sign.
So screw the Sperry Top Siders for now the 3rd week in a row, my friday pay check is coming.
And I just sold 2 items on Poshmark.. so I’ll have $20 to get me through the week :/.
Speaking of which! Check out my new shop my wardrobe badge on the right side on my page, you know you’ve always wanted to see the clothes that make the girl.
Even if they’re last year’s.



Shopaholics anonymous.

You have a problem

My father says as we are on our way to Boston last night in the van. We’d been bickering almost the whole car ride about my college choices, life long fashion calling, and desire to shop. My mother felt the need to bring up the fact that I made $3,000 and nothing to show for it (LIES) again.. and words were flying.

They’re never going to understand my need to shop. If you saw what my parents wear, you’d understand that too. They aren’t unfashionable, but I practically dressed them myself for the college visit earlier today and well, otherwise they are just so average.

I’ve never been average. Probably never will be… so why should he expect my shopping habits to reflect that of an average person? He claims I’m an addict, and will probably never save money.

I know that when I NEED to save I will, but guess what guys?

I’m 17. It’s my last year to be a kid. And spend¬†frivolously, but within my means. I don’t have a credit card, and my clothing and shoes are much too organized for me to be a¬†hoarder.

You know what my father needs to do?

So, it should come as no surprise to me that he won’t let me drive to a real mall to shop. A mall with multiple levels and a glorious forever 21. Even though I have the money, have agreed to pay gas, and am taking one friend.. which abides to the law. This really isn’t fair. I know life isn’t, but when this happens do they expect me to not react at all?

Do I have to take the van anyways to prove a point?

I was even going to 8 am mass tomorrow. God’s not going to let me die, after I’ve gone out of my way to wake up at that ungodly hour to worship and all that.

I’m so sick of this baby like treatment, until we have the college discussion that demands me put my “I understand this is a huge monetary investment in my future” hat on.

Did you read my last blog?

Do you know what I would rather do with $27,000?


Do you know what I will be doing?

Going to college, to SHOP for a corporation.

Notice a trend, daddy dearest? I’m not giving up on this. I’m just fixing the rules a little. So when tomorrow morning, I go to 8 am mass, pick up my friend and then head to Albany? Don’t be surprised if I’m not blogging for a while I just have a point to prove.


PS: I had a 4.0 first semester, have my own room, don’t have to pay for gas if I stay in the valley, and love my family, therefore that’s a load of shit. I’m too smart to screw that up.