CAR-less not careless.

I now believe I understand why celebrities don’t always love being famous.

As my blog grows, I realize everything I type/say is going to a bigger audience. Possibly even people that go to this college, that being said I will remind myself one last time that this is not a journal.

Now that, that’s out of the way I will tell you about College. Since it’s been a while..

It’s been busy. Insanely hectic. I shattered my iPhone.

It’s been getting colder, my riding boots are giving my feet blisters. Break them in and wear socks, is the best advice I can possibly give you.  I am overjoyed that tomorrow is Friday. My grandparents are coming to Canisius to visit me on Sunday and I need some family time.  The food here has improved substantially, but it’s still not that amazing.

It’s just I’m forcing the deli bar and the salad bar to become my best friends.

For lunch at least.

Dinner comes.. and I’m like screw it. Mozzarella sticks all the way.


So I’m sitting in the computer lab for that specific reason. If I curl up in a ball in the corner of my bed, I will pull out the dark chocolate pommegranate seeds and all hell will break lose. The chips will follow, and then I’ll eat easy mac.

It’s just a recipe for disaster.

So I’m avoiding the temptation of food by blogging, I might go for a walk.


Who am I kidding?

I’m not going for a walk.

Any who, I joined a club today *round of applause*. I’m finally becoming active in something besides ministry on campus.. I joined Men & Women’s Communication Club. It should be renamed Women and Noche Communication Club though, because Noche was the only guy, from Nicaragua hence the name, that showed up.   It was cool, I ate a candy apple.

Ha. Food.

Ironically, there was a “carnival” in the quad today.. and It contained a bouncey slide and cotton candy.

My club meeting had more carnival in it 😛

So, Fashion Week comes to Buffalo next week and I think that “OMG I’m a poor college student” fact just hit me square in the face. I’m a little annoyed. A little bit of a lot..

My funds are starting to dwindle and my luck for a job is as well.. The people I emailed about blogging on behalf of the college still haven’t answered and I need one asap.

I have the 30 dollars a fashion show ticket costs, but do you really think I’d go there without a new outfit? The oppertunity to shop without buying anything? And transportation?

I am car-less after all.

CAR-less not careless.

Although I’m starting to get to that point too.

Yep, you heard it here first people. I am starting not to care.

About what exactly? I’m not sure.

But this Math test in the morning.. my GPA has forced me to care about.. and on that note I am going to go study.

Gross I know.


*Insert foot in mouth here*

After anyone pounds out an essay the first thing they want to do is write more?


Well, actually in my case yeah.. but that’s because it’s typing for random people about stuff I like. Not, woman’s suffrage.

Although I like being about to vote.

And I… *insert foot in mouth here*

What the hell just came on my spotify?

Hold on.

I know this barely counts as normal blogging, because I’m pretty much talking to myself.. but it’s been a fairly sheltered sunday. Library and dorm with a few friends. I need to talk.

Btw the song on spotify? Get the party started by Pink. Didn’t really go with Norah Jones that well.. thats all.

My roomate went home for the weekend. It’s an odd concept, living by “myself” for 2 days. My 2 days were consumed with movies and madness.

It was great.

Ugh. Ya know what I don’t like about watches?

When typing they get in the way.. but I really want a new watch. A dark brown one from Fossil, in honor of fall.


The proper time to purchase would have been labor day weekend at the outlets after all, the watches were b1g1 50%. Which is huge.

But as you dedicated readers know, I have kate and kate is all I neeeeeeed.


*clicks on kate spade website*

It really sucks not having a job guys.


The pros and cons of blogging

If you’re reading this, there’s a high possibility you know what blogging is and what it’s about. You may even have your own. But for those of you that don’t, I thought it would be courteous to explain blogging from my perspective:


It’s an international phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.   Blogs cover various topics, typically branching off of other websites such as Blogger and WordPress. Tumblr and Weebly are becoming increasingly popular as well. Who knows what’s next?

Blogging is a new way of differentiating yourself in a world that is extremely technologically advanced. Finding contacts that are people in countries you’ve never even heard of can be very beneficial.  Blogging can also be a positive business move.  People find jobs, opportunities, and maybe even themselves when they blog.  Blogging is a new way of self expression.  It’s like social networking though, it’s not all good.

A blog should not be an online diary.  Making yourself vulnerable and susceptible by sharing your life story online can cause all kinds of dirty laundry to be aired across cyberspace.  People now know that what’s written online cannot just be easily erased, but will that stop them?  New social circles and identities are founded in this new online.  Some people change their names, their occupations, and eventually their identities to belong in this cyber universe. Is the internet high school all over again?

From a fashion forum to a cancer survivor’s life lessons; blogs are people gushing about their lives or how they would envision their lives as other people.  Maybe this doesn’t appeal to you? Or you changed your mind, blogging sounds terrible.

Well it’s hard to get out once you’re in though.  There are people counting on you. You need to produce another post, so that you don’t disappoint them. You need to find a reason to write so that maybe you make a difference. Blogging isn’t poison, but it can be.

Now, take all that in and if you need something fashion related to read instead? Check out my newest article on Fashion Parkway. It made the front page!