Bad habits.

When I finally have time to breath, it’s so hard to decide what to do. When all I have left is to study a little and my homework has been put to bed. What’s left? I’m just academically drained and it doesn’t seem to matter any longer how hard I try. A 4.0 is simply delusional for this semester.

I’m not good at that many things. So when one of them fails I turn to the other? School sucks so what do I do? Shop.

But after all of the damage has been done lately through my Poshmark app, mall trips, etc. I am not proud to say I have $10.62. And I am still working at K-mart as hard as ever. Thank God I get paid tomorrow.

I have an ever expanding list of items such as Sequined Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes, an iHome, my hair recolored n cut in a bob (how would you feel about my face with an inverted bob?), a floral blue skirt, and Pink Sparkly Toms to purchase and no money to reinforce the desire.

When I can’t do well in school or shop, I am left with one option.

And you are a victim of it.

I will write and write and write and rant and rant and rant and when I’m done being inspired by absolutely nothing I may resort to cleaning my room, but don’t push your luck.

I have an iPhone that can distract me from that.

Hahahaha. My dad, who is simply untechy because he’s part of that dad age range that is.. well untechnologically advanced is debating becoming part of the 21st century and buying an iPhone.

Picturing his little bald head on FaceTime is slightly priceless.

I have tons of laundry.


It’s the never ending To-do list, showing its face again.

I’m bringing Jenna to the store tonight to buy Crocs, she wants a pair of the unforgivable plastic/foam shoe. She has a yellow pair but the back strap came off and they can’t wear those in gym class if God forbid there isn’t a strap.

While she burns her 50 dollars of birthday money (which is more than I have, mind you) on those hideous shoes I will tease myself with Sperrys. I’m undecided as to what I will do with my money first when I get paid tomorrow, but whatever it is I better get the best therapy out of it.. because I need something to replace the terrible day I’ve had.

After I rant here I plan on ranting for my first article on Fashion Parkway. Where do I start though?! It’s always come so easy to me, ranting and raving at my own free will, especially when I am completely oblivious to who is reading this.. but on Fashion Parkway? They are ready have a large dedicated audience that I can impact and I feel like telling them what I had for breakfast will seem extremely tedious and insulting.

I’m sure I’ll have an epiphany as soon as I paint my nails. I have one hand of nails that are longer than the other. It’s extremely annoying, but I seem to only have the nervous habit of biting my nails on my right hand, so I need to paint my nails for 2 reasons:

1) I won’t bite them, as much.

2) I love seeing glittery nails flying across the keyboard.

And you know my nails will be glittery.


Wait until I have a credit card… I am terrible at math. Which is a danger in itself, but if I had a credit card? I could own every sparkly nailpolish desirable. And multiple pairs of Sperrys.

And speaking of nailpolish and foreign things, I have to go the salon to get my eyebrows done with  my remaining money tonight.

When my eyebrows grow out, I am forced to wear my glasses because they hide them a little. The curse of dark thick hair means I fall into this habit every 2 weeks. I refuse to tweeze them because I have the pain tolerance of a baby.

Phew. I feel better.

I hope everyone else has a great 4/20 tomorrow, no weed involved. Make smart decisions, buy something like perfume it smells better anyways.




It doesn’t need to match, it goes…from my head to my toes.

This morning when your fashionista rolled out of bed, she was inspired. The first thought (besides the pain in my tooth) was about the cobalt blue blazer and cheetah print loafers. I obviously had to wear a stellar outfit to link them but what wear.. I’m your typical preppy styled girl, for the most part. I enjoy things that are matchy match, so it was odd that I decided on a pair of sparkly sweater tights, a plaid navy blue n red skirt (not cobalt :O), and my “chick with brains” top. My button earrings completed the look and honestly, I was happy with it. My mother, she was confused. I told her apparently she had to fashion forward to understand (I’m grumpy at 8 in the morning) and she replied I didn’t match. I decided after that comment that my outfit doesn’t need to match, it goes…from my head to my toes.

The cheetah loafers were in the same color family as my yellow button earings. The gray sparkles in my stockings matched my chick with brains shirt, my navy n red skirt was in the same color family as my blazer and my glasses (RED) obviously tied it all together. I got a few funny looks, but most of them I will take as an obvious sign of jealousy because I think it took nerve to pull off something out of my comfort zone.

After I got through my “Understanding Textiles” and “Retail Buying” courses this morning, I had the thrill of an emergency root canal. My tooth was getting worse, and I was FREAKING OUT at the idea of getting it taken care of, but I honestly had not choice.


I know you were worried.. I was. Anyways. I was puffy and uncomfortable -still am- but it will hopefully the operation  will have been worth it. As a reward, my momma took me to the prom dress store 🙂 where she put down the downpayment on the BEAUTIFUL cream and black rose ball gown. I won her over, she now likes it too. I am planning on wearing it with black gloves and a black choker. The only bad news? It was 200 dollars more than I thought. Oops.

2 hours later I worked my shift at k-mart. It was boring, and I was hungry. The good thing about a corset-backed dress is the chewy chocolate chip cookies that I ate (on one side of my mouth) can go to my hips with at least 5 lbs of wiggle room and I will be fine :).

On my shift I started to add up all the money I need. That always seems to happen when I have 20 dollars to my name. My sister’s birthday is saturday. As I made her birthday purchases my card decided to decline. Humiliating… but tomorrow is payday, thank God. I have to save money (never been my strong suit) to pay for half of my winterball dress, half of my prom dress, corsages, prom tickets, winterball tickets, and of course supporting my habit of shopping. I’m going to Georgia (ALONE) to meet my Aunts, they’re renting a vacation home on the beach for spring break and obviously I am going to buy new ADORABLE preppy touristy clothes.. I wanted to buy the knew rolling luggage and duffles Vera Bradley had on sale today, but it amounted to 300 dollars quicker than I thought.. and lets just say thank God I don’t have a real credit card.

Well, I’m starting to feel light headed from either the lack of food, need to sleep, or Novocain wearing off,  probably all of the above, but I supposed that means it’s a sign to go. I hope everyone has a fabulous and fashion forward friday tomorrow, I will be sure to blog again then! Let me just leave you with one more thing that amused me on my credit card google search (:

Night preps!