Chartreuse and high standards

I’m sitting in the dentist office at 1021 in the morning. I am wishing I was in Georgia right now, I am wishing my spring break would just start! Like always, I’m having pearly white problems. My temporary filling from my root canal fell out last night when I was at our school play with Olivia. This is so boring.. I hate blogging on my phone but I can’t blog from a laptop for the next week so I have to get used to this. My brother broke our charger and I won’t have a desk top obviously. This day is dragging.. Ugh. I know I’m just complaining, but nothing super eventful has happened lately..

Except I’m guest blogging for Frock Stock in the end of march! And I’ve started my entry :), it’s precious. As is my outfit from today.. Wanna see my shoes? I wish I could show you my dress except I’d feel weird asking someone with disgusting teeth to take my picture to blog it.

I painted my nails last night, they’re burgundy with silver crackle polish on my fingers and turquoise with white polka dots on my toes. I’m really curious about what trends are hot in the south, even in nail polish. If I decide to go Savannah College Of Art And Design, they’re going to have to adjust to my style regardless.

I’m really not a snotty person, I’m just tired of people expecting me to change for them. I’m not petty either I just have high standards. And it doesn’t matter how much people read my blogs, they’ll never totally know me.. But preppies? You can try ❤

Gag. This blog has been interrupted by a fashion faux pas on the behalf of the today show. Chartreuse is the most popular color for prom? Oh please. I don't even think you'll want a tan with a "yellow acid" dress, as the fashion critic called it.

Sorry. I hope chartreuse is not big down south. Okay, going to get my mouth attacked now.
Have a fashion forward Friday!


Ps: I just saw on New York And Company’s Facebook page in their spring catalog they included some shoes that were their stylist’s not their stores. People have been asking for them and they’re sorry. This is why NY&C is on my hit list. Dumb.