Exploring Templeton Landing

This past Saturday I had brunch at Templeton Landing in downtown Buffalo with one of my best friends, Megan. I had been to Templeton for drinks before a concert, as well as for their famous Mojito Monday, but I had only ever seen the deck, bar and gorgeous view outside of the restaurant.


When I was invited to enjoy a meal courtesy of the establishment, I was thrilled to see everything that they had to offer. Templeton Landing has a gorgeous ballroom and roof top deck used for weddings and although I had been there before, I never even knew they existed.



Since one of my friends Charlene is getting married tomorrow I really have weddings on my mind..  If my drink looks fantastic with this rooftop view, can you imagine this as the backdrop of photos of a bride and groom?!


As you probably guessed from the above picture, Megan and I had bottomless mimosas! We’ve been brunching at many places over the past year so we have high standards for this simple yet delicious drink.. and we were very pleased with the champagne OJ ratio in Templeton Landing’s mimosas.


Because Megan and I were both attending Charlene’s wedding on Sunday, we opted for the Saturday brunch option. On Sunday, Templeton Landing offers an extensive array of classic breakfast foods, as well as those with a twist. I’m planning on going back to try their Ricotta Pancakes, they sound delicious. There was a full lunch menu and 2 brunch specials offered on Saturday when we went.


Megan opted for a caesar salad and french onion soup combination, while I went with the lobster roll. Nothing says summer to me quite like seafood, and fresh seafood can be tricky to find so far from the ocean. My roll did not disappoint! It was stuffed full of lobster meat. Between the view and my meal I felt like I was temporarily transported to my vacation in 2009 to Wells, Maine and I loved it.


Before our meals arrived we munched on a delicious bread plate that included a ricotta-pesto spread and fresh parmesan with olive oil. It was all so good and with so many options I had to force myself to leave room. I think I should also go on record saying this may be the first time I’ve ever turned down a second bread plate just due to self control (because carbs and cheese = <3).

We finished off our brunch/lunch and tour with a gigantic piece of cheesecake.


All of the food that we ate and views that we saw were ridiculously photogenic. Templeton Landing is a very Instagram friendly restaurant!


I love a place with delicious food and gorgeous views. Who doesn’t? The great customer service that our waitress Sarah provided us with was the “whipped cream and strawberries” on our gigantic piece of cheesecake.


With Monday July 11 being National Mojito Day, Templeton Landing is celebrating with Don Q Rum by offering $5 classic, acai, lemon and cilantro, berry mojitos and more at their party! As an equal opportunity mojito lover, I definitely recommend trying Templeton Landing’s mojitos out. The bartender may even make you a pineapple coconut one *if you ask nicely* like he did for me when I went 2 weeks ago 😉



Things to do in Buffalo -April

In April I found a lot of great things to do in Buffalo. There were a variety of fundraisers for wonderful causes as well as new restaurants to try. A key part of this whole revitalization in the city includes the organizations that are making it all happen.. and seeing them operate up close is pretty neat.

I had the opportunity to get up closed and personal with Family and Child Services at “Fashion Show with a Twist” at Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville on April 21st. Such a great experience!


Photo courtesy of child and family services

The proceeds of the event went to support Haven House, Erie County’s only licensed domestic violence shelter. There were a variety of vendors present ranging from Mary Kay to LuLaroe as well as silent auctions and although I did not partake in the dinner, it looked delicious. This was the perfect opportunity to pick up some Mother’s Day gifts for mom as well as a few treats for yourself. There was a fashion show sponsored by Lord and Taylor at Walden Galleria, sporting all sorts of casual styles. Jess Lyons, blogger of Bows and Bouquets, attended this event with me.

The following evening I went to Statler City for the Unyts “Bucket List Bash” fundraiser with my friend Megan. It was so much fun and I don’t even think we got to do everything in the 3 hours we were there! The food was delicious. There were mini cupcakes courtesy of Baked -one of my favorites-, a mashed potato bar -SWOON-, pizza and wings -of course-, Wegman’s cheeses and spreads and delicious apps from the hotel. Can’t complain about an open bar with signature drinks in Unyts logo colors either 😉


Bucket list bash for @unyts ??

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When I wasn’t eating and drinking, you could find me spinning the roulette wheel, getting a ~henna~ tattoo and taking photos with local newscaster celebrities. This event was so much fun, I’m definitely going back next year.

The following week on April 28 I attended the Elle Blow Dry Bar and Niagara Distilling Company’s “Drink and Dry” event. This may or may not have been due to the delicious floral gin that I sampled at the bucket list bash.





Since I was flying out to Florida to visit Tess (my fantastic sidekick from my Disney trip last March!) the following day, getting a complimentary blow out seemed like even more of an incredible idea than usual. The Elle Blow Dry Bar team was up to the challenge of making my barrel curls stay over night. There were half priced cocktails, a Pure Romance vendor and plenty of chatty attendees. Jess, who went to the “Fashion Show with a Twist” with me, also attended this event. Check out her cute curls and baby bump :D!


Your favorite #buffalobloggers @bowsandbouquets

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When people complain about there being a lack of things to do in Buffalo, I am a firm believer that they are looking in the wrong places. In just 2 weeks I went to 3 fantastic events. Especially now that the weather is getting nicer there are a surplus of things to do in the Nickel City. What’s on your list for May?

CAR-less not careless.

I now believe I understand why celebrities don’t always love being famous.

As my blog grows, I realize everything I type/say is going to a bigger audience. Possibly even people that go to this college, that being said I will remind myself one last time that this is not a journal.

Now that, that’s out of the way I will tell you about College. Since it’s been a while..

It’s been busy. Insanely hectic. I shattered my iPhone.

It’s been getting colder, my riding boots are giving my feet blisters. Break them in and wear socks, is the best advice I can possibly give you.  I am overjoyed that tomorrow is Friday. My grandparents are coming to Canisius to visit me on Sunday and I need some family time.  The food here has improved substantially, but it’s still not that amazing.

It’s just I’m forcing the deli bar and the salad bar to become my best friends.

For lunch at least.

Dinner comes.. and I’m like screw it. Mozzarella sticks all the way.


So I’m sitting in the computer lab for that specific reason. If I curl up in a ball in the corner of my bed, I will pull out the dark chocolate pommegranate seeds and all hell will break lose. The chips will follow, and then I’ll eat easy mac.

It’s just a recipe for disaster.

So I’m avoiding the temptation of food by blogging, I might go for a walk.


Who am I kidding?

I’m not going for a walk.

Any who, I joined a club today *round of applause*. I’m finally becoming active in something besides ministry on campus.. I joined Men & Women’s Communication Club. It should be renamed Women and Noche Communication Club though, because Noche was the only guy, from Nicaragua hence the name, that showed up.   It was cool, I ate a candy apple.

Ha. Food.

Ironically, there was a “carnival” in the quad today.. and It contained a bouncey slide and cotton candy.

My club meeting had more carnival in it 😛

So, Fashion Week comes to Buffalo next week and I think that “OMG I’m a poor college student” fact just hit me square in the face. I’m a little annoyed. A little bit of a lot..

My funds are starting to dwindle and my luck for a job is as well.. The people I emailed about blogging on behalf of the college still haven’t answered and I need one asap.

I have the 30 dollars a fashion show ticket costs, but do you really think I’d go there without a new outfit? The oppertunity to shop without buying anything? And transportation?

I am car-less after all.

CAR-less not careless.

Although I’m starting to get to that point too.

Yep, you heard it here first people. I am starting not to care.

About what exactly? I’m not sure.

But this Math test in the morning.. my GPA has forced me to care about.. and on that note I am going to go study.

Gross I know.